Movavi Photo Editor

  • Watermark adding
  • Easy retouching and digital makeup application
  • Creative filters and texture overlays
  • Resizing and frame transformation

Edited by Nataly Bogorad

January 13, 2020

5 Best Graphic Design Software 2020

How did we do it before them? Graphic design programs have made the process of creating, manipulating and developing graphic images – and videos – easier than ever before. Pencils, papers, and pigments have now all been replaced by the convenience of the computer and the online world. The best graphic design software enables you bring your creative ideas to life in little to no time.

Graphic Design Programs: Which should you use?

A large number of graphic design programs on the market today ensure you have to carefully decide which is best for you. Your selected graphics software may simplify your designing tasks even further, helping you hit super impressive heights, or it could take you close enough to the difficult dark ages of art.

Here, we present you with the 5 best graphic design software in 2020 to help you make an informed buying decision – in no particular order.

Affinity Designer

If you’re looking to create professional artwork for print or for the screen, this is the platform for you. Coming in at the modest price of $50 for Mac or for PC, this is a high-level vector graphic design software useful for concept art, icon creation, typography, web/app mockups, branding logos, and even print projects for soft furnishings, ceramics, and wallpapers.

Affinity Designer comes handy with a modern, intuitive and customizable interface that boasts some advanced layer controls. The software is standard file format compatible and can undo your last actions up to 8,000 steps, giving you full control over your every action. Thanks to its cloud functionality, it is a great tool for a team of designers working on a common project.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe began the digital graphics revolution with its groundbreaking work with Photoshop, making it a widely popular tool in the graphics world. And the app has only grown stronger in the time since. Adobe Photoshop with its plethora of tools – including 3D modeling, drawing, painting and typography tools – is software for photographers, artists, and graphic designers.

With its easy-to-use tools and unique effects and patterns, Photoshop aids the seamless creation and/or customization of digital graphics. Amongst its important features are access to Lightroom photos, luminance masking controls, extensive brush capabilities, and more. With its latest iteration, Photoshop also adds AI-powered options and support for spherical panoramas.

Adobe Photoshop isn’t cheap, though. It goes for a monthly fee of roughly $10, without any options for a lifetime license. Premium assets are also quite expensive and the interface may take some getting used to. However, if you can make such an investment – and take your time mastering its functionalities – this tool is certain to elevate your graphics design game.


Unlike most other graphic design tools, Sketch is a hugely targeted software. Sketch focuses strictly on the creation of interface elements and icons for an app or website. This makes it a favorite for developers in the design industry focused on interface designs and user experience. In terms of its operational procedure, it is quite similar to both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Sketch provides support for multiple artboards, pages, styles and symbols that can be repeated easily when creating or customizing designs. Sketch, however, isn’t a photo editing tool, neither is it great for print work. Still, it offers the ability to merge vectors and edit them without damaging the originals.

Costing $100 per year, Sketch may be used for a few broader design works, but it is mostly a streamlined tool. However, this targeted nature is one of its major advantages. Unfortunately, the software is only available for Mac users. As a result, designers use the software mostly when working on iOS and macOS based applications.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

CorelDRAW was easily the first serious graphics design software designed for PC users. When you consider that this is a program designed for graphic design novices, it’s easy to see why. While Adobe is easily the name to beat in the graphics world, CorelDRAW has continued to scale new heights to keep it up there with the very best.

A hugely powerful tool, CorelDRAW allows you seamlessly edit both bitmaps and vectors, and create impressive HDR images. Its fast response to actions, smooth and organized app-wide workflow, and extensive editing and creation tools (some of which are only available on Adobe Illustrator with the purchase of plugins), the entire CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is the complete package for graphics artists.

The one major drawback of CorelDRAW is its cost. It is easily the most expensive software collection here, beating even Adobe’s cost by a healthy margin. It is also not available for Macintosh users.

Graphic Design Studio

Graphic Design Studio is far from the most extensive graphic design tool on the market today. However, it makes for a great tool for beginners in the graphic design niche. Designed for the creative beginner, Graphic Design Studio is an easy to use tool that doesn’t require any graphics design certificate course to learn the ropes; allowing your seamlessly create professional-level graphics without any complications.

Graphic Design Studio is good for editing clip arts, vectors, and graphics. It also boasts some solid effects to elevate your graphics game, and a few tasteful templates to work with. It’s obviously a good tool for beginner and, perhaps, intermediate level graphic artists. If you’re looking beyond doing the basics, though, you may want to look further up the list.

Graphic Design Programs: A Software for Photo Editing and Manipulation

If your foray into graphics design is strictly limited to photo editing and manipulation, you’d be better served using specialized software designed for that purpose. Movavi Photo Editor is an intuitive and elaborate photo editing software that serves to elevate your every photo.

The software allows for the easy application of digital makeup and professional retouching. With its extensive list of filters, effects and overlays, Movavi Photo Editor ensures the easy removal of digital noise and unwanted objects in photos and professional editing of photos in an easy beginner environment.

Your eventual choice of graphic design software is dependent on your needs and budget. In some cases, a cheap, specialized software like Movavi Photo Editor or Sketch may be all you need. If you’re going into full-scale professional graphics design, though, a top-level, more robust application will be needed.

Likewise, some of the software on this list is better suited to beginners than others. Be sure to take your time to figure out which software best serves your needs, matches your budget, and provides you with an easy to use interface for your level.

Movavi Photo Editor

The easiest way to turn any snapshot into an eye candy

  • Improve quality and retouch blemishes
  • Add effects and filters
  • Crop, straighten, and flip pictures
  • Change image backgrounds and remove objects