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What’s new?

Feb 28 2019

Version 10.2.0

  • Screen capture
  • Added the ability to turn sound capture (system and/or mic) on and off during the recording
  • Video editing
  • Now you can combine two or more projects in one
  • Added ready-made animation presets for easier object animation
  • General
  • Sharing to Vimeo is now available
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Dec 19 2018

Version 10.1.0

  • Screen capture
  • New Full Screen button. We’ve added a whole button for you to quickly select full screen as capture area
  • Improved preview window. We’ve given our preview window some thought and reorganized the order of editing tools a little bit – some say it’s more convenient now
  • General
  • New name. Look for Movavi Screen Recorder Studio now.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Oct 18 2018

Version 10.0.1

  • General
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Oct 17 2018

Version 10.0.0

  • General
  • Brand new design
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Screen capture
  • Scheduler Mode. Create your own schedule of recordings and capture your screen even if you are away
  • Improved recording frame. Now you can change the capture area by moving the special markers
  • See the recording frame in Full-Screen mode. You’ll always know if recording is in progress
  • Ability to turn the blinking of the recording frame off will make recording more convenient
  • Video editing
  • Portable Projects. Save your video on a flash memory card and continue working on it on another device
  • New Multi-Track Timeline. Add new tracks and re-order them any way you want
  • Intros and Outros. Add animated intros and outros from the ready-to-use list or create your own custom templates
  • Updated Montage Wizard. Save time and create videos automatically with the new sets of themes, titles, and effects
  • Fast Track HD Acceleration. Edit oversized Full HD videos with no freezing
  • New Guide Lines in Preview mode. Precisely positioning titles and effects is now easier

Jun 18 2018

Version 9.5

  • Screen capture
  • Now you can disable hotkeys in the Screen Recorder if they overlap with hotkeys in other programs. This should make the recording process easier
  • We’ve added more export options: adjust video codec settings, video bitrate type and quality
  • Video editing
  • We got rid of the complicated project settings window and replaced it with a single button that lets you change the aspect ratio in a couple of clicks
  • Fixed the issue with a black bar appearing on some images after you’ve cropped them
  • Improved performance for larger projects
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Apr 23 2018

Version 9.4

  • Screen capture
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Video editing
  • Screen Capture Studio now supports effects sets from the Movavi Effects Store
    Learn more about the Movavi Effects Store
  • Ability to upload videos to Google Drive
  • Ability to import RAW-files from digital cameras
  • Ability to record audio from microphone even when the timeline is empty
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Mar 15 2018

Version 9.3

  • Screen capture
  • Improved capture performance with maximum frames per second and fewer artifacts on the recorded videos
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Video editing
  • Added a GIF export preset, so you can save your projects as fun GIF animations
  • You’ll be able to save custom equalizer settings for further use
  • Minor usability improvements
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Feb 15 2018

Version 9.2.1

  • General
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Jan 25 2018

Version 9.2.0

  • Screen capture
  • We've added two new sections to the menu: "Media Files" and "Effects". They contain options that used to be in the "Capture" section, where no one could find them. This should improve your experience or even open a whole new world of our program’s features
  • According to our research, some options in "Preferences" are difficult to understand, so we've added hints! Click question marks near these options to find out what they are
  • On the "Files" tab in "Preferences", you can now set screenshot quality when you choose the JPG format
  • Fixed issue with program crashes when saving into a folder on a disk that lacks space
  • Fixed issue with the minimized recording panel reappearing in a different place from before after you open it again
  • Fixed issue with artifacts appearing on recorded videos when using Intel hardware acceleration
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Video editing
  • New users will be able to download built-in content on demand
  • Added cool thumbnails to help you find the music track you need
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Dec 14 2017

Version 9.0.0

  • General
  • Brand new launcher window: we hope you enjoy the colors
  • Audio capture is back: no need to record your screen when you want to grab sound from your microphone or speakers
  • Video capture is another cool thing available from the launcher: it lets you record just your webcam without the computer screen
  • Usability improvements
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Screen capture
  • Improved capture time setting: timer button and countdown added to the main panel
  • More precise sound adjustment: changing the volume in the program will be audible in the video but won’t affect the master system volume
  • New tutorial pop-up when the capture area is selected
  • Other improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Video editing
  • Montage Wizard: save time by making videos automatically – the program automatically cuts your footage and adjusts visuals to the music track you choose
  • 10 new audio tracks
  • 10 cool stickers to use in your videos
  • Improved export lets you save your videos without fiddling with complicated settings

Jun 27 2017

Version 8.6.0

  • Screen capture
  • Now you can share your recordings on YouTube directly from the program
  • Added the ability to reset the quality settings in the export window
  • New Brush tool in the screenshot editor
  • Countdown time reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Interface improvements: new options arrangement on the General tab; checkboxes have been replaced with radio buttons
  • Improved Capture Time tab: the date box has been replaced by a handy calendar
  • Fixed issue with uploading large files to YouTube over a slow Internet connection
  • Enhanced Copy / Paste tab in the screenshot editor: Copy, Paste, and Cut buttons have been added to the sidebar
  • Other improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Video editing
  • Improved title editing:
    - Double-click a title in the player to start editing
    - Create and save your own title presets
    - Rotate and resize multiple elements in a title at the same time
  • Tutorial pop-ups available in all language versions
  • New handy masks and frames for Titles, Pan & Zoom, Highlight & Conceal, Crop & Rotate

Apr 27 2017

Version 8.4.0

  • Screen capture
  • Export window now includes information about the resolution of recorded video
  • Improved capture area selection under Windows 10
  • Enhanced settings panel in the screenshot editor
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Video editing
  • New settings for the Highlight and Conceal tool: adjust pixelation and feathering, create multiple masks and add outlines
  • New Undo/Redo buttons on the toolbar
  • New context menus for filters, transitions, titles, and callouts: apply a filter to multiple clips at one time, add titles and callouts to the current point in the video
  • Projects can now be opened by dragging and dropping a file onto the program window
  • Titles and callouts can be added by dragging and dropping icons onto the preview window
  • Fade effects for callouts are disabled

Mar 23 2017

Version 8.3.0

  • Screen capture
  • New capture preset added: 1920 x 1080
  • Now you can minimize program window to system tray
  • Hotkeys for capture presets added – you can set your preferences
  • Print Screen now can be used as a hotkey
  • Improved tray menu for easy access to quick presets
  • Improved screenshot editor: draw elements manually, easily resize lines and arrows by pulling on both sides, copy elements that are already drawn
  • Other usability improvements and bug fixes
  • Video editing
  • New sharing option: share your videos on YouTube via the export window
  • Enhanced Timeline workflow: improved horizontal and vertical scrolling
  • Any text you add is now saved automatically, even if you don’t click Apply
  • Other usability improvements and bug fixes

Mar 16 2017

Version 8.2.0

  • Fixed Windows 10 compatibility issues after the recent update

Feb 16 2017

Version 8.1.0

  • Now available in Traditional Chinese
  • Screen capture
  • Repeat last recording right from the launcher
  • Highlight cursor actions without showing the cursor itself
  • Choose the default option for captured screenshots: open in the editor, show in a folder, or copy to the clipboard
  • Choose what to do with the recorded video: preview it or show the file in a folder
  • Progress bar displayed when opening large projects
  • Get sound notifications when export is finished
  • Save screenshots right away without editing them
  • Change screenshot resolution while editing
  • Select any part of a screenshot with the new Lasso and Polygonal Lasso tools
  • Handy new cursor for selecting areas of captured screenshots
  • Improved New Capture button in preview window lets you switch between video and screenshot capture
  • Fixed display issue when working with two monitors
  • Fixed capture issue with high-DPI monitors
  • Other usability improvements and bug fixes
  • Video editing
  • New export tab with special presets for TVs with resolution up to 4K
  • Enhanced Noise Removal tool
  • Easier and more customizable Pan and Zoom
  • Improved music beat detection
  • Improved title and callout performance
  • Other usability improvements and bug fixes

Dec 6 2016

Version 8.0.2

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Dec 2 2016

Version 8.0.1

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Nov 29 2016

Version 8.0.0

  • Screen capture
  • Improved recording area selection: guide lines, magnification, and automatic selection
  • New handy widget for easy access to most important functions
  • All recordings are automatically saved in MKV format
  • Incorporate webcam video while capturing desktop
  • Capture screenshots from video with one click
  • New screenshot editor lets you add explanations with arrows, frames and captions, highlight important elements, and more
  • Save snapshots in any popular graphic format: PNG, JPEG, and others
  • More video editing options: cut unwanted parts from anywhere in your recording
  • Easy access to earlier recordings
  • Shut down or hibernate your PC after scheduled capture
  • New, even more intuitive design
  • Other usability improvements
  • Video editing
  • Edit recordings as separate tracks: adjust system audio and microphone volume separately, move or edit webcam overlay
  • Add callouts and arrows to your recording
  • Easily customizable pan and zoom effect
  • Keyframe animation
  • New stylish transitions, titles, filters, fonts, music, and more
  • Improved audio editing: beat detection and sound enhancement
  • New slideshow creation wizard
  • Reverse effect for video and audio
  • Enhanced stabilization
  • Faster exporting
  • Other usability improvements
  • Other
  • Improved performance while recording with Intel® hardware acceleration
  • High-DPI monitor problem fixed
  • Other bug fixes

Mar 21 2016

Version 7.3.0

  • Now fully localized for China and Korea
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Mar 9 2016

Version 7.2.0

  • Screen recording
  • Support for Chinese and Korean languages in recording app interface
  • Сhoose whether to record all keystrokes or just hotkeys
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Video editing
  • Smoothly fade video and audio tracks in and out
  • Fix shaky footage with the new video stabilization option
  • New collection of sample video footage from VideoBlocks
  • New collection of sample audio files
  • New backgrounds for use with titles and for other purposes
  • Stylish new title selection
  • Chroma key effect moved to Tools tab for easier access and use with Picture in Picture effect
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Dec 11 2015

Version 7.1.0

  • Screen recording
  • Ready-made presets for the latest mobile devices: Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and Grand Prime, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Google Nexus 6, Motorola Moto G and Moto X, Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact, HTC One (M9), LG G4 and G Flex 2, Nook Tablet
  • Improved stability
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Video editing
  • Improved overlay track usability – easier access to 'Picture in picture', 'Side by side', and 'Chroma key' effects
  • Clip properties button added to the toolbar
  • Added option to choose quality level for the output video file
  • Fixed issue with no sound in exported AVI file
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Nov 9 2015

Version 7.0.0

  • Screen recording
  • Smart compression while recording: video files are smaller without impacting picture quality
  • View video file size and length in real time while you’re recording
  • Added a small control panel to the recording frame for easier access to the most-used recording options: pause, resume, stop, and take screenshot
  • Set the approximate required output file size when converting recordings to the desired format
  • View and set the volume for each of your sound input devices individually before you start capturing
  • Added option to start Screen Capture via Windows Startup, so you don’t have to wait for the program to load every time you want to grab video from your screen
  • Set the default format in which to save your screenshots: JPEG, PNG, or any other.
  • Improved recording timer scheduler lets you input the exact times you want your recording to start and finish
  • Video editing
  • Completely redesigned interface gives you the most intuitive editing experience
  • Link audio files and titles to the main video track so they stay in sync with the visuals as you move video clips around the timeline
  • Picture-in-Picture video track for convenient use of Chroma Key, Split Screen, and other effects that require two or more simultaneous video tracks
  • Added four royalty-free stock music pieces to use in your video projects
  • 1.5 times faster export of your videos
  • A brand new collection of cool title styles to complement your visuals
  • Redesigned video and audio capture application
  • Improved stabilization for video export
  • Other
  • Minor usability improvements
  • Other improvements and bug fixes
  • DVD import and burning support has been discontinued
  • Multi-Split and scene detection tools are no longer included
  • Online sharing from Video Editor is no longer supported
  • External effects packs are no longer supported
  • Storyboard Mode is no longer included
  • Export presets can no longer be customized

Jul 23 2015

Version 6.3.0

  • Compatibility with Windows 10

Apr 27 2015

Version 6.2.1

  • Minor bug fixes

Mar 3 2015

Version 6.2

  • Screen recording
  • Option to capture using DirectX
  • Bug fixes
  • Video editing
  • Video stabilization – now you can fix shaky videos
  • New Flying Objects with a romantic theme
  • Ultra HD presets added to project settings
  • Bug fixes and interface improvements

Nov 11 2014

Version 6.1

  • Screen recording
  • Improved capture quality: the default recording format is now the latest MKV!
  • Good news for YouTube fans: now you don’t need to adjust the capture frame manually while recording YouTube clips. Just open the Capture Area and pick one of the ready-made YouTube size presets.
  • New output format: Make viral GIF web bombs with Movavi Screen Capture!
  • More accurate positioning of the capture frame: now you can set the position using keyboard keys
  • Video editing
  • Titling improvements: stylish backgrounds, text rotation, and other creative features
  • 12 new special effects: Slow Motion, Falling Objects, and other exciting transformations for your video
  • New Details option in the My files panel: organize your files using the smart table!
  • New interesting Waterbrush transition

Sep 4 2014

Version 6.0

  • Screen recording
  • Fast-trimming of the recorded videos without opening the video editing app
  • Skype calls recording
  • Recording sounds from multiple audio devices
  • Capturing timer: select the duration, and after right time is gone, the program will automatically finish capturing
  • Flash-saving of the recordings via the new SuperSpeed technology
  • Keyboard actions capturing
  • Improved mouse capturing: highlight the cursor with different colors, set custom click sounds
  • Taking screenshot during the capturing process
  • New stylish interface

Jul21 2014

Version 5.2

  • Video editing
  • Support for MOV files with alpha channel
  • New Mask special effect
  • New Origami transition
  • Opportunity to purchase extra effects and fades expansion packs
  • Subscription to the VideoBlocks service for just $99.95/year. VideoBlocks.com provides stock footage, animated backgrounds, video templates, and other add-in content for your creative projects. Learn more
  • Free extra fonts for video titling
  • Choice of small, medium, and large icons to display your media files
  • Individual icons for each title type
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Mar24 2014

Version 5.1

  • Changes in the Video Editing App:
  • New special effects: Camera Shake, Pan and Zoom, Retro, 70s, Color Brush.
  • New export option – ‘Save as audio file’.
  • "New" label highlights all recently added effects and transitions.
  • Demo preview of animated effects.
  • Video length displayed in Storyboard mode.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Dec 10 2013

Version 5.0

  • Video editing
  • New effects, titles and transitions for your video.
  • Useful tips and links to detailed how-to instructions for the Titles, Effects, and Transitions collections.
  • Support for PNG images with transparent background. Adding logos and new details to your video has never been easier!
  • Improved video splitting tool. Now you can mark the unwanted parts of your video when watching it.

Oct 8 2012

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi brings you a comprehensive screencasting toolkit that has everything you need for PC screen recording and editing. Capture your screen the way you want thanks to the clear intuitive interface, then edit your recordings to turn them into complete video clips with titles, transitions, and additional audio tracks.

  • Capture screen video at up to 60 fps
  • Record desktop, apps, web browsers, and games
  • Customized capture modes
  • Advanced video editor
  • Save videos in most popular video formats
Download for FreeLearn more about Movavi Screen Capture Studio
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