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  • Video- and photo-editing essentials
  • AI-powered tools to elevate your visuals
  • Tons of filters, titles, and other effects
  • Ad-free app for iPhone and iPad

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Movavi App makes editing on your mobile a snap

Creating shareable reels, stories, and photos doesn’t mean breaking the bank – or your back.

Use the AI-driven tools to boost colors in your images, blur or change the backgrounds in your selfies in no time. Punch up your lifestyle clips with vibrant filters, stylish transitions, and bold captions. Make it sound great, too: choose the best soundtrack for your travelogs from our hand-picked music collection.

Give your visuals that polished look – and pump up those likes and followers!

Anyone can create photos and videos worth sharing

Make an impact on socials

Leverage the power of AI for your vids and pics to create compelling stories in minutes! Always get the perfect flow and composition, bring out the best in portraits. Instantly change the look and feel of your visuals with mind-blowing filters.

Grow your brand

Put your work in the spotlight for a promo clip and win new clients. Create team introduction videos and product presentations on the go. Streamline your reel and photo collage production with customizable templates.

Elevate your media feed

Pump out quality content and create a buzz everyone will be talking about! Touch up your selfies to perfection, reveal your inner self with the music of your choice, and change video backgrounds like it’s no big deal.

Movavi App

Сreate awesome content on the fly

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