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If you want to know how to convert an APNG image, look no further. Our online APNG file converter can easily transcode video, audio, and image files. Just upload your image to the APNG converter, select the output format and start the conversion.

What is APNG?

Full name

Animated Portable Network Graphics

Format type


Developed by

Stuart Parmenter and Vladimir Vukićević of the Mozilla Corporation


APNG is an extension to the PNG format that adds the support for animation. APNG is backward-compatible with PNG, so any decoder that can read PNG should be able to display an APNG file as a standard PNG file ignoring APNG-specific chunks.

File extension

.apng, .png

Technical details

APNG files support 8-bit transparency and images with the 24-bit color depth. APNG uses PNG specifications but adds three extra chunks: the animation control chunk, the frame control chunk, and the frame data chunk.

Associated programs

Most web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, IE, etc.

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