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Movavi Affiliate Program for YouTube creators

Why should I become a Movavi affiliate?

Generous commission.

40% of each sale is yours. And we'll be happy to raise it to 50% as your sales grow!

Work one day a month!

There’s very little you need to do. Just make one video that viewers will love, and let the video make your sales. That's all there is to it.

No extra charges.

You have Internet access and a talent for video blogging? Awesome! That's all it takes.


That's how much our affiliates make a month on average, from just 2-3 successful videos.

One billion.

That's right. A billion people use YouTube every month, and it's still growing! If you can make a great video, you'll find your audience!

People love Movavi.

And they buy! There're now more than 4 million Movavi users worldwide and the sales are still increasing! There’s always something new from Movavi – and the old favorites just get better and better.

It's easy to become an affiliate.

We're ready to partner with you and help you make money on YouTube.
The real question is - are YOU ready?


What should my video be like?

Video requirements:

1The video must be about one of Movavi’s software products. Choose one you personally like from this list:

2The video must include a dedicated link to download the software - it can be in the description or in the annotations.

3The video must comply with standard YouTube policies on uploaded videos. Learn more...

4The video must contain only factual information about the Movavi product, plus your personal opinion.

5The video must not be used in a bulk mailing to spam others.

How do I make a video that really pays off?

Check out these useful tips from our most successful affiliates:

7 minutes tops.

YouTubers like it short. A succinct, to-the-point video tends to attract way more viewers than a half-an-hour presentation.

A popular video is an awesome video.

Make the kind of video you'd love to watch yourself! Be creative, improvise, make your video sparkle! Suggestion: Analyze the videos you personally like to watch on the Internet and focus on what makes them so attractive. Then learn to make your own enticing videos by attending a free video blogging course like the YouTube Creator Academy.

Make sure people can find your video!

To avoid your video drowning in a seal of mediocrity, tell YouTube more about your video! Come up with a clear, original title for your piece. Fill the description box with useful information and keywords that will attract viewers to your post; make it as big and comprehensive as possible. This is how YouTube “understands” what your video is about, so it's easier for viewers to find it. Don't forget the tags and other information!

Use Annotations and Cards.

Along with the link in the description, add Annotations and Cards with the link to download the software so more people will follow your link. Learn more about Annotations and Cards.

Add an attractive thumbnail.

Did you know that YouTube lets you customize the video thumbnail? Create an attractive custom thumbnail and replace the default video frame to get more views. Learn more about custom thumbnails.


What type of video should I make?


Comparative Review

Video Tutorial

Your own Movavi creation

More video ideas...

Not sure what to put in your video? We’re always happy to share ideas!
Choose from any of these popular topics:

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  • How to Edit Pictures – Tutorial. Movavi Photo Editor
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Examples of successful videos:

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Screen Capture

Movavi Video Converter

Investing in YouTube pays off. So what are you waiting for?
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