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photo to dvd slideshow
  • Create stunning slideshows in a flash
  • Work with photos on the handy timeline
  • Add transitions, music, titles, and special effects
Turn your digital memories into awesome movies!
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What’s new?


Version 5.3.1

  • Fixed some issues of the last update.


Version 5.3.0

  • Change the clip order in the automatically compiled video by clicking the Shuffle button on the Preview tab of the Slideshow Wizard.
  • Enhanced color adjustment tool.
  • In callouts, you can now change the style of arrows, set their custom length and direction. And they look much better than the arrows we used to have.
  • Drag and drop filters from the Filters collection to several selected clips at once.
  • Eliminated the most common cause for the program to unexpectedly shut down.


Version 5.2.0

  • Combining two or more projects in one is not a dream any more. It's here! Go to “File” – “Append Project” to try it out.
  • Now you can have Pan&Zoom effect added to all clips in both video making modes.
  • Sharing to Vimeo is now also available.
  • Add animation presets as you would add any other file – drag-and-drop them onto the Timeline.
  • Small interface improvements and enhancements to some tools.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.


Version 5.1.0

  • Make objects move on the screen with the new Animation feature.
  • More love and travel themed stickers.
  • The difference between the original image and the image with an applied effect is more noticeable with the new preview picture.
  • General improvements for a better performance.


Version 5.0.1

  • Minor bug fixes and other improvements


Version 5.0

  • Create slideshows even faster with Themes: Family, Birthday, Love Story, Action, and Travel. Each theme has its own transitions, titles, and background music. To create a slideshow, all you need to do is just upload photos and choose a theme – it’s that simple!
  • Extensive collection of intros and outros to make your slideshows really stand out.
  • 3 catchy music tracks: Love Nest, Make a Wish, and Seize the Day.
  • Revamped timeline. Every track is now clearly visible, which makes creating movies much simpler.
  • Thanks to the Fast Track HD technology, working with large files will now results in much fewer freezes and lags.
  • The preview screen now has handy guide lines to help you work with titles, stickers, and other tools more precisely.
  • Redesigned start screen.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.


Version 4.2

  • Transfer your projects to other computers effortlessly! Simply choose the Save Portable Project option in the File menu
  • More export options: adjust video codec settings, video bitrate type and quality
  • The project settings window has been made into a nice and convenient button under the player, where you can change the aspect ratio in just two clicks
  • Fixed an issue with a black bar on some images in the Crop tool
  • Bug fixes and other improvements


Version 4.1

Apr5 2018

Version 4.0

  • Meet the all-new Montage Wizard! It has all the features of the ‘old’ Slideshow Wizard plus some cool new options:
    - Ability to upload videos as well as photos
    - Improved Pan and Zoom effect that automatically removes black sidebars from images
    - A better user interface that lets you create great slideshows even faster
  • More music. We’ve added 10 free music tracks: Bright Future, Discovery, Road Trip, and other themes
  • Support for RAW images. Upload photos from digital cameras in RAW format
  • Step-by-step tips to help you quickly master the main features
  • You can now record audio from microphone even if there are no clips or images on the timeline
  • Changes in working with titles:
    - Edit titles by double-clicking on them in the preview window
    - Save your favorite title settings
    - Faster title adjustment with the new frames in the preview window
    - Edit multiple frames simultaneously
    - Cursor remains visible while you’re editing titles
  • New editing frames for the Pan and Zoom and Crop and Rotate tools
  • Undo and Redo buttons are located on the toolbar to better help you avoid unplanned mistakes and misclicks while editing
  • Context menu for effects collections. To add a filter, transition or title, just right-click it and choose the option you need
  • Add titles and callouts by dragging and dropping them into the preview area
  • Improved program menu:
    - Now you can export video and audio using the Export tab
    - Use the Help tab to see the list of available hotkeys and connect with Movavi communities on social networks to get the latest news on discounts and contests
  • A new, simpler export window has only the settings you need. To access additional parameters, click Advanced
  • Changes in working with transitions:
    - Adding transitions no longer alters the length of the slideshow
    - Choice of three settings for transitions inserted between video clips: trimmed content, freeze-frame, and slow motion
  • Free media files in the program collections can now be downloaded on demand. Download individual videos, audio, or images that you like, or even whole collections, whenever you need them
  • Sample audio tracks now have graphic covers
  • GIF added to supported export formats
  • Ability to create custom Equalizer presets
  • Ability to separate audio from a video file using the context menu
  • Bug fixes and other improvements


Version 3.0.2

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Jan30 2018

Version 3.0.1

  • Minor functional and interface improvements

June28 2017

Version 3.0

  • Auto Pan and Zoom function in the Slideshow wizard – make your slideshows more dynamic
  • Ability to fix horizon levels on photos with precise angle rotation using the Crop and Rotate tool
  • Vertical fill – easily remove black bars around videos and photos
  • Revamped Pan and Zoom tool in full feature mode
  • More cool stuff out of the box:
    - 82 new filters including blurs, vignettes, color filters, light leaks and more
    - 2 new transitions
    - 15 new titles
    - New built-in fonts
    - Speech bubbles, arrows, and shapes for annotating photos
    - 24 creative audio samples
    - 18 music tracks for every project
    - Timer and countdown titles for your videos
  • New audio editing features:
    - Waveform views on audio tracks
    - Volume curves for better volume control
    - Built-in equalizer
    - Noise reduction
    - Audio effects
    - Ability to mute separate clips or entire audio tracks
  • More export options:
    - Upload video slideshows to YouTube
    - Save slideshows in 4K resolution
    - Adapt slideshows for watching on TVs
  • Some improvements for your comfort:
    - Mark your favorite titles, filters, transitions, and callouts for easy access
    - Titles and callouts will save your changes even if you don’t click Apply
    - We've tweaked the Timeline to support touchpad gestures and improved scrolling
    - Detachable player
  • Ability to freely rotate clips on the overlay track
  • Better background removal with the Chroma Key tool
  • New interface language: traditional Chinese
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

May10 2016

Version 2.0

  • Slideshow wizard – create a slideshow with music and fades in just three steps
  • Auto sync function – easily adjust slides to the music tempo
  • Audio beat detection – automatically detect audio beats for easy tempo adjustments
  • Ability to add customizable text titles to slides
  • Collection of creative filters that can be applied to slides and videos
  • New convenient Timeline for organizing clips
  • Improvements in transitions:
    - Set transitions for each individual slide or for the entire slideshow
    - Drag-and-drop transitions onto the Timeline to join clips
    - 19 new transitions: Zoom, Scale, Blinds, Push, Lens, Spiral, Page turn, Roll, Ripple Smooth, Pinwheel, Twist, Disintegrate, Shutter, Cross, Cube, Diffuse, Flash, Pieces, Puzzle
  • Improved audio editing:
    - Add audio anywhere you want
    - Layer and mix audio clips
    - Record a voiceover with your microphone
    - Synchronize audio to slides
    - Easily cut and edit audio clips
  • New editing tools including zoom, crop, chroma key, highlight and conceal, video stabilization, slow motion.
  • Ability to capture video from cameras
  • Sample video, audio, and backgrounds collections
  • Chinese and Korean interface languages

Mar 18 2013

Movavi Slideshow Maker is here!

Movavi Slideshow Maker

With Movavi Slideshow Maker anyone can turn their photo collection into a cool slideshow. Upload photos and video fragments, add music and transitions, and present the result to your friends and family!

  • Edit photos and videos on a storyboard
  • Insert animated transitions between photos
  • Automatically enhance image quality
  • Add your own music or use built-in melodies
  • Save your slideshow in any popular video format
Download NowLearn more about Movavi Slideshow Maker
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