10 Best Sites for Watching Cartoons Online

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Today’s cartoons are great for kids, but there’s a strong adult fan following for many of them too. Cartoon series are more accessible than ever, and we’ve sourced the best places where you can watch cartoons online. So if you’re an avid fan of cartoons, and even enjoy dubbing in making your own or editing the ones you have, here are some great suggestions to try.



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A huge variety of games are available to stream & play

You can stream your shows on a large variety of device/apps

Selection of classic cartoons

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Cartoon Network

Many of us grew up watching beloved episodes of Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Dexter’s Laboratory, and Powerpuff Girl. Many of these shows are still available online in the form of snippet videos, full episodes, game adaptations of the shows, and more.

We would have liked to see a search bar on this site, which would help viewers find their favorite cartoon a lot quicker, but there is a browsing bar where you can scroll and locate the cartoon you want. Kids will love this site, and it is packed with fun activities, videos, quizzes, and adventure & puzzle games.


  • New episodes are being uploaded weekly to keep you viewing for longer

  • A huge variety of games are available to stream & play, allowing you to partake in an adventure with your favorite characters

  • Apps that let you integrate Cartoon Network games into your gaming console


  • No search bar for easy finding of shows

Tubi TV

Although not exclusively animation based, Tubi TV has a wide range of cartoons that can be streamed for free in exchange for the odd ad interruption. You can also subscribe to this service and do away with ads if you want to enjoy endless hours of animated entertainment.

If you watch a show without a subscription, you can expect to see a few ads in between. But these ads aren’t too obtrusive. They’re short, and don’t pop up very often. Besides, for a small monthly or annual fee, you can watch any of their shows ad free. But you might want to try it first before you decide to do that.


  • You are not forced to sign up when you enter the site; simply pick the cartoon you want to watch and begin streaming

  • You can stream your shows on a large variety of device/apps, including Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, Xbox One, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Android TV

  • A large variety of non-animated movies for kids and adults

  • A library of classic cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Scooby-Doo


  • Contains the occasional ads

  • Not exclusively animated shows


Try ToonJet if you love the oldies like Popeye, Betty Boop, and Looney Tunes. It gathers all of your favorite classics into one hub and streams them from places like YouTube and other free sources.

It’s a convenient site due to its easy site navigation and ability to provide you with your favorite cartoons all in one place.

ToonJet is 100% free and allows you to source some of the most beloved cartoons from decades past. Some of the options available besides the ones already mentioned include Superman, Tom & Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Felix the Cat, Merry Melodies.


  • Very easy navigation

  • Quick loading times

  • New cartoons uploaded fairly regularly

  • Selection of classic cartoons


  • Not an extensive variety of shows available


Nick showcases all of Nickelodeon's best series from SpongeBob SquarePants to Monster High. You won’t need a subscription to stream these cartoons directly on your laptop or mobile device.

The purpose of this site is to provide Nickelodeon classics and make them available to anyone who loves them.

Navigation of the site is super easy, allowing viewers of all ages to easily access their favorite Nickelodeon shows without running out of options. Since Nick.com also makes a lot of older kid shows, there’s something for children of all ages on this site. Competitions are also hosted periodically, and new episodes & games are added to the platform monthly.


  • It’s an aesthetically vibrant site that kids will love

  • There are games and activities to keep kids busy for hours

  • Completely free


  • Only available in the US

Disney Junior

If you’re wondering where to watch cartoons from the wonderful world of Disney, Disney Now is a great place to find them all in one place. New shows are continuously being created and added to this channel, and the subscription is so low you’ll be quickly persuaded to join.

This Disney branch focuses more on kids’ series than their movies (which are available on DisneyPlus), so it’s great for kids who are bored with the same old cartoons they’re used to. With a massive library of shows for all ages, Disney Now allows your kids to browse all kinds of kids shows–new and old. Many users have expressed negative reviews about the parental control of Disney Now, stating that some of the shows are not appropriate for very young children.

Since this is a website but also a downloadable app for mobile devices, hopefully Disney will iron out some of the issues and make it a worthwhile app. They have so much variety, it would be a shame to miss out on Disney Now.


  • A large selection series from Disney

  • New shows and episodes added regularly

  • Downloadable app for easy mobile viewing


  • Slow loading times

  • Too many adverts

  • No password protection to limit certain content


Cartoonito is specifically designed for kids to keep them busy with lots of games and activities. It also has a video selection, but this is limited to cartoon shorts. The purpose of this site is to entertain your kids with interactive activities featuring some of their favorite cartoon characters.

The characters include Thomas the Tank Engine, Bugs Bunny, Fireman Sam, Interstellar Ella, Lucas the Spider, and more.

What you’ll love about this site is that it has digital activity sheets (like the ones you can buy at book stores) and encourages your kids to complete them. From coloring in to maze puzzles, and fun games like word search to video games, your kids will be entertained for hours with the help of their cartoon companions.


  • Fun activity sheets for kids

  • Recognizable characters from beloved shows

  • Easy navigation for kids


  • Limited long videos for extensive viewing


We love SuperCartoons because it does exactly what ToonJet does, but for an English audience. The site is also a lot more user-friendly, and the look of it will encourage your kids to love the classics as much as you did when you were a child.

This site offers free streaming directly from YouTube and assembles all of the best classics in one place. Some of the viewing options you can expect to see on SuperCartoons are Pink Panther, Tom & Jerry, Tweety & Sylvester, Popeye, Disney classics, Chip n Dale, Pepe Le Pew.

You’ll also find a large selection of Disney characters like Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, and Speedy Gonzales. Disney actually created a myriad of characters who never caught on for more than a few episodes, but they’re all here for a nostalgic view.

The videos offered on SuperCartoons are high quality, so you won’t have to download and enhance them with your video editor. Guaranteed to keep your kids occupied for hours, you’ll probably join them in watching some of the best cartoons from your childhood.


  • Very user-friendly

  • Convenient search bar

  • Huge selection of good cartoons

  • Large variety of classic animated shows

  • A variety of unknown classics you’ve probably never seen before


  • Shows are not categorized by default


Or you may decide to source your cartoon viewing pleasure directly from YouTube. If you’re searching for something specific, this may be the best place to go. YouTube has a large range of free cartoons available, and many of these have been neatly arranged into playlists that will play one genre continuously.

Since there's so much to choose from on YouTube, you may want to consider paying a small amount to get YouTube Premium, which will negate the ads at the beginning and middle of your videos. And when we say there’s so much to choose from, we really mean it. In fact, this may very well become your go-to site to watch cartoons online.

Full episodes of the following shows are freely available:

  • Powerpuff Girls
  • Samurai Jack
  • Two Stupid Dogs
  • Regular Show
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  • …not to mention all of the classics in other sites we mentioned above (some of which stream directly from YouTube)

One small drawback about leaving your kids on YouTube is that they may navigate their way to other content that you don’t want them to watch. But YouTube Kids is a good option if you’re not able to monitor their every move. Even though YouTube isn’t a site that’s dedicated to cartoon uploads, it’s actually one of the most viable options in terms of its variety.


  • Just about every royalty free cartoon is available

  • Great selection from Cartoon Network and Boomerang

  • High-resolution cartoons

  • No ads if you have YouTube Premium


  • Not a dedicated cartoon streamer. You’ll have to search for the cartoon you want to watch


When Boomerang first came out with a streaming service, it was lacking a lot of episodes compared to the runs its shows had. It has since added lots of new episodes to its library, but sadly also removed some.

If you love The Flintstones, Warner Bros., and Road Runner among others, this is definitely one you should check out.

The subscription is not expensive at all, and if you take out a year’s subscription instead of a monthly one, you’ll save even more. Boomerang has created some of the best animated cartoons of all time, and you’ll have a good time browsing through the nostalgia of your favorite childhood shows.

It would be nice if Boomerang would simply add all of their cartoon episodes on the site, but unfortunately you’ll still be a little limited to what you can watch. Still, it provides hours of entertainment value for the subscription, with new episodes being uploaded weekly.


  • A large variety of shows like Top Cat, The Jetsons, Wacky Races, and Scooby-Doo

  • Easy-to-navigate site, showcasing this variety in a mixed display so that they’re easy to find (and remember)

  • A combination of new and old shows, from Richy Rich to Juniper Lee

  • The ability to navigate to a particular cartoon and watch all available episodes


  • Not every episode of each show is always available

WB Kids

WB Kids is not a streaming service, but actually a YouTube channel that bunches hundreds of Warner Bros. cartoons all in one place. It’s a great channel to subscribe to if you enjoy watching Bugs Bunny, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and other beloved WB classics.

Playlists have been arranged to include full episodes of particular shows, while others stick to a theme that mixes different shows with a particular message. Watch cartoons online in an easy and convenient way with WB Kids, especially if you want to see a mixture of old and new in one place.


  • New shows being added to WB Kids all the time

  • Includes modern renditions of Scooby-Doo, full episodes of Kim Possible, and your favorite DC superhero shows like Batman

  • All your favorite episodes of one show can be found in one playlist


  • Kids may need to be monitored to ensure they don’t navigate away from WB Kids to other YouTube videos that are not appropriate

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Watch cartoons online at any of these sites, whether you’re a nostalgic adult, or a kid who’s looking to kill boredom. There’s something here for all ages of a cartoon-loving family, and don’t forget that you can even turn your own videos into enhanced cartoons with special video-editing software.

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