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how to convert flv to avi

You want to convert FLV to AVI? We have a solution! Use Movavi Video Converter

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How to Convert FLV to AVI and Vice Versa

AVI is the most popular video format around the world. Millions of PC and Mac users save films and clips in this format. But files on YouTube, the world’s most popular video hosting site, are encoded in the FLV format. So if you’ve downloaded your favorite music video or comedy clip from YouTube, you’ll likely need to convert the FLV format to AVI.

To transfer FLV to AVI, use Movavi Video Converter. This useful software is more than just the perfect solution for converting FLV files to AVI, but also a powerful tool to convert any media files including photos and music between 180 formats and save media for more than 200 mobile devices. To convert FLV to AVI, download the converter for Windows or Mac and follow the simple guide below.

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Step 1: Install Movavi Video Converter

Download the video converter from the Movavi website and install it following the on-screen instructions. This fast and easy-to-use software will change video formats from FLV to AVI in just a couple of clicks. You can also extract soundtracks and save them as MP3s, join, trim, and rotate video files.

Step 2: Add a File for Conversion

Step 2 - Open Files in the AVI to FLV Converter

Launch the program and click the Add Video button in the interface. Choose one or several FLV files for conversion to AVI.

Step 3: Choose AVI Format and Settings

Step 3 - Choose the Output Format

Choose the AVI format from the Convert to list by going to Video and audio > AVI. You can choose from a variety of resolution options, but keep in mind that the higher the resolution you set, the larger the output file will be. You can also change advanced format settings such as exact frame size and audio quality for your chosen preset if you like.

Step 4: Convert Your FLV File to AVI and Save It

Step 4 - Convert FLV Files to AVI in Movavi Video Converter

Choose the folder to place the output files in the Destination line and click the Convert button in the right lower corner of the interface. The conversion process may last up to several minutes, depending on the quality and number of files being converted.

When the process is over, the folder containing your new videos in the AVI format will open automatically.

Now you know how to convert an FLV video to AVI. Change the format of your videos in couple of clicks with Movavi Video Converter!

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