[Solved] How to Make a Collage on an iPhone [2 Best Ways]

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Immortalizing your photos by adding them into one conglomerate is a great way to get your creative juices flowing! Whereas this pastime used to be done manually, today there are countless apps that allow you to do so digitally. We’ve compiled a list of iPhone apps designed to give your photo collage that professional look, while incorporating as many of your individual photos as possible. Read on to learn how to make a collage on your iPhone in two different ways!


Main advantages



  • Gives you access to all photos on your iPhone and imports them for collage making

  • Automatically creates a random collage and lets you edit it to your liking

Google Photos

  • Allows for image enhancement and quality elevation on existing photos

  • Allows for superimposed image-on-image collage making

  • Auto generates a collage and allows for easy editing

How to use Shortcuts to make your photo collage

Shortcuts is a user-friendly iPhone app developed by Apple that gives you a bunch of options for creating personal shortcuts on your device. You can also use it for photo editing, including collage making projects. Even though it lacks advanced editing capabilities, it still delivers the basics for pre-edits on collage photos. If you want to make a collage like a pro, consider using a photo editor beforehand.

To learn how to make a photo collage on your iPhone using the Shortcuts app, just follow the steps below.

  1. If the Shortcuts app isn’t installed on your iPhone already, go to the App Store and download the app.
    Download Shortcuts
  2. Open the Gallery tab on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Next, you need to select Photo Grid to start creating a pic collage.
  4. Tap the Add Shortcut button and add the newly created photo grid to your Shortcuts menu.
  5. Select this shortcut to access your iPhone device’s gallery.
  6. Access the detailed information page by tapping the three dots button.
  7. Access the share sheet by selecting the center icon at the bottom of the detailed information page.
  8. Save the photo sets and create your collage by selecting the Photos app (which will open the gallery on your device).
  9. Now go directly to the Photos app and choose an image to use as your grid photo.
  10. Tap the Share icon and choose the Photo Grid at the bottom of the menu.
  11. From here, you can also choose other photos to include.
  12. To save your completed collage, tap the Add button and the collage will be saved to your photo gallery.
  13. From here, you’ll be able to publish your collage on social media or even print it out for framing at a digital photo store.


  • Access to all in-device photos

  • Slideshow creation

  • Auto creates collages for quick editing


  • Doesn’t access social media photos

  • No image enhancement ability

  • Making a collage is somewhat complicated

How to make a photo collage with Google Photos

The Google Photos app for an iPhone is one of the best collage making apps available, because it provides you with an extensive toolbar of features for editing and placement. This app also lets you enhance or filter your images to improve their quality.

Although this app is more of a workflow app that helps you manage your device’s images, it can be used to make a collage. You may want to edit your photos more in-depth before using them to make a collage on Google Photos, but this app does allow you to do some minor edits.

Follow the instructions provided below to learn how to do a collage on your iPhone with Google Photos:

  1. Firstly, download the Google Photos app to your phone by following the link below.
    Download Google Photos
  2. After the download is complete, within the Google Photos app, select a photo and hold it for a few seconds. This will allow you to choose five other photos and add them to a grid to create a photo collage.
  3. Then, tap the Add to button from the menu that appears at the bottom of your iPad or iPhone screen.
  4. Next, you need to choose the Merge option from the two options you are given.
  5. This will auto generate a collage, which you can now edit to your liking.
  6. By selecting the Save option, your newly created collage will be downloaded to your device’s gallery.
  7. From your iPhone, you can do just about anything with your collage that you would normally do with any other photo.


  • Access to social media images

  • Image enhancement ability

  • Auto creates collages for subsequent editing

  • Making a collage is simpler than most photo apps

  • Has face recognition for easy locating of photos of a particular person


  • Not a lot of editing tools

  • Slow retrieval of photos from external sites

  • Your collage will be compressed to save space, which may affect the quality

  • There are no tools for removing unwanted objects

Edit photos on your computer with Movavi Photo Editor

If you’re looking for a straightforward, comprehensive photo-editing tool for your desktop, you can try Movavi Photo Editor. With this easy-to-use program, you can easily edit photos on your PC or Mac and even create photo overlays in a few clicks. Movavi Photo Editor also gives you advanced editing options, such as object removal, background settings, and easy resizing. There are dozens of filter options that give your photos stylish transformations to fit the theme you’re going for.


Creating photo collages is a wonderful way to preserve your digital memories in a creative and interesting way. If you’re serious about digital scrapbooking, these photo collage apps will give your collages that touch of professionalism that will create forever memories to cherish. And if you’re looking for more professional results, try a desktop photo-editing app, like Movavi Photo Editor.

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