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10 Great VHS to DVD Converters

Edited by Ben Jacklin
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If you have old analog VHS tapes that you'd like to convert to digital, then you need some kind of hardware to get them from the tape and into your computer or onto a DVD. Thankfully, this is a common need and there are a number of VHS-to-DVD converter machines on the market. Before you head on down to the local Walmart and pick one up, it's good to do some research on which products are worth the money first. The list below will give you some brief reviews of the best equipment for this job. So if you've been wondering how to convert VHS to digital, read on!

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Picking the right VHS to DVD converter machine

Looking over this list of VHS-to-DVD converters and VHD to digital converters should give you a good overview of how to transfer VHS to digital. Once you have an idea of the process, you can decide which of the machines below is best for how you prefer to do things. Since they all work similarly, the best way, ultimately, is the way that you are most comfortable with.

The machines below are all good enough to make it on our list. That means that each of them is going to do a fantastic job with conversions to DVD. Because they are all great, they are presented in no particular order.


Diamond Video Capture VC500 by Diamond Multimedia

This device by Diamond Multimedia works like all other VHS to digital converters do. Plug your camcorder or VCR into this device and connect it to your computer. Then, using the software that comes with the machine, you can begin capturing your video. This particular version comes in two different models, one for Mac and one for Windows. The VC500 also includes free DVD creation software so you can convert your newly transferred digital files into a DVD.


Video Conversion Suite by VIDBOX

The Video Conversion Suite by VIDBOX contains a small device that connects your input source to your computer and a digital key that will allow you to download the required software for either Windows or Mac. It includes step-by-step picture-based instructions to help even the most technically challenged users get up and running. The included software allows you to convert your movies to DVD or several other common file formats, including MPG, MP4, and MOV.


Corsair Elgato VHC to Digital Converter

Corsair's entry into the field is the Elgato video capture device. This device provides fewer options than some of the others to take any of the guesswork out of transferring your files. This is great for people who do not know a lot about the various file formats and which ones may be right for which use. All files will be transferred using the very common H.264 format, which can be used on almost any device. Unlike some of the other options, this one does not come with software for DVD creation.


Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus by Roxio

Roxio is well known for its video software and they bring some of that expertise to their Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus product. After you've connected your input source and your computer to this ultra-compact capture device, you'll be able to edit the video in the included software. Being made by Roxio gives you the advantage of software that will let you make adjustments that go above and beyond simple conversion. Edit the color, remove noise or video shake and add transitions before exporting to the video format of your choice or burning to a DVD.


Video to Digital Converter from ClearClick

If you do not have a computer to connect a converter device to, then the ClearClick Video to Digital Converter is a great option for you. The device is more expensive than some of the other options but includes a screen and video controls built in so you do not need a computer to use it. ClearClick's machine allows you to insert either a USB flash drive or an SD card to transfer the digital files onto so that you can then take them with you for use on anything that will accept the chosen storage type.


Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4)

If you are interested strictly in a VHS-to-DVD conversion and do not have a computer, then this is also a good choice for you. Then Funai's direct VHS-to-DVD burner will allow you to record directly from a VHS videotape onto a blank DVD. This will take many of the customization options that may be available with other options away from you but will provide you with a much more streamlined process that does not require a computer to create or view the videos.


VHS to Digital DVD Converter for Windows

This compact device connects between your input source and your computer to allow you to transfer to video between them. It comes with software that will not only extract the video but allow you to do basic editing on it as well. The converter works on all modern versions of Windows and is one of the least expensive options available.


AVerMedia DVD EZMaker 7

AVerMedia's entry into the converter market is the DVD EZMaker 7. This bridge between your videotape player and your computer has PowerDirector 10 and PowerProducer 5 software bundled with it. The first will allow you to perform extensive editing on your videos before you output them to the final forms. The second will allow you to author and burn the video to DVD or Blu-ray disk. The EZMaker 7 device is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.


DigitNow Video Capture Converter

This is another very affordable option that works with both Windows and Mac, although the company warns that it does not work with OS X versions 10.14 and higher. If you plug in an LP or cassette tape source, the capture tool will automatically identify the track and artist name to save you some time and make the conversion to MP3 go quicker.


Dazzle DVD Recorder – a VHS-to-DVD converter for Windows

The Dazzle DVD Recorder is a Windows-only solution, so Mac users will have to look elsewhere. For those who are running Windows, the software features a video editor that will let you add simple transitions and effects to your video before outputting it. Once you are ready to output the video, you have a variety of advanced output options available, including uploading the video directly to YouTube or Facebook.

Now that you know how to copy VHS to DVDs, you may be wondering what happens if you need to do other sorts of file conversion. How do you go about converting these files into the many file formats that you may need it in? If you need a file converter that does more than the machines above do, we invite you to try Movavi Video Converter. This software will convert to and from all of the most popular formats with an easy to use interface and presets that take the guesswork out of often complicated settings. Best of all, Movavi Video Converter comes with a free trial. It is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

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