8 Best FREE Anime Download Websites in 2024

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The explosion of anime content across the globe has sparked a fervent demand for convenient access to the latest shows and timeless classics. In this guide, we'll navigate the vast landscape of anime download sites, highlighting the top platforms that offer seamless access to your favorite series and movies.

Quick summary

  1. One of the most popular anime download websites comes with hundreds of titles: KissAnime

  2. Download your favorite anime and the manga that inspired it, all on one website: AnimeHeaven

  3. Find which anime are connected to the show you’re watching currently: Animepahe




  • Extensive list of anime, with trending titles highlighted

  • Extremely popular anime download website

  • Countdown until new releases

  • Watch and download dubbed anime

  • Manga available to read and download

  • Watch simultaneously with friends

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Best anime download sites

One of the most famous anime download websites in history, KissAnime remains one of the first places many anime fans look when they want to download anime.

The site has been taken down multiple times, but there are plenty of mirrors that usually remain available for people to use. Additionally, some countries have blocked the site.

KissAnime has one of the largest anime libraries in the world. It may have shows that you are otherwise unable to watch in your country. Additionally, it hosts some rare titles that aren’t available on any streaming services.


  • Extensive library of anime

  • Powerful search function

  • See what anime is new and trending


  • Main site has been shut down and banned multiple times, requiring the use of mirrors

  • Site is ad-heavy, with some ads reportedly containing malware

  • Some reports suggest the site stole translations from other sources

AnimeHeaven is a popular website for downloading anime. Popular series are featured on the website with a countdown until the next episode becomes available.

You can bookmark your favorite shows, allowing you to quickly find them when new episodes are released. Users can also rate shows. Tags and a search bar allow users to find new shows easily.

One of the great things about AnimeHeaven is that it often has dubbed versions of anime shows and movies. If you prefer not to read subtitles, this site might be the perfect place for you to download your favorite anime shows.

Unfortunately, like many other anime download websites, AnimeHeaven has been taken down before. Additionally, navigating the site often prompts ads to open in new tabs, which can be distracting.


  • Wide selection of anime shows and movies

  • Dubbed versions of anime available

  • See how long you have to wait until new episodes of anime shows will be available


  • Main site has been taken down in the past

  • Ads open in new tabs

With a sleek, modern user interface, AniWave is a great place to try downloading anime for free. It has many popular Japanese shows, as well as anime shows produced in China. You can navigate the site in English or in Japanese.

One great feature of AniWave is the manga section. Anime shows and movies are almost always inspired by or even direct recreations of manga. When an anime is based on a manga, the manga is often further ahead in the story than the anime. If you just can’t wait for a new episode of your favorite anime show to be released, you can always head to the manga section of AniWave and read ahead.

Like many anime download sites, AniWave has been reported to link to scam and malware sites. Some users have also expressed frustration with the number of pop-up ads, which can sometimes contain inappropriate content.


  • Includes both Japanese and Chinese anime

  • Manga section

  • Function for watching with friends virtually


  • High number of ads

  • Navigating the site often prompts redirects to malware websites

AnimeKaizoku is one of the most beloved sites for people looking to download anime. Users can browse anime based on whether it is currently airing or has been completed.

You can also browse anime movies and OVAs, many available as high-quality MP4s. Additionally, if there’s an episode, show, movie, or some other piece of anime content not on the site that you’d love to see, you can request it through a handy form on the site. Another form lets you report a dead link so that it can be fixed.

Users of the site have praised it for taking up less space than others when downloading, and for allowing people to download batches of anime. However, the site has been shut down before. It is run by a relatively small team, which occasionally results in service interruptions.


  • Browse various types of anime

  • Download multiple things simultaneously

  • Telegram channel provides updates on the site


  • Main site has been shut down before

  • Site is heavily reliant on a single owner, who has been in and out of the hospital, creating some uncertainty

  • Some users have reported being served ads containing viruses

Also known as GoGoAnime, Anitaku is a frequently used site for watching and downloading anime shows. It has subs, dubs, and anime produced in China. The site has an extensive list of genre tags, allowing users to browse the type of anime they want to watch.

Choose from popular genres like action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy, or dive deeper into the unique world of anime with genres like isekai, josei, iyashikei, and more.

Anitaku allows users to create an account. This lets you bookmark anime shows, which makes finding your favorite shows easy. However, like many anime download websites, Anitaku has been taken down and been forced to switch domains multiple times before, which can cause problems with logging in. Additionally, users have reported having to close numerous pop-up ads every time they want to play a new episode.


  • Lots of genres to help you find your new favorite anime

  • Entire section of the site just for anime with a new season out

  • Create an account and bookmark your favorite anime shows


  • Main site has been taken down multiple times before

  • Users have reported the existence of mirror sites attempting to trick users

  • Multiple ads pop up before you can start watching anime

For a straightforward anime download site, try Animepahe. Frequently recommended by seasoned anime lovers, Animepahe has plenty of anime shows available to watch and download.

On the home page, the latest releases are shown. Users can search for an anime, browse anime by title, and see what’s in the queue. That’s it.

Of course, some people might prefer the additional features included in other websites. However, if you just want to find a show and get downloading, Animepahe’s simplicity could be perfect.


  • Hundreds of anime available

  • A “relations” tab tells you what other shows are related to the show you are watching

  • Each anime comes with plenty of information, from a summary to the main themes to external places to watch and more


  • Fake version of the site have been reported

  • No ability to make an account and save shows

  • Website has been taken down previously

Animension welcomes you with a sleek design and intuitive user interface. On the home page, you can browse the most recently uploaded subbed and dubbed anime. You can also check out what shows are popular among watchers right now. A handy list details every single show that is currently airing.

Use the search bar to find a specific anime or browse through the alphabetical list. You can also search by genre. Like some other sites, Animension allows users to create an account.

One fun feature of Animension is the randomizer button. Click on this shuffle feature to be taken to a totally random anime. Who knows, you could find your next favorite!


  • Clean, well-designed user interface

  • See what anime is trending and popular

  • Browse by genre, name, and more


  • High volume of ads

  • Users attempting to download anime have reported being redirected to a site containing viruses and malware

Like many anime download sites, AnimeOut often receives DMCA takedown requests. These requests sometimes force sites to shut down or change to a new domain. AnimeOut has a different approach. AnimeOut has a private mode, which prevents users without an account from accessing the site.

All you have to do to access is create an account. If you support the site on Patreon, you get additional access.

In this case, access means viewing and downloading the hundreds of anime shows and movies available on AnimeOut. You can search, download, and find anime recommendations. A Discord server is also available for support and questions.


  • Mobile app in development

  • Private mode helps avoid site shutdowns and switches

  • Over 1,000 titles available


  • When in private mode, you must have or create an account

  • Site design is less straightforward than other sites

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The large number of anime download websites is great for the anime fan. It might be hard to choose where to download, but remember that there’s no single best site. Consider what you want your viewing and downloading experience to be and select the site that best matches your needs.

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