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This freeware M4A file converter lets you change your music files format in an easy way on Windows and Macintosh alike. Being an online changer, it requires no additional download, and you can get into converting your songs and ringtones right away. To convert M4A files, transfer your media to the software and start the conversion. You can add multiple files at once, though it may take a minute to process a lot of files in bulk. In turn, if you want to convert your audio in batch at high speed, check out the trial desktop app version of this online M4A converter for free on Windows PC and Mac OS X.

What is M4A?

Full name

MPEG-4 Audio Layer

Format type


Developed by

The International Organization for Standardization


M4A is described in the MPEG-4 Part 14 standard created by the International Organization for Standardization. While MP4 files can contain audio and video, M4A is designed for audio only. This file type can be used to store music, podcasts, or audiobooks. Apple devices and programs support M4A natively, and it is the most common format in iTunes. On Windows, you might need to install an additional codec pack to open and play an M4A file.

File extension


Technical details

In the M4A format specification, you might see one of two codecs: AAC or ALAC. ALAC provides lossless compression, so these files might be relatively large compared to those compressed with AAC, which offers lossy compression. If you’re wondering how to choose between these codecs when converting files to M4A, think about the audio playback. Lossless compression means better quality.

Associated programs

Windows Media Player 12 (older versions will require additional codecs), iTunes, QuickTime, and VLC

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