What’s new in Movavi Video Suite

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Version 23.2.1

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 23.2.0

    Video editing

  • New project format – .mepj. Projects open and save faster. Your old projects also open with no problems.
  • You can now download all intros at once. No more one-by-one downloading!
  • Video Editor no longer freezes during autosave. Edit videos at your own pace while all the changes are saved in the background.
  • The program opens up to 30% faster.
  • The program no longer shuts down while opening large projects.
  • Reduced RAM usage while adding files on the timeline and exporting.
  • Effects packs no longer disappear after reinstalling Video Editor.
  • Packs elements are displayed correctly, so creating videos is even easier!
  • Screen recording

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Video conversion

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 23.0.1


  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 23


    New in this release

  • Window resizing. Resize the app window however you want. Create your own space and make your video experiments even easier to play around with.
  • Video editing

  • AI background removal. Use the power of the AI to instantly swap backgrounds in your vacation videos with no green screens. Drop in a new vibrant scene and get ready for an avalanche of likes on TikTok!
  • AI noise removal. Cut through the noise if you partied hard this summer! Remove car, wind, and other uncool sounds from your videos with this new AI-driven audio denoiser.
  • Direct upload to TikTok. Get on the For You page this fall with direct sharing to TikTok. Upload your sunny vids straight from the app and collect tons of views and likes much faster!
  • Extra effects for YouTube. Let your creativity take effect! In addition to the 5 new frames, we’ll give you an exclusive pack of effects for YouTube at no charge – just because we love you. Try them out in your next hit!
  • Other handy tools. Broaden your creative horizons with a few powerful extras: a VHS capture tool, media player, DVD/Blu-ray burner, and a whole bunch of media-editing courses!
  • Screen recorder

  • Drawing shapes on video. Add tidy-looking pointers and other shapes in the middle of your recordings. Guide the viewers’ attention to the parts you want to highlight and get your message across in a most impactful way.
  • Scrolling screenshots. No need to take endless screenshots anymore. Take scrolling screenshots to capture content that doesn't fit on the screen.
  • Video converter

  • AI upscaling. Give what you’ve shot this summer a serious facelift, making your vids’ resolution 8 times better. Treat your followers to more eye candy and show them – in every detail – how hot and sunny it all was!

Version 22.4.1

    Video editing

  • The program will no longer shut down while you’re working with titles.

Version 22.4.0

    Video editing

  • New music. We've expanded our collection of tracks. Now your videos will resonate in a new way.
  • Transitions, intros, titles, stickers – you get everything! Try your preferred effect before you buy – just like in a physical store!
  • Updated symbol for applied effects. Now they are marked on the timeline with an FX icon instead of a star.

Version 22.3.0

    New in this release

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Video editing

  • A new way to track objects using artificial intelligence. Link titles, stickers, or masks to objects in the video. Take your videos to a new level!
  • Screen recording

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Video conversion

  • AI Upscaling is now faster and even more useful! Now you can improve your videos and images by a factor of 4.

Version 22.2.0

    New in this release

  • We’ve made Movavi Video Suite even easier to use! Try our new window resizing feature and optimize your screen space in a snap.
  • Video editing

  • Customize the colors in your video to match your style using our new overlay effects.
  • Screen recording

  • Set the time limit before or during recording. Press the timer button, set the time, and select the action after the recording ends. Simple and convenient!
  • The size of your recordings is now smaller, and the quality is better.
  • Video conversion

  • You can select and extract subtitles again. Note that this feature is in the editing window now.

Version 22.1.0

    New in this release

  • Welcome to a future without passwords! We’re pleased to offer you a simple and secure way to log in using only your email address. All you need to do is request an email with a special link, click on it – and you will be logged in to your account instantly.
  • Video editing

  • Reverberation. New audio tool to make your sound more voluminous.
  • New tab for LUTs in the Color adjustment tool. Add your LUTs and use them in the videos.
  • Screen recording

  • No need to worry about loud neighbors or colleagues any longer! Our new noise reduction feature will help you get rid of extraneous sounds.
  • Forgot to turn the system sound on or disable the mic? Set your sound up during capture using the familiar buttons on the control panel.
  • Video conversion

  • Minor design changes to make the program even more pleasant to work with.

Version 22.0.1


  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 22.0.0


    New in this release

  • You asked, we listened! We're excited to introduce our new light theme, along with a new, smarter, more up-to-date design.
  • Tell us what you're interested in and receive personalized recommendations. Get the best video editing experience with our sets of curated programs, effects, and online courses.
  • Exchanging files between the program and the mobile app is even easier now with the help of our smart solution – Cloud transfer.
  • Now we have live chat support to quickly help you with any technical issue (available to Premium users only).
  • Video editing

  • We’ve added 2 new audio tools to make sound editing easier.
  • Bump up the volume and check out our 3 new audio effects!
  • Our smart auto-correction will help you edit audio with one touch.
  • Screen recorder

  • Now we support Windows 11! Record your screen even on the latest operating system version.
  • We also support widescreen monitors! So don't deny yourself anything and record your screen with high resolution.
  • Video converter

  • New AI Upscaling tool. Now you can improve the quality of your videos using artificial intelligence.

Version 21.4.0

    New In This Release

  • Purchased Effects packs are now activated automatically – just sign into your account after completing your purchase.
  • Video Editing

  • We've improved the export settings and added more options for saving videos.
  • New tooltips provide additional information about individual features.
  • With our new aspect ratio templates it’s easier to create videos for popular social networks.
  • Screen Recording

  • No more doubts as to whether you're recording sound or not! Sound level is now indicated before and during the capture process.
  • We’ve added a little Cogwheel button in the webcam recording window, so the webcam settings are easier to access and faster to use.
  • Video Conversion

  • We've combined the Crop and Rotate tools so you don't have to switch between two tabs to work on similar tasks.
  • Improved cropping tool: the aspect ratio selection is now clearer, and the crop frame adjustment is easier to use.

Version 21.3.0

    New In This Release

  • Fixed an error that occurred when launching PDFChef.
  • Video Editing

  • Speed up the sound while keeping the audio pitch the same – you asked, we listened.
  • Use a hotkey to record a voice-over for your video: set up a microphone and press CTRL + R to start recording.
  • Link titles and stickers to moving objects in your videos. Track motion and apply objects to follow the movements.
  • Make your videos even more impressive with 11 new transitions with sound.
  • Screen Recording

  • Resize and relocate your webcam before recording. There’s no longer any need to record a test – make sure the video looks the way you want in advance!
  • Video Conversion

  • Convert files without acceleration twice as fast now!

Version 21.2.0

    New In This Release

  • Files from your external memory drives won’t be added to the Library to save space on your hard drive.
  • Video Editing

  • Mask or draw attention to objects in motion with the new motion tracking feature in the Highlight and Conceal tool.
  • Screen Recording

  • Minor design changes to make the program even more pleasant to work with.
  • Video Conversion

  • Updated the Compress File button – now the compression tool is easier to find!
  • The new Apply button in the quality settings window will help you ensure all your changes are saved.

Version 21.1.0

    Video Editing

  • 13 new stylish transitions for spectacular videos.
  • HD optimization is now faster.
  • Major Pan and Zoom improvements.
  • Autosaving now works for portable projects as well.
  • Screen Recording

  • Draw and make notes right on your video during recording! Click the pencil tool and mark whatever needs to be marked inside the capture area.
  • “Am I recording the sound?” is hopefully a question you never have to ask again. The sound level is now obvious with the waveform you can see during audio recording (audio only! For now).
  • Fixed sharing .mp3 files to Google Drive. They are uploaded as actual .mp3 files now.
  • Also fixed some other annoying bugs. Most of them made the program crash, so we highly recommend updating this particular time.
  • Video Conversion

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • New In This Release

  • Now you can see how your files are uploaded to external services. You can also share a file link right away.

Version 21.0.1


  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 21.0.0


    New in This Release

  • File library. Add files from your computer so they are always on hand. Easily share files and use them in all the Video Suite applications.
  • Mobile Companion. Upload files to Video Suite library from mobile devices and quickly send your edited videos to your phone.
  • Your Movavi account in Video Suite. View all your purchases and manage subscriptions directly in the program.
  • Movavi Community. Share your videos, participate in contests, and watch useful tutorials.
  • Video Editing

  • Save a snapshot of the player. Create previews for your YouTube videos quickly and easily.
  • High-resolution preview mode. See the final quality of the video while you’re editing it.
  • Switch between clips while previewing and easily navigate around your project.
  • Save your videos with no watermark right after you activate the program – no restart required.
  • Screen Recorder

  • Audio recording tool. Record system sound and mic into an .mp3 file.
  • Webcam recording tool. Like the audio recording tool, no need to record screen anymore if you only need webcam video.
  • Widget management. Choose what you need right on the control panel.
  • Video Converter

  • Selecting files for conversion. Convert only the files you need.
  • Timeline scaling. Scale the timeline for more accurate cuts.
  • Video preview. No need to rewind, just hover the mouse over the timeline and find the frames you want.
  • Precise timing. Set the exact time for a segment to cut.

Version 20.4.1


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 20.4.0

    Launcher Interface

  • Quickly open files from the launcher by dragging them onto a program tile. The program will launch right away with your file already added
  • Video Editing

  • Effect packs collection from the Movavi Effects Store. New effects are available for download right from the editor via the Import tab
  • Now you can edit and save different parts of the project separately
  • The track is highlighted when titles or audio are being added, so you can easily find the track
  • Sleep mode is disabled during audio recording. It will no longer interrupt the process
  • Screen Recorder

  • Yet another improved version of our preview window has seen the light! First things first: it’s redesigned
  • More important news: there’s now a whole library of all your captured files! You can also view files from any folder you like (if we can play the file formats, that is)
  • Every single thing you capture is now saved to one folder, both videos and screenshots. Set up the path on the Files tab in Preferences
  • Improved Cut tool to make sure no unwanted fragments get into your recording and take up your disk space
  • Video Converter

  • We have noted all your wishes and worked hard on the file trimming process
  • Now you can: - cut a file into several segments at once, - convert segments as a single file or separately, - delete, restore, and save segments from a list on the right side of the window
  • And you can see now how much storage space a converted audio file will take. The file size appears in the file quality settings

Version 20.3.0

    Stock Content

  • Download effect packages from the Movavi Effects Store right in the Stock Content section
  • Video Editing

  • Picture in picture and split screen effects moved to the Tools tab
  • Move and zoom in on the clip in the player using the scroll wheel
  • New overlay presets for applying logos and triple split screen to show three clips on the screen at the same time
  • New color picker. Grab the color for the titles right from the player
  • Apply a logo to your video in one click with the new Logo tool

Version 20.2.0

    Video Editing

  • Save a snapshot of the player. Create previews for your YouTube videos quickly and easily
  • High-resolution preview mode. See the final quality of the video while you’re editing it
  • Switch between clips while previewing and easily navigate around your project
  • Save your videos with no watermark right after you activate the program – no restart required
  • Video Conversion

  • Audio compression settings have become closer. Change audio file bitrate right in the file settings in the main window
  • Some fixes for online subtitle search

Version 20.1.0

    Video Editing

  • New title style: add a background to the subtitle and choose the color
  • Add shadows to your text and adjust the effect. Choose the color and intensity of the shadow to create your own title style
  • The program starts up twice as fast
  • Add more files to the Media bin without going to the Import tab. Use the Plus icon at the top of the Media bin to add more files
  • The approximate video size is shown before the export in VBR
  • Fixed some instances in which the Media bin behaved incorrectly
  • Improved program stability while starting to export and downloading built-in media
  • Screen Recording

  • Share your recordings and screenshots via Skype
  • Upload screenshots online and send to messengers directly from the preview window
  • Other

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 20.0.1

    New in this release

  • A video compression standard H.265 (HEVC) is no longer supported
  • Other

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 20.0.0


    Overhauled Launcher

  • A reworked and enhanced interface for the Movavi Video Suite launcher: more stylish and more user-friendly than before
  • Customizable Interface

  • Arrange the program’s functions to your liking: pin the functions you use the most to the quick access board to start working right away
  • Extra Features

  • Stock Content to enhance your videos; Applications to find more useful programs; Online-courses to get more experience in photo and video editing
  • Movavi Spotlight

  • Access our latest news, interesting articles, video tutorials, and sales right from the launcher
  • Redesigned Tools

  • Completely reworked graphics for our main tools: editor, converter, and screen recorder
  • More Video Effects

  • New high-quality effects: parallax, chromatic aberration, glitch, and more
  • User File Organizer

  • Organize your files in the video editor into personal collections, so you can use them in different projects
  • Frame-by-Frame Preview

  • View every frame in your video right on the Timeline for more precise editing
  • More Features for Subtitles

  • Online subtitle searching and advanced editing are now available right in the converter
  • New Conversion Presets

  • More convenient presets for different media formats and devices
  • Screenshot Sharing

  • Share your freshly taken screenshots via Skype, Telegram or WhatsApp
  • Reworked Screen Recording Panel

  • A restructured and enhanced recording panel with greatly improved usability

Version 18.4.0

    Video Editing

  • Don't miss out on fresh packs in Movavi Effects Store, helpful tutorials and other news. Click Notifications at the bottom of the Timeline to see what you can find!
  • Now, when you click on the star icon to look through the effects applied to a clip, it will open a tab where you can remove the effects
  • To remove black bars from several clips at once, select the clips you need and crop only one of them
  • Apply noise reduction, audio effects or equalizer presets to several clips at once
  • Video Conversion

  • The app window now automatically adjusts to 720p and lower-resolution screens
  • You can adjust the quality of your files when converting them to the JPG format
  • An enhanced trimming tool: set the exact time frame of the desired segment, trim away even fractions of a second with new markers
  • Other

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 18.3.1


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 18.3.0

    Video Editing

  • Improved color correction: apply color correction to several clips at once, save your own color correction patterns, adjust the white balance using an eyedropper
  • Drag and drop: now you can apply filters to several selected clips at once
  • Animation: switching between automatic and manual mode on the Animation tab has become more convenient
  • Other

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 18.2.0

    Screen Recording

  • Share on Vimeo right from the program
  • Improvements in working with projects: open your projects with the help of Add Media Files button, unite your projects via Append Project menu
  • Video Conversion

  • Improved recording bar: new design and the ability to turn on/off the microphone or system sound recording during the recording process
  • Other

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 18.1.0

    Video Editing

  • Set markers for all the interesting moments in your video so to quickly return to them later
  • Animate objects in a more simple way – use stock animation presets
  • Uploads to YouTube should now go flawlessly at any time of day
  • Video Conversion

  • Now you can switch between bitrate types: choose VBR (variable bitrate) or CBR (constant bitrate) in the options dialog box
  • Fixed desynchronization of audio and video when using NVIDIA hardware acceleration
  • Other

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 18.0.1


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 17.5.0

    Video Editing

  • Change the aspect ratio of your videos (16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 1:1, custom settings)
  • Additional export settings: set video codec and video bitrate
  • Screen Recording

  • Turn off shortcuts if desired
  • Other

  • Bug fixes and other improvements in the Video Editor and Screen Capture modules

Version 17.4.0

    Video Editing

  • Movavi Effects Store – buy stylish themed sets of filters, transitions, titles, stickers, backgrounds, and music
  • Share on Google Drive right from the program
  • Record from microphone with an empty timeline
  • Video Conversion

  • Save embedded subtitles as a standalone file
  • Other

  • Support for reading RAW files (CR2, NEF, RW2, and many others)
  • Bug fixes and other improvements in the Video Editor, Video Converter, and Screen Capture modules

Version 17.3.0

    Video Editing

  • Export your movies as GIFs
  • Create custom Equalizer presets
  • Detach audio from video files using the context menu
  • Screen Recording

  • Improved capture performance and better-quality footage
  • Video Conversion

  • Convert just a small part of your video to review the conversion quality
  • Other

  • Bug fixes and other improvements in the Video Editor, Video Converter, Screen Capture, and Media Player modules

Version 17.2.1


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 17.2.0

    Video Editing

  • Audio, video, and images in the built-in media collections are now downloadable on demand. You can choose to download just the files you need
  • Other

  • Support for reading video files compressed with the CineForm codec
  • Bug fixes and other improvements in the Video Editor, Video Converter, and Screen Capture modules

Version 17.1.0

    Video Editing

  • Redesigned export window
  • Improved transition handling
  • Screen Recording

  • Improved YouTube sharing
  • Added support for previewing recorded videos without starting the capture process
  • Other

  • Bug fixes and improvements in the Video Editor, Video Converter, and Screen Capture modules

Version 17.0.2


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 17.0.1


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 17.0.0

    Video Editing

  • Create clips with music in 4 easy steps – the program slices your footage automatically
  • Customize your videos with hearts, emojis, masks, hats, glasses, and more
  • Choose from 22 additional pieces of music and 16 stock videos in to add to your projects
  • Apply animation to video clips, titles, callouts, and stickers; change the transparency, rotation angle, or position of objects
  • Screen Recording

  • Open the capture time settings window right from the main program window and track the time remaining before recording starts
  • Video Conversion

  • Convert videos to MP4 and MKV with the H.265 codec on systems with an Intel or NVIDIA graphics card with HEVC technology support
  • Convert files to M4V, MXF, ASF, M4R, M4B, AIFF, AU, MKA, F4A, and AC3 (the last is available only on Windows 8 and later)
  • Convert media for iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, and 12.9, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, LG G6, Sony Xperia X and XZ, Huawei Honor 9; there’s also a special “Ringtone for iPhone” preset
  • Take advantage of new presets for Instagram, as well as higher resolution presets for YouTube and Vimeo; there are also new presets for 4K Ultra HD video conversion
  • Instantly join multiple files in the conversion module without re-encoding or quality loss
  • Save multiple subtitle tracks; external subtitles stored in a folder along with your movie will be automatically added to the converted file
  • Apply the “No audio” option to all video files in the list – this can be very helpful if you often shoot on an action cam and get a lot of ambient noise
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