17 Best Adobe® Premiere Pro® Alternatives [Free]

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  • Motion tracking;
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If you’re looking for a free Adobe® Premiere Pro® alternative, we’ve got you covered. Based on market research and rigorous testing, we’ve compiled a list of our 17 favorite video editors that will take you from idea to upload in no time, all without spending a dime.

Quick summary

Best all-around editor: Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is the best of everything. From intuitive edit controls to advanced video effects, Movavi Video Editor delivers performance high enough for the pros and easy enough for the novice. No matter what your next video project demands, Movavi Video Editor can handle it.

Most optimized for Mac devices: FinalCut Pro

When it comes to Mac-optimized video editors, nothing compares to FinalCut Pro. With an intuitive interface and powerful features, FinalCut Pro is a cut above the rest. So if you’re looking for the best editor on your Mac, give FinalCut Pro a try.

Most powerful online-only software: Canva

A few years ago, no one thought of Canva when considering video editors. Nowadays, that’s changed. Canva’s video editor may be limited, but it delivers consistent results in a humble package. Plus, it’s purely online, meaning you don’t have to occupy precious computer storage to get started.

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Best free Adobe® Premiere Pro® alternatives for desktop

1. Movavi Video Editor

Best for: quick-fire editing with powerful AI tools to streamline your process.

OS: Mac, Windows

PCMag rating: 4 out of 5 stars

An intuitive non-linear Premiere Pro® alternative compatible for both Mac and Windows. With dozens of tools, titles, and transitions, Movavi Video Editor is the solution to overcomplicated video editors that will turn your ideas into videos in no time. Plus, it’s the solution that’s used by industry pros and first-timers alike because it’s ready for feature length films, YouTube Shorts, and everything in between.

Key features:

  • Video content creation for social platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more)
  • For creators who want to spend less time learning and more time creating
  • Versatile AI tools for background editing, noise removal, and more
  • Perfect layout for both beginners and industry pros
  • Chroma key and dozens of effects to level up any video


  • Intuitive and easy to learn interface

  • Dozens of AI features to enhance your videos

  • Direct upload to social media sites


  • Limited features in free version

  • Slower rendering speeds for larger videos

  • Not compatible with Apple M1 chip

2. Final Cut Pro

Best for: Mac users who want the best out of their machine, online video creators, and independent filmmakers.

OS: Mac

PCMag rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

When it comes to a Premiere Pro® alternative for Mac users, there’s no better choice than Final Cut Pro. Used by industry pros, this software boasts excellent performance, HDR workflows, and high level video and audio grading.

Key features:

  • HDR workflows for maximum creativity
  • High level video and audio grading
  • Object Tracker and Cinematic Mode features


  • Optimized for Mac

  • Free and paid versions available

  • ProRes RAW quality for videos


  • Not optimized for Windows

  • Demands large file storage for projects

  • High performance computer required

3. Kdenlive

Best for: solo creators with limited resources, independent filmmakers, and beginners who want to learn the fundamentals.

OS: Windows, Mac

MK’s Guide rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Kdenlive is an open-source premiere pro alternative that packs a lot in a humble package. Created to be accessible and editable by anyone, Kdenlive is the Adobe® Premiere Pro® alternative that will fill all of your video editing needs. With endless interface configuration, a beginner-friendly multi-track video and audio editing, and advanced color grading, Kdenlive will get the job done.

Key features:

  • Multi-track video and audio editing
  • Configurable interface and shortcuts
  • Advanced color grading


  • Configurable interface and shortcuts

  • Great for beginners

  • Available to Linux users


  • Limited support

  • Only one version to choose from

  • Few educational resources

4. DaVinci Resolve

Best for: short films, feature films, projects with color, sound, and graphics needs.

OS: Windows, Mac

TechRadar rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

DaVinci Resolve is easily one of the most complete Premiere Pro® alternatives on the market. Featuring powerful editing, industry-setting color grading, and tons of effects, DaVinci Resolve is the Adobe® Premiere® free alternative software you’ve been looking for.

Key features:

  • Emmy Award-winning color grading and processing  
  • Fairlight studio audio editor
  • Multi-user collaboration features for large-scale projects


  • Most advanced color grading on the market

  • Easy-to-use but powerful editor

  • Free version is plenty for most creators


  • Frequent crashes

  • Steep learning curve for beginners

  • Complicated interface

5. Cyberlink PowerDirector

Best for: independent filmmakers, online video creators, podcasters.

OS: Windows, Mac

PCMag rating: 5 out of 5 stars

If you’re in the market for an AI-powered Premiere Pro® alternative, look no further. Cyberlink PowerDirector boasts both a free and paid version that will get you creating incredible videos fast. It’s definitely one of the best Adobe® Premiere® alternatives out there. Don’t skip this Adobe® Premiere Pro® alternative free.

Key features:

  • AI motion tracking effects
  • Integrated color grading
  • Seamless Chroma Key


  • Free version is plenty for most users

  • Endless video effects

  • Powerful editing and exporting capabilities


  • Learning curve for beginners

  • Overwhelming interface at first

  • Frequent bugs and crashes

6. Shotcut

Best for: small content creators, independent filmmakers, those with programming experience.

OS: Windows, Mac

TechRadar rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Shotcut is a free, open-source Premiere Pro® alternative that packs a lot in a small package. Whether you’re a YouTuber or filmmaker, Shotcut is one of the best free video editing software like Premiere Pro® on the market. With customizable workflow and cross-platform capability, Shotcut is a force to be reckoned with.

Key features:

  • Support for almost all formats
  • Wide range of video and audio effects
  • Cross-platform and codec-independent


  • Free and customizable

  • Cross-platform and open-source

  • Consistent updates and improvements


  • Slower performance compared to competitors

  • Limited features

  • Frequent bugs

7. iMovie

Best for: small content creators, hobbyists, Mac uses with limited resources.

OS: Mac

PCMag rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Are you an independent creator who’s looking for a powerful but free Premiere Pro® alternative? iMovie is the editor you’ve been looking for. Whether you need a super easy interface, powerful instant editing, or built-in storytelling guides, iMovie’s got you covered. Featuring everything you’d need and more, iMovie is the Premiere Pro® alternative that will turn your ideas into magic.

Key features:

  • “Magic Movie” instant editing
  • Storyboards video storytelling guide
  • High fidelity filters


  • Super easy-to-use interface

  • Powerful instant editing features

  • Storytelling guides like “Storyboards” built in


  • No multicam or motion tracking

  • Too limited for more experienced creators

  • Limited to only two video tracks

8. Corel VideoStudio Pro

Best for: online video creators, filmmakers with limited resources, gamers, and podcasters.

OS: Windows, Mac

PCMag rating: 4 out of 5 stars

There are dozens of Premiere Pro® alternatives out there, but there’s only one VideoStudio Pro. Packed with tons of video effects and features, this nonlinear Adobe® Premiere Pro® alternative will transform your ideas into movies before you know it. With powerful effects, 360-degree video support, and instant edit tools built right into the software, don’t look past VideoStudio Pro. You might just discover the Premiere Pro® alternative that unlocks your next creative win.

Key features:

  • Multicam editing
  • Animated AR stickers and effects
  • Instant slideshow and movie creators


  • Dozens of fun, interactive effects

  • Support for 360-degree video and motion tracking

  • Instant edit tools for quick turnaround


  • Weaker audio capabilities compared to video

  • Limited performance

  • Frequent bugs

9. Vegas Pro

Best for: video content creators, filmmakers, 3D graphics artists.

OS: Windows

PCMag rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Since the early-2000s, Vegas Pro has been a staple in the video editing world. Since those days, Vegas has been iterating and pushing the envelope in exciting ways. Whether we're talking about exhaustive color grading, industry-standard rendering capabilities, or impressive 3D effects, Vegas is still pushing the envelope today. So, if you’re on the hunt for a powerful yet easy-to-use Premiere Pro® alternative, Vegas Pro is your one-stop shop for making ideas come to life.

Key features:

  • AI-powered compositing
  • Automated masking
  • Built-in 3D effects


  • Exhaustive color grading tools

  • High rendering capabilities

  • Impressive 3D effects library


  • No free version, just a trial

  • Frequent crashes

  • Complicated interface for non-professionals

10. Blender

Best for: animators and video creators, effects artists, programmers.

OS: Windows, Mac

PCMag rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Blender is the industry’s go-to animation and VFX powerhouse, and for years, that’s what people have known it for. However, in recent years, Blender wanted to go further, so they invested into their nonlinear video editor. Since then, they’ve become a contender in the video editor race. With industry-setting animation features, high-end rendering and post-production capabilities, and an open source feel, free Adobe® Premiere Pro® alternatives like Blender never looked this good.

Key features:

  • High-end production tracing and rendering program, Cycles
  • Motion tracking, masking, and compositing
  • Simulation tools with Bullet and MantaFlow


  • Industry-setting animation features

  • High-end rendering and post-production

  • Free and open-source


  • Limited video editing capabilities

  • Some tools are paid add-ons

  • Limited support for video editors over animators

11. Pinnacle Studio

Best for: gamers and podcasters, online video content creators, independent filmmakers.

OS: Windows

PCMag rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Need a Premiere Pro® alternative that can capture your gaming for an audience and edit in a flash? Pinnacle Studio is your solution. As far as Adobe® Premiere Pro® alternatives are concerned, this is a formidable contender. It features a professional-level non-linear editor, an intuitive interface that anyone can pick up and play, and countless video effects to choose from. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, Pinnacle Studio is a great choice.

Key features:

  • Cinema-grade effects
  • Keyframing and motion tracking
  • Advanced video masking tools built-in


  • Professional non-linear Premiere Pro® alternative

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Tons of video effects to choose from


  • No free version, only 15 days long trial

  • Limited motion tracking

  • Frequent bugs

12. Hitfilm Express

Best for: independent filmmakers, solo video creators, vloggers, and YouTubers.

OS: Windows, Mac

TechRadar rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Whether you’re making your first YouTube video or fourth feature film, Hitfilm Express offers so much in a free package. With a robust community to learn from, advanced color grading, and pro-motion tracking, Hitfilm Express should be on your list of Adobe® Premiere® alternatives.

Key features:

  • Foundry 3D camera tracker
  • Mocha HitFilm Rotoscoping feature
  • 3D object animator


  • Large community to lean on and learn from

  • Advanced color grading and editing

  • Pro motion tracking


  • Bugs due to high volume of features

  • High system requirements

  • Learning curve, especially for beginners

13. Lightworks

Best for: independent filmmakers, YouTubers and content creators, beginners and pros.

OS: Windows, Mac

TechRadar rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Looking for a Premiere Pro® alternative that can serve both YouTube and Hollywood? Look no further than Lightworks, an all-in-one editor that can handle projects big and small. With extensive tutorials, a powerful free version, and cross-compatibility, Lightworks is ready for your ideas.

Key features:

  • Industry standard nonlinear editor
  • Advanced audio engineering
  • Video mask effects


  • Expansive selection of tutorials and educational material

  • Powerful free version

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows


  • Higher cost for paid versions

  • Can’t export to full HD in free version

  • Limited tools in free version

14. Openshot

Best for: independent video creators, filmmakers, YouTubers, and vloggers.

OS: Windows, Mac

Software Advice rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

On the hunt for the best Adobe® Premiere® alternative free? You’ve got to give Openshot a try. Featuring everything from 3D animations, cross-platform compatibility, and support for over 70 languages, Openshot has you covered and then some.

Key features:

  • 3D animator built-in
  • Unlimited video and audio tracks
  • Slow motion and time effects


  • Cross-compatible between Mac, Windows, and Linux

  • Easy to learn and use interface

  • 70+ language support


  • Limited features and presets

  • Slower performance compared to competitors

  • Some rendering issues

Adobe® Premiere® free alternatives online

Online tool for vloggers and social media influencers


Editor’s rating

Editor’s choice

Quick-fire editing with powerful AI tools to streamline your process

Movavi Video Editor

Online service for graphic designers and YouTube video creators


Editor’s rating


Here’s our top Adobe® Premiere® free alternatives that you can use online.

15. InVideo

Best for: online video content creators, small-budget films, vloggers, and social media influencers.

OS: any, works online

TechRadar rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Ready to create publish-worthy content without spending a fortune? InVideo is the Premiere Pro® alternative you’ve been looking for. Armed with an intuitive layout, powerful collaboration tools, and endless video templates, InVideo will get you creating in no time.

Key features:

  • AI tools to create text, videos, and more
  • Single-click shortcuts for optimizing workflow
  • 5000+ pro templates for any video


  • Collaboration tools

  • Intuitive layout

  • Powerful free version


  • Can’t export videos in free version

  • Frequent lags in editing and rendering

  • Slower performance compared to competitors

16. Canva

Best for: graphic designers, YouTube video creators, small business owners.

OS: any, works online

TechRadar rating: 5 out of 5 stars

If there’s any platform that’s redefined graphic design and branding, it’s Canva. However, more and more people now see Canva’s potential as a Premiere Pro® alternative, and it shows. Canva’s been expanding their software’s video capabilities, making this genre-defining software a formidable free video editor like Premiere®. Don’t skip this alternative.

Key features:

  • Limitless social media resources
  • Canva’s award-winning graphic asset selection
  • Wide support for Cloud storage


  • Simple and intuitive to use

  • Good selection of video element add-ons

  • Excellent social media asset selection


  • Slower workflow for larger projects

  • Limited effects

  • Limited performance, especially for heavy projects

17. Reduct

Best for: podcasters and vloggers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

OS: any, works online

Heart of the Customer review

Don’t settle for trying to find that particular moment in your video. Instead, use Reduct, a Premiere Pro® alternative that combines video with transcript editing. If you were searching for free alternatives to Adobe® Premiere Pro® with strong transcription features, you found it.

Key features:

  • Interactive transcript search and editor
  • Zoom and live meeting capture and auto transcription
  • Premiere Pro® integration


  • Industry-defining transcription tools

  • Intuitive design friendly to beginners and experts

  • Robust community and education


  • Limited video-editing features

  • Bugs due to newness of software

  • Slower performance compared to other video editors

How to choose the best software for you

When deciding which Adobe® Premiere Pro® alternative will get the job done, there are a few things you ought to consider.

What’s the scale and scope of your project?

Is this a film, a YouTube video, or a podcast? Where are you uploading this video, and for what purpose? Each editor has unique strengths and weaknesses, so it’s imperative that you align your goals with which software you choose. For example, a simple vlog would only require some simple editing tools, whereas a feature film or animation demands so much more.

What’s your experience level?

Some editors are beginner-friendly, whereas others have a steep learning curve before you fully utilize their strengths. iMovie is perfect for beginners but has limited features. By contrast, DaVinci Resolve would be tough for newbies but excellent for pros who have editing experience. Assess your skill level and choose which software compliments you best.

What’s your budget?

Every software on this list has a free version, although some are only trials. Because of this, you need to consider your budget before pulling the trigger on a program. If you have some money to spend, consider investing in a paid version to get the most out of your program. But if you don’t, focus only on programs that have robust free versions.

Do you use Mac, Windows, or Linux?

Most of the programs on this list are cross-compatible, but some are only available on one or two of those three operating systems. So before you download your program, confirm that the software you chose is compatible with your operating system. If you picked one that’s cross-compatible, then you won’t have to worry about this step! Just remember that each program has its own strengths depending on which OS it works on.

Are you a “do it yourself” person, or would you rather let the software do most of the work for you?

Some of the editors on this list boast powerful AI editing features that can do most of the work for you, whereas other editors put you in the driver’s seat. If you’d rather let the software do the work and you take a backseat, choose a program with robust AI features (like InVideo.) However, if you’d rather be in full control, pick one that gives you more control so that you can make the edit just right (like DaVinci Resolve.) Side note: If you’d prefer a bit of both, we highly recommend Movavi Video Editor!

In conclusion

Choosing a video editor isn’t easy, but with the explosion of different programs in the last decade, you have more options to choose from than ever. As a result, it’s crucial that you’re crystal clear on your purpose, ability, and budget for your content. Every program can do a lot, but trying to use the wrong software will only stifle your creativity. So, don’t rush! Do your research, try a few out, and you’ll find the right software for you in no time.

We know you have questions, and we have answers. Based on feedback we receive and online research, below are the top questions we see or hear all about Premiere Pro®. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Movavi Video Editor

Сreate awesome videos easily

*The free version of Movavi Video Editor may have the following restrictions depending on the build: watermark on exported clips, 60-second video or 1/2 audio length limit, and/or some advanced features unavailable when exporting videos.

Frequently asked questions

What is a good substitute for Adobe® Premiere Pro®?

  • Movavi Video Editor for online content creators, YouTubers, and filmmakers.
  • Final Cut Pro – for Mac users, filmmakers, and online content creators.
  • DaVinci Resolve – for filmmakers, film studios, and serious content creators.
  • CyberLink PowerDirector – for serious filmmakers, online content creators, and YouTubers.
  • iMovie – for beginners, hobbyists, and YouTubers.
  • Lightworks – for online content creators, serious filmmakers, and videographers.
  • Reduct – for podcasters, interviewers, and online content creators.

Is there a free alternative to Adobe® Premiere Pro®?

Of course! Every Premiere Pro® alternative on our list has at least a free trial, if not a robust free version that you can use forever. Our favorite option is Movavi Video Editor, which is the best blend of video editing, animation, effects, and more… all for free!

What is Apple's equivalent to Premiere®?

Without question, iMovie and FinalCut Pro are Apple’s signature programs. However, we also highly recommend Movavi Video Editor as an excellent alternative to Premiere Pro®, and it’s compatible with both Mac and Windows, unlike iMovie or FinalCut Pro.

Is Premiere Pro® for low-end PCs?

Not really. You can download Premiere Pro® on a machine with 4GB of RAM, but its functionality will be severely limited. You’ll want at least 8GB of RAM to comfortably run Premiere Pro®. Instead, consider Movavi Video Editor as an Adobe® Premiere Pro® alternative. It only requires 2GB and can do virtually everything Premiere® can do for only 25% of the processing power.

Have questions?

Have questions?

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