Characteristics of Storytelling Techniques

There are two main types of storytelling, depending on delivery: oral and written.

Oral storytelling engages the audience with tone of voice, speed of delivery, and non-verbal signs like expressive displays, hand gestures, and mimicked expressions. Written stories use more descriptive techniques to create vivid and immersive experiences.

No matter which type of storytelling you choose, your content should deliver expressive details, colorful metaphors, and other engaging figures of speech.

Compare these two texts to see the difference between a simple description and a story:


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We get most of our information about the world through our eyes; that’s why videos have become such a significant part of our lives. Over the past few years, the demand for quality visual content has grown significantly. The best way to share information and experiences with your audience is to wrap them up in engaging videos. Cutting, trimming, mixing, shuffling layouts and audio, and anything else you might need is available in the 2020 Movavi Video Suite. Creating high-quality video content has never been so simple.

Adding the human experience to your storytelling can have a dramatic impact on the success of your campaigns.

Seven Examples of Effective Affiliate Marketing Storytelling

Research shows that messages delivered through stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone. But there are different approaches you can take to assemble your creative elements. So, here are seven affiliate marketing storytelling examples you can implement to boost your conversion rate.

Sucess Stories

Usually, the first thing your audience wants to know is what are the benefits of using Movavi products. And there is no better way to prove the value of products than to have an excited customer tell a success story. 92% of consumers trust recommendations, so it’s a great place to start.

Mark Johnson, 34, travels a lot and collects tons of content from each trip that he wants to share. Before discovering Movavi Video Suite, he spent a lot of time reviewing, trimming, and combining hours of video into a short and dynamic clip of the best moments. Now, with Movavi Video Suite he can make a single clip three times faster! And who doesn’t like saving time on time-consuming tasks, right?


This technique relies on evaluating the problem and solving it. For instance, there are plenty of video editing software products on the market, but they focus their marketing strategies on different customer issues.

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Enemy & Hero

This approach is similar to Conflict, but keep in mind the appropriate positioning of your characters. The hero will be Movavi Video Suite, and the enemy will be a common challenge or issue that consumers face when creating videos. In the end, the hero should save the day, but also show the disadvantages of the enemy’s approach!

What could be worse for your subscribers than watching a video with a clickbait title for 30 minutes and realizing that the useful only makes up 3 minutes? Result: dislikes in the comments and a loss of subscribers. With Movavi Video Suite, you will get cutting-edge video-editing software, so you can make the most of your content in just a few minutes. Add some special effects to your video and engage your audience as never before!

Visual Stories

Adding creative elements to your script will help you focus on the storyline and raise the audience’s engagement level. Keep in mind that the elements should be related to the story itself – the main character or videos made with Movavi software. Show some tips about the product, make explainer videos, guides, and more.

A narration script for a Movavi Video Suite video on adding fading transitions in one click might go something like this:

Drag the videos to the timeline and trim them into short clips. When you’ve arranged the clips in the right order, click the Transition Wizard button above the timeline. Choose a transition style and click OK. The effect will be applied to all the clips in one pass.


Hollywood filmmakers like M. Night Shyamalan have created memorable and successful movies by adding a plot twist at the end of their stories. Affiliate marketers can use the same technique, just like the acclaimed movie maker.

Tom has always enjoyed computer games. In 2020, he lost his job due to quarantine cuts and found himself hanging out at home playing video games and watching let’s plays on YouTube. Not the most productive way to spend time. One day, it dawned on him. “Wait,” he thought, “I could be a YouTuber myself.” With Movavi Video Suite, Tom had everything he needed for video-production: a screen recorder and a video editor. Soon, he earned enough to buy a brand-new PC, and it turned out he didn't need a traditional job anymore. This great match of hobby and an income channel all started when Tom discovered the bundle from Movavi.

Ordinary People

Nowadays, everyone has access to a camera in their smartphones or an action camera to record everything around them. It means the main character of your storytelling marketing campaign can be an ordinary person.

So, like I told you, I knew this guy who rode a motorbike in his free time. At some point, he started publishing videos that featured absolutely stunning quality and effects. As his audience began to grow, my curiosity was piqued, so I asked him who was making videos for him. I was amazed when he told me he was creating the videos himself using just Movavi Video Suite 2020!

Emotional Sparkles

The best narrators tend to draw attention to the high points of their stories by contrasting reality with utopia, which is called the emotional sparkle technique. With this approach, you highlight the downsides, then create a picture of a better tomorrow that could be created with Movavi video-editing software.

Nancy Johns was a wedding photographer, who was always almost missing the deadlines for producing slideshows for newlyweds. During the busy wedding season, she didn’t have a lot of time to edit photos and videos before she had to rush off to another wedding. When Nancy discovered Movavi Video Editor, she realized the software could really help her achieve her goals. Two years later, Nancy opened her own agency with a pool of photographers because she was spending less time turning all the footage into videos for happy couples. And the results were terrific.

As you can see, storytelling is a must-have in your affiliate marketing toolbox. These techniques have been proven over time and work with any form of content delivery – speaking to crowds, radio, TV, and now the internet. Famous orators have long used storytelling techniques in their presentations, and their success has been proven over the years.