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One of the best ways to convert a single image is using a web app. Online PGM converter is a simple and fast way of changing PGM to another format. Simply upload an image to a PGM file converter, select the output format and click the button. Check the table below to learn more about PGM images.

What is PGM?

Full name

Portable Gray Map

Format type


Developed by

Jef Poskanzer


As the full name states, the PGM format is used to store grayscale images. Although the format doesn't support color, it can hold thousands of shades between pure white and black to provide stunning imagery.

File extension


Technical details

Data in PGM files is stored as a plain-text (ASCII) or a binary file with info on height, width, and two bytes of color data (8 or 16 bits) for each pixel.

Associated programs

Apple Preview, GIMP, Corel PaintShop Pro 2022, Canvas GFX Canvas X Pro, ACD Systems ACDSee Photo Studio, Inkscape

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