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What is Udemy?


Udemy is one of the biggest educational marketplaces. It offers more than 100,000 online courses on various topics. Udemy provides video lessons to develop personal and professional skills. Users can find courses in 65+ languages as the instructors come from all around the world. Anyone can create courses on Udemy and teach topics within their area of expertise.

Udemy has dozens of alternatives. In this article, we collected the most popular educational sites like Udemy. You can find free or paid courses with a great variety of subjects to suit your needs.

Udemy: pros and cons


  • Wide range of courses in fields like coding, marketing, design, and more

  • Multilingual support

  • Free courses for everyone to take

  • Affordable paid courses

  • Lifetime access

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • Accessible from any device


  • No official certification for free courses

  • The quality of content can sometimes be questionable

Popular Udemy alternatives


Best for: Learning creative skills

Cost: Has free courses. Paid plan costs $99 per year

Main features:

  • Action-based classes

  • Learning from anywhere with the Skillshare app

One of the Udemy alternatives is Skillshare. It’s a platform for online learning with 26,000+ classes. There are courses in business, technology, design, writing, and more. You can stream classes anywhere with the Skillshare app. Website creators believe that practicing your skills is the key to learning. That’s why most of the classes are action-based.

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Khan Academy

Best for: Getting ready for school

Cost: Free

Main features:

  • Learning dashboard

  • Resources are translated into 36+ languages

  • SAT, Praxis, LSAT test preparation

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides free educational courses to anyone, anywhere. The classes are created by experts and cover science, math, arts, economics, and more. The platform offers tutorial videos and practice exercises. Students have learning dashboards that help them study at their own pace.

Teachers can easily understand when students have issues with a course or are far ahead of the class. Instructors have dashboards to see the whole class performance and individual student’s progress.

All courses are totally free, the platform is supported by donations.

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Best for: Boosting your competence

Cost: Has free courses. The cost of the paid courses vary for each program

Main features:

  • Technology skills development

  • Real-world projects

  • 24/7 support

Udacity is one of the websites like Udemy. This platform provides classes like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, programming, and data science for improving technical skills. Courses are built up by industry experts. Users have a mentor to guide their learning and motivate them. The learning plan is flexible to meet your needs.

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Best for: Learning new tech skills

Cost: Has free courses. The cost of the paid courses vary for each program

Main features:

  • Shareable course certificate

  • Academic and technical support

Similar to Udemy, Coursera offers e-learning courses by world-class professionals. You can find hundreds of free courses as well as paid ones. You can watch video instructions, get homework assignments, and do additional quizzes and projects.

You can choose to complete a Specialization to master a particular skill. Getting a Specialization Certificate will take about 4–6 months. You’ll be fulfilling the tasks based on real business cases.

If you plan to start a new career, Coursera also has you covered. Learn online and get new in-demand skills for less than a year. All the courses are available online. You can schedule your classes yourself.

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Best for: New career opportunities

Cost: Free trial period. Paid plan starts at $19.99 per month

Main features:

  • Access to courses via a mobile app

  • Certificates of course completion

Lynda is a learning platform full of various online courses. You can study video-based courses in design, software development, photography, business, and more. Lynda offers tutorials in 5 languages. Users can study individually and in groups. All the courses are tailored by industry experts.

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Best for: Learning marketing and business development

Cost: Has free courses. Paid plan starts at $15 per user per year

Main features:

  • Creating personalized meeting rooms

  • Cloud-based ecosystem

Similar to other sites like Udemy, Coggno offers thousands of training courses available online. There are free and paid classes. All of them are available on Coggno’s LMS platform. Small and medium businesses as well as global enterprises can take advantage of the training material. Bigger enterprises get reduced prices when purchasing the courses for the company. Coggno provides its users with an Employee Management app to monitor all the courses.

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Best for: Business owners and artists

Cost: Free trial period. An annual subscription is $180

Main features:

  • Celebrity instructors

The Masterclass is an education website, where users can choose the course of their interest. Classes are taught by 65+ instructors, who are mostly celebrities. You can find classes in acting, cooking, creative writing, filmmaking, and music. An average lesson lasts for 20 minutes. The platform is budget-friendly compared to other learning websites.

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Best for: Learning and boosting IT skills

Cost: Free trial period. Paid plan costs $29 per month

Main features:

  • Classes for developing tech skills

  • Offline viewing of courses

  • Practice in real-world projects

Pluralsight is a platform to help you build and improve tech skills like security, data, dev, and IT skills. The website provides courses for both individual learners and large companies. Pluralsight helps to boost your team’s workflow and performance. The app for learning is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers, so you can study anywhere.

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Best for: Learning Python, JavaScript, and more

Cost: Has a free basic plan. Paid plan costs $15.99 per month

Main features:

  • Classes for developing coding skills

  • Quizzes to test knowledge

Codecademy is all about teaching IT skills. Codecademy’s experts have worked out a system to teach their users to create websites and analyze data. There are classes in Web Development, Programming, and Data Science. Any user can learn how to code with the help of the platform. The courses also include practice and assessments.

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Best for: Acquiring expertise in tech skills

Cost: Prices vary for different courses

Main features:

  • 24/7 support

  • Certificates of course completion

Edureka is one of the alternatives to Udemy. It offers a wide range of different courses. Among the top categories, you’ll find Frontend Development, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Software Testing, and more. Users can get help from their personal learning manager. Students can access their courses, quizzes, and assessments and communicate with other learners via the learning platform. When the course is completed, users get a certificate.


Best for: Learning IT, management, languages, and art

Cost: Prices range between $50 and $300

Main features:

  • Collaborative learning

  • Great variety of disciplines

Another Udemy alternative is edX. It was founded by Harvard and MIT and has collaborated with many top universities. You can find more than 2,500 courses to choose from. Topics vary from computer science to art and culture. The platform gives users certificates on the completion of courses. edX is helpful for those who want to get promoted or look for a new job.

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Best for: Finding a new career path

Cost: Free

Main features:

  • Studying anywhere anytime

  • Different programs for different learning purposes

Alison is a free source of online courses. It offers more than 1,000 courses in various subjects. Alison creators believe that education should be affordable for anyone and anywhere. All you need to do to access free courses is to register an account.

Users can choose between three types of courses: Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses, and Learning Paths. Certificate Courses take only 2–3 hours to complete. They help you focus on particular topics in the subject area. Diploma Courses take up to 10 hours. They’re designed to give a comprehensive understanding of the topic. Learning Paths are a combination of classes created to help you study.

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Quick summary

  1. Best for learning programming: Codecademy

  2. Best for business owners and artists: Masterclass

  3. Overall best Udemy alternative: Udacity

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