8 Best hairstyle apps

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Fashion and beauty industries are ever-evolving and for that reason staying updated with the latest trends is a must. Hairstyle apps are revolutionizing hairstyling, offering personalized, creative, and fun solutions at your fingertips, from virtual makeovers to professional advice. Explore with us the digital age of hairstyling with these innovative tools that can transform your look with just a few taps, whether for a special event or a refreshing change. Let’s not waste time and explore each haircut app in detail!



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Offers a comprehensive set of makeup editing tools

Has real-time style updates

Offers over 600 different hairstyles

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Best apps to change haircuts

1. YouCam Makeup (iOS & Android)

YouCam Makeup is the ultimate virtual makeover and selfie retouching app available for both Android and iOS devices.

Offering a wide range of features, it allows users to snap and edit photos with ease, creating stunning virtual makeovers and trying on various beauty products from top brands. From retouching tools for a full face makeover to hair color changers and real-time AR makeovers, YouCam Makeup provides users with a comprehensive suite of options to enhance their selfies and experiment with different looks.


  • Offers a comprehensive set of makeup editing tools, including lipstick, eyeliner, blush, contouring, and more

  • Users can try instant makeovers and experiment with different makeup styles

  • Incorporates advanced AI technology for hairstyling, avatar creation, and fashion recommendations


  • Might consume a significant amount of device resources, leading to slower performance and draining battery life

  • The frequency and persistence of advertisements may be disruptive, especially in the free version

2. Perfect365 (iOS & Android)

One of the best hairstyle app on our list is Perfect365. It is a virtual makeup and photo editing app for Android and iOS, boasting over 100 million users.

It offers a wide range of makeup tools and beauty options, including over 30 beauty tools, 200+ pre-set styles, and unlimited color palette customization. Powered by Intelligent Imaging technology, it ensures accurate application and realistic makeovers. With weekly updates, it stays current with beauty trends, appealing to both makeup enthusiasts and professionals.


  • Offers over 30 tools, including lipsticks, liners, and makeup filters

  • Provides the latest beauty trends directly from the fashion weeks and top makeup artists, ensuring users always have access to cutting-edge styles

  • Utilizes Intelligent Imaging to provide accurate makeup placement and realistic results


  • Some users may find the extensive features overwhelming, especially if they're new to virtual makeup apps

  • Advanced features and real-time processing can be heavy on device resources, leading to slower performance on older smartphones

3. Hairstyle Try On: Bangs & Wig

Hairstyle Try On: Bangs&Wigs is a professional hair transformation app with an easy-to-use interface available for Android users, designed to provide a virtual hair makeover experience.

This app offers a vast array of more than 600 hairstyles for both men and women, catering to various hair types and styles including long, medium, short, bangs, curly, and straight hair. Users can experiment with different hair colors like blonde, and also try on makeup for glasses, enhancing their look further.


  • Offers over 600 different hairstyles, allowing users to experiment with a wide range of looks

  • Not only can users change their haircuts, but they can also try on different makeup looks for glasses, providing a comprehensive makeover tool


  • The app may struggle with accurately superimposing hairstyles on certain types of photos, leading to less realistic results

  • Primarily focuses on hairstyles and makeup for glasses, which might not appeal to users looking for more diverse beauty tools

4. Hairstyle Try On

Hairstyle Try On for iOS helps users discover new hairstyles by offering 36 free options and the ability to purchase style packages with over 800 hairstyles and 50+ hair color choices.

Users can upload their pictures, try on hairstyles virtually, share results, and receive valuable hairstyle tips. With improved face recognition and iOS 13 compatibility, it's a risk-free way to experiment with hairstyles.


  • Offers 36 free hairstyles and the option to purchase style packages with over 800 hairstyles

  • Provides more than 50 different hair color options for each style, allowing users to customize their look further


  • Some users report experiencing occasional glitches and bugs, especially when trying to apply certain hairstyles or editing features

5. Hair Makeover-modiface

Hair Makeover-modiface is an Android app designed to provide users with a variety of popular hairstyles, glasses styles, and jacket styles to experiment with.

With over 600 hairstyles available for both men and women, along with more than 100 glasses styles and dozens of jacket styles, users can easily explore different looks and find their perfect style. The app also offers a one-click conversion comic face function, adding a fun and creative element to the makeover process.


  • Offers over 600 popular hairstyles for both men and women

  • Provides more than 100 glasses styles and dozens of jacket styles

  • Includes a one-click conversion comic face function, adding a fun and entertaining feature to the app for users to enjoy


  • The app doesn't receive frequent updates, leading to potential compatibility issues with newer devices

6. Hairstyle Changer - HairStyle

Hairstyle Changer is a comprehensive hairstyling and coloring app for both men and women, available on Android.

With this app, users can easily experiment with different hairstyles and hair colors to create trendy and personalized photos. From short to long styles, straight to curly, the app offers a wide range of options to suit various preferences.


  • Offers various hairstyles, allowing users to explore different looks and find their perfect match

  • Provides trend hair colors and magic gradient multiple hair colors, enabling users to experiment with different hair colors and create unique looks

  • Allows manual adjustment of hairstyles with options to rotate, scale, and narrow styles


  • Requires Android version 7.0 and up, potentially excluding users with older operating systems from accessing the app's features

7. Your Perfect Hairstyle for Men

Your Perfect Hairstyle for Men is a comprehensive iOS app designed to help men discover and try out over 400 different hairstyles.

Whether you're looking for a subtle change or a bold new look, this app allows users to upload their pictures and virtually try hairstyles to see which one suits them best. With features to adjust color, contrast, brightness, and saturation, users can customize their virtual hairstyles to match their preferences and style.


  • Offers more than 400 hairstyles in various lengths for users to explore and try on

  • Allows users to adjust the color, contrast, brightness, and saturation of hairstyles

  • Allows to use Facebook photos, even of friends, and post their new hairstyles to their wall, as well as share their looks online


  • The app's interface may appear outdated, potentially affecting user experience and engagement

  • May not provide an exact representation of how the hairstyle will look in real life, potentially leading to unrealistic expectations

8. BeautyPlus (iOS & Android)

BeautyPlus is a versatile photo editing and selfie camera app available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Trusted by over 800 million users worldwide, BeautyPlus offers a comprehensive suite of editing tools and AI-powered features to enhance and beautify your photos and selfies. From effortless retouching to creative editing, BeautyPlus provides a wide range of options to elevate your photography game.


  • AI-powered editing tools offer effortless photo enhancement with features like AI Portrait, AI Enhance, and AI Remove BG

  • Provides over 50 easy-to-use editing tools, including makeup tools and body editing features

  • A diverse collection of filters, effects, stickers, and templates


  • Some advanced features are locked behind a subscription-based premium model

Edit photos on your computer with Movavi Photo Editor

In the search for the best hairstyle app, Movavi Photo Editor for Windows and macOS stands out as a versatile alternative desktop tool not only for general photo editing but also for specific adjustments like photo retouching and hair color changes. This software simplifies the enhancement of portraits, allowing users to seamlessly retouch skin, adjust makeup, and experiment with different hair colors using intuitive AI-powered features. Users can enjoy natural-looking results that make it easy to envision new hairstyles without commitment. Movavi Photo Editor offers reliable, high-quality edits, making it a compelling choice for anyone interested in trying out new hairstyles virtually and much more than that.


Hairstyle apps offer a fun way to experiment with different looks. With advanced AI and editing tools, users can enhance their photos effortlessly because whether for personal enjoyment or professional styling, these apps cater to diverse needs. And when you need to go beyond editing on your mobile phone, you can always give Movavi Photo Editor a try.

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