Top 10 AI Portrait Generators in 2024 [iOS/Android]

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Did you know you can transform your selfies into stunning works of art with an AI portrait generator? Ideal for individuals or businesses looking to craft unique digital art or enhance their social media presence, these apps provide a gateway to visual creativity with just a few taps on your device. 

Let's find the best AI portrait generator that can help you unleash your inner artist.


Main advantages

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Text-to-art conversion, diverse art styles, user-friendly interface

AI face swap, trending templates, variety of AI effects

Comprehensive editing features, unique AI tools (Magic Avatar, AI Fashion), text-to-image

 Best AI portrait generator apps

We've handpicked the top free photo-editing apps for Android and iOS, each packed with unique features for artistic and realistic portraits. From advanced AI-driven tools to user-friendly interfaces, let's explore what each app offers to enhance your digital, AI generated portrait.

ARTA (iOS & Android)

ARTA is an AI-powered art studio designed to transform your ideas into captivating visual art. As one of the best AI portrait generators, the app lets you create artwork from text prompts, reimagine videos with AI filters, and explore a variety of artistic styles.

Whether you're looking to generate AI manga-style avatars or turn a simple selfie into a photorealistic masterpiece, ARTA provides the tools to unleash your random creativity.

With ARTA, you can even add images as a visual base for your prompts, offering more control over the final artwork. The app also features a gallery where you can browse AI-generated art from users worldwide, providing inspiration for your own creations.


  • Transforms both text and images into art

  • Offers a variety of templates and art styles

  • User-friendly interface

  • Features an AI avatar maker

  • Includes a gallery for inspiration

  • Regular updates improving functionality


  • Inconsistent results, particularly with human features

  • Only subscription-based pricing for full access

  • Occasional server issues or errors

FacePlay (iOS & Android)

FacePlay is a versatile AI-powered app that allows you to experiment with various special effects and transform your images and videos. One of its standout features is AI Face Swap, enabling you to seamlessly insert your face into different scenarios, from classic movie scenes to trending social media templates.

The app also offers AI generated portraits, giving your selfies a professional touch with a variety of styles, including a LinkedIn headshot feature for a polished, career-oriented look. Another intriguing feature is the "Predict your Baby" filter, which uses AI to envision what your future child might look like.


  • Daily updates with the latest trending templates

  • Variety of AI-driven features like face swaps and AI animations

  • Functions for both fun and professional use (e.g., LinkedIn headshots, international ID photos)

  • Constantly refreshed content keeps the app engaging

  • Provides a platform for creativity with both videos and photos


  • Criticized for excessive monetization through high subscription fees

  • Inconsistent results with face swapping, sometimes leading to distortion

  • Some users report issues with the avatar feature

Vivid AI (iOS & Android)

Vivid AI is a powerful AI art generator and photo editing app that unlocks your creative potential. With features like Magic Avatar, AI Fashion, and AI Scene, you can transform your photos into captivating artworks, experiment with different styles, and even reimagine your living spaces.

Vivid AI also offers a Text-to-Image function, allowing you to generate images from simple text prompts in various artistic styles. The AI Anime feature lets you turn your selfies into stunning anime-style portraits, while the AI Sky feature lets you enhance or swap out the sky in your photos for a more dramatic effect.


  • Comprehensive AI art generator and photo editor

  • Wide range of features for creative expression

  • Text to Image function with multiple art styles

  • Unique features like Magic Avatar, AI Fashion, and AI Scene

  • AI Anime and AI Sky for specific transformations


  • Limited functionality in the free version

  • Some users report issues with subscription cancellation

  • Occasional inconsistencies in AI-generated results

Wonder (iOS & Android)

Wonder is an AI portrait generator that transforms your words into captivating digital artworks within seconds. Simply type in a prompt, select an art style (or opt for "no style"), and let Wonder's AI algorithms work their magic. From poems and song lyrics to movie characters and unique word combinations, Wonder can bring your ideas to life in a variety of artistic styles.

Wonder also offers a range of familiar art styles, from baroque to synthwave, allowing you to explore different aesthetics and find the perfect look for your creation. Once you're satisfied with your artwork, you can easily share it with friends or use it as a unique lock screen.


  • Simple and intuitive interface

  • Quick generation of AI-powered artworks

  • Diverse range of artistic styles to choose from

  • Ability to create art from text prompts

  • Option to share artwork or use it as a lockscreen


  • Limited image editing capabilities

  • Can be difficult to achieve precise results with certain prompts

  • Requires an internet connection for art generation

Fotorama (iOS & Android)

Fotorama is an AI-powered photo editing app that turns everyday photos into professional headshots and portraits. With its intuitive interface and AI algorithms, Fotorama makes it easy to create great visuals right from your smartphone. The app offers many themed transformations, including seasonal and conceptual themes.

Fotorama features a variety of trendy styles, such as AI Business Portraits, LinkedIn Headshots, and Old Money Style, ensuring you find the perfect look for your needs. You can easily share your AI-enhanced photo or AI generated portrait across different platforms, showcasing your creativity and Fotorama's capabilities.


  • Produces high-quality AI headshots and professional portraits

  • Offers a wide array of themed photo transformations

  • Features daily updates with new styles and themes

  • Simplifies sharing across various social media platforms

  • Prioritizes user privacy with advanced security features


  • Technical glitches, like extra or missing fingers in images

  • Somewhat time-consuming process for generating images

PortraitAI (iOS & Android)

PortraitAI is a unique AI portrait generator that specializes in transforming your photos into 18th-century-style paintings. It offers a variety of filters, ranging from classic portraits to more whimsical styles like Joker, Goblin, and Barbie. The app uses AI algorithms to analyze your facial features and create a portrait that resembles you while incorporating the chosen artistic style.

PortraitAI also features proprietary video Style Transfer technology, allowing you to apply artistic filters to videos in real time. This feature sets PortraitAI apart from other portrait generators, offering a dynamic and engaging way to transform your visual content.


  • Specializes in 18th-century-style portrait generation

  • Wide range of unique and creative filters

  • Video Style Transfer for real-time artistic effects

  • Easy-to-use interface with intuitive controls


  • Limited to portrait-style generation and not suitable for other types of images

  • May not accurately represent people of color

GIO (iOS & Android)

GIO is a free AI portrait generator that lets you create professional headshots, experiment with different outfits, and swap backgrounds in seconds. Perfect for LinkedIn profiles, dating apps, or enhancing your digital presence, GIO uses generative AI to deliver high-quality headshots without the need for a professional photographer.

With features like photorealistic portraits, an outfit generator, and a background changer, GIO offers a wide range of customization options. Its beauty toolkit allows you to refine your features, while the hairstyle tool lets you try out various looks. The Discover page showcases a curated selection of styles, with more added regularly.


  • Easy-to-use interface for quick and effortless editing

  • Wide array of customization options for headshots

  • AI-powered tools for photo enhancement and background removal

  • Regularly updated catalog of styles


  • Limitations on the number of edits you can make per day, even with a paid subscription

  • Struggles with accurately adding or editing hair on bald users

Starryai (iOS & Android)

Starryai boasts a powerful AI Art Generator that utilizes cutting-edge techniques and is regularly updated to ensure optimal quality. If you're not entirely satisfied with the initial result, you can easily edit the artwork with the retouch feature, giving you greater control over your creations.

With its diverse range of styles, aspect ratios, and initial image options, Starryai caters to various artistic preferences, from abstract designs to realistic landscapes. Its intuitive interface and controls make it accessible to both seasoned artists and beginners alike.


  • Free to use with daily art generation limit

  • Full ownership of created artworks

  • Powerful and regularly updated

  • Retouch feature for easy editing

  • Diverse range of styles and customization options


  • Limited to five free artworks per day

  • Requires an internet connection for art generation

  • Editing features may be limited compared to other apps

Picsart (iOS & Android)

Picsart is a comprehensive, AI-powered photo and video editing app catering to casual users and creative professionals. With its extensive array of tools and features, Picsart allows you to remove backgrounds, retouch selfies, add text and stickers, create collages, and even generate AI-powered images.

Picsart's AI tools stand out, offering features like AI Enhance for improving image quality, AI Image Generator for creating unique visuals from text prompts, and AI Avatar for generating personalized avatars in different styles. The app also boasts a video editor with music, filters, and effects, as well as a collage maker and a drawing tool for further creative expression.


  • All-in-one photo and video editing app with a wide range of features

  • Powerful AI tools for enhancing, generating, and customizing images

  • Vast library of free images, stickers, and fonts

  • Video editing capabilities with music, filters, and effects

  • Collage maker and drawing tool for additional creative options


  • Free version is limited, with many features locked behind a subscription

  • Can be overwhelming for new users due to the sheer number of tools and features

  • Interface may not be as intuitive as some other editing apps

Fotor (iOS & Android)

Fotor is a robust photo editing and graphic design app designed for amateur and professional users. Its comprehensive suite of tools includes one-tap photo enhancement, AI NFT art effects, advanced editing features, and a vast array of creative design templates.

Fotor also boasts professional photo effects with your AI generated portrait, stylish filters, and a photo-cropping tool for greater creative control. With its rich library of elements and resources, including stickers, frames, fonts, and backgrounds, Fotor provides endless possibilities for your creative projects.


  • Comprehensive photo editing and graphic design tools

  • Professional photo effects and stylish filters

  • Photo-cropping tool for flexible composition

  • Creative design templates for various occasions

  • Extensive library of elements and resources


  • May not always produce high-quality or consistent results

  • Some users report issues with the app's interface and navigation

Edit photos on your computer with Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor offers a robust suite of tools that make photo editing accessible and effective on your desktop. Featuring advanced AI capabilities, it streamlines complex editing tasks such as retouching, background swaps, and object removal, allowing you to achieve professional-quality results with minimal effort. 

Users can enhance their photos with atmospheric effects, color correction presets, and customizable captions. Designed for ease of use, Movavi Photo Editor is the ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned photographers looking to create stunning, high-quality images effortlessly.


Whether you're looking for a quick selfie transformation or a professional headshot, the world of AI portrait generators offers endless creative possibilities. From free mobile apps to comprehensive desktop software, you’ll find several AI portrait generators to suit every need and style. Utilize the power of AI and stylize your photos with stunning AI generated portraits.

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