Top 11 Free Photo Editing Apps for Android [May 2024]

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In this guide, we’re exploring the best free photo editor apps for Android, and numerous options for those who want to make simple edits on their phone such as altering the color and tweaking pictures taken on the phone.


Main features


Add stickers, easy retouching

Save presets, 29 editing options

Simple templates, video editing

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 Best free photo editor apps for Android


PicsArt is a free video editor for Android that provides a variety of different features to prepare your images for Instagram or just add a more professional look to the images.

As well as using existing images, you can also take your own pictures to use. Retouching features allow people to change the way they look in selfies and other pictures. You can remove blemishes and make your photo look even more perfect. 

Cleverly, an AI-powered smart selection tool is great for blurring the background and even replacing it with other images. PicsArt has a lot of simple-to-use features but some users have found the way it uses layers to be somewhat confusing.


  • Lots of stock images to combine and use

  • Add stickers and create your own

  • Add text using 200+ fonts

  • Simple retouching


  • Some users have found the layer system confusing


Snapseed is developed by Google, and offers a lot of advanced tools and filters, as well as some interesting effects. Those with a real interest in photography will find it useful that the app can open RAW files, making it a top free photo-editing app for Android.

There is a healing brush feature for removing blemishes, and an HDR feature to add even more dramatic looks to landscape pictures. 

The brushes make it easy to apply looks to different parts of the images and control the effects. On top of this, you can also incorporate text and add many different styles of text and fonts to the images.

With so many tools, it isn’t necessarily the easiest of all of the different apps to use. One particularly cool feature is the ability to save effects to reuse. 


  • Save presets and effects

  • 29 different editing options


  • Can be confusing to use all the features


Canva has become a very well known photo-editing app with tons of functions that people can use, and the desktop version is very powerful along with the mobile app.

There are video features as well as options to edit photos for social media posts and even create professional banners and backgrounds for your social media presence. There’s a simple background remover, and a photo grid for adding collages. Canva has many templates that make it simpler to add the images together and create a professional look. Canva allows you to create an account and then access your designs from multiple devices.

Canva has stock images and graphic elements that mean people can make graphics, invites, and more from scratch, even if they don’t have a lot of pictures on their device.


  • Multiple device access

  • Lots of easy-to-use templates

  • Video editing


  • Some assets require a fee to be paid

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is really one of the photo-editing apps with a focus on selfies and portraits, so when people take photographs they may want to change things about the image or perfect it to look their best, tweaking things like the color of the image and the blemishes that may be within.

YouCam Perfect does this well with a set of smart features and effects, including a way to easily erase the background and put yourself somewhere new. It even has a body tuner and options to highlight certain areas of the picture. You can also blur the background.


  • Good for portraits

  • Fun features to tweak selfies

  • Simple layout


  • Not good for editing landscapes


Pixlr is another piece of software that serves as a full editing suite for Android phones, and can do far more than just the basics of cropping and resizing. There are features such as Auto Fix that can make the photos colors look more professional, on top of this there are loads of different effects and even stylization options to make the image look like a poster or a watercolor.

There is also a simple tool for removing red eyes and loads of ways to make other adjustments. Of course, as you’d expect, there are certain tools for adding text and even some simple functions to add borders. Pixlr sets out to be more similar to Photoshop or other full editing suites, but this may crash certain Android phones, as you are asking the software to do a lot.


  • Save and organize your favorites

  • Simple stylize options


  • The app may crash during some uses


BeFunky is another piece of software that has been designed as a way for people to edit the kind of selfies they take on their phone. It has some intuitive features such as being able to colorize pictures, it can even repair certain old pictures and colorize black and white images.

A one-tap collage system can create collages without you having to do any manual work, and there are also text editors allowing people to add their own text to certain images.

BeFunky is a way to get rid of blemishes and perfect selfies, as well as add some little extras such as filters (there are way more than you would find inbuilt on your phone).


  • Simple one-tap collage maker

  • Restore old photos


  • Not as good for editing landscapes


piZap is somewhere between a simple photo editor and a full on design suite, and as such, it has a lot of different features that allow people to do more with images than just fixing some blemishes and making them sparkle!

piZap is a good app for making memes and creatively adding text. With the design tools including AI tools, people can add a lot of other interesting extras to their images, including painting and adding stock images. Replacing backgrounds, blurring, and cropping are all very easy to do. 

piZap also has a lot of fun features if you just want to add some funny or interesting text or memes, such as 4530 stickers that people can add to their pictures. piZap may not be quite as professional as some of the other apps for making the top graphics, but it does provide a lot of fun when editing.


  • Easily replace backgrounds and crop photos

  • Meme creator

  • Add stickers and text


  • Doesn’t provide as professional results as some others


VSCO has a lot of different features when compared to the other apps on this list, so it can provide more options for editing things like landscape pictures.

For instance, there is a “Grain” function that allows people to soften the texture of the image and add a grainy look so that it appears older than it actually is.

VSCO has lots of presets, and unfortunately you do have to pay for some but there are 16 made available without any form of payment. Presets can make the images look very different.

The inbuilt camera option has an inbuilt GIF maker as well as lots of different effects that can be added, and the camera options include burst, retro, and prism, giving different ways to take the pictures.


  • Good for creating retro-looking images

  • GIF maker

  • Great for editing landscapes


  • Some presets are paid extras


FaceTune, as you might expect due to the name, is an app that is very good for editing pictures of someone’s face! It is built to allow people to create all sorts of effects and even edit the way a face looks with extras like adding or darkening hair and even refreshing eyes that look tired.

AI selfie generator is another fun feature that allows people to tweak the way their selfies look and even create otherworldly images. FaceTune is even a way to add makeup after a photo is taken!


  • Loads of features for editing selfies

  • AI tools

  • Retouch makeup retrospectively


  • Only for selfies

Photo Editor Pro - Polish

Photo Editor Pro is a good option for those who want to add a lot of different filters and experiment with different looks, including filters such as 2K, VHS, Aesthetic Glitch, Vignette, Natural, Warm, Dew, Dark, Cocoa, and many more.

There are also funny glitch effects and ways to make images look unusual, but useful blur tools for blurring certain parts of an image.

There are facial and body retouching options for people to tweak the way they look, and over 100 different effects available for free, even with no watermark.


  • No watermarks

  • 100+ effects


  • Not the most professional effects


AirBrush is another app that has a real focus on the way people look and “airbrushing” the portraits taken of people. 

The HD features help to add a dramatic and artistic look to people's pictures. They can alter the pictures to give them more of a professional look so they look like DSLR model shots.

Real-time editing technology is one of the most impressive things on offer, which means that people can edit the pictures and choose filters before they’ve even taken the picture. AirBrush has loads of presets and filters that people can simply and easily apply, meaning that you can take pictures and quickly flick between some of the most simple (yet effective) filters. With so many filters on the site, it is not hard to find something that looks good.


  • Great filters for portraits

  • Simple to use


  • Not suitable for landscapes and other pictures

Edit photos on your computer with Movavi Photo Editor

For those looking for the ideal way to edit photos to a professional standard, Movavi Photo Editor can provide a world of options which are easy to understand. 

You can start the editing using one of the ready-made presets, which allow you to tweak the overall look of the image. The options to remove background of the images is one of the main features that may make a difference when it comes to landscapes or simply people in the back of your images! The AI-powered tool easily removes the unwanted background, and then you can easily replace it with a new one.

Movavi Photo Editor can automatically tweak the photo colors and balance of photos to give them a professional and clean-cut look. On top of all this, users can also process their old photos and achieve realistic colors while reviving people in older, black-and-white photographs. AI retouching is another amazing feature for portrait photos, and people can perfect the look of the faces in their images in a matter of seconds.

The control that the software provides means that users have a lot of control, and can choose to do quick and simple edits with presets or go into much more detail with custom tools and controls over the coloring and every other aspect of the images.


Technology has come a long way, and this means that there are a lot of mobile apps at your fingertips that can potentially make your pictures look more professional or even get rid of imperfections or things you don’t want in the background. If you prefer editing on your desktop, Movavi Video Editor is a way to ensure that you have more advanced editing functionality and can create professional results every time.

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