How do I convert PNG to JPG or vice versa?

Use the Movavi converter!
  • Lightning-fast conversion
  • Batch processing of files – any number, any size
  • No quality loss, even with 4K videos
  • Easy editing and compression

Download the program and follow the instructions below

How to Convert JPG to PNG and Back

Edited by Ben Jacklin

October 10, 2019

Both PNG and JPG (JPEG) are very popular image formats. Which one is best depends on your goals. PNG uses lossless compression, so it retains the best picture quality. That’s why this format is used for storing high quality photos. JPG uses lossy compression and high compression ratios that make the size of image files significantly smaller while preserving good picture quality. This compression is why you might want a PNG to JPG converter as it will let you free up hard disk space.

There’s no need to use complex graphics software if you have the Movavi Converter! With this app, you can convert PNG to JPG in a couple of minutes. It lets you easily transform large files or convert files in bulk. Changing the format for image files is as easy as 1-2-3 – just download the Windows or Mac version of the program and follow the steps below.

Install the Software on Your Computer

Download the installation file, open it and follow the on-screen instructions. Installation typically takes around half a minute.

Add PNG or JPG Images to the Program

Click the Add Media button, then Add Images and open the files you want to convert. The batch conversion function lets you convert multiple files simultaneously, so there is no need to add and convert files one by one.

Select the Output Format

Go to the Images section and choose the appropriate format for your purposes. If you want to turn PNG to JPG, select JPG, if you want to do the opposite – convert from JPG to PNG – pick PNG.

Convert PNG to JPG

In the Save to field, choose the folder to which you are going to export the converted files or stay with the default Movavi Library folder and transfer the files later if you need to. Then, click the Convert button. The folder containing the converted files will open automatically once the process is complete.

Now you know how to change the image format in just a couple of minutes using our handy media converter. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced user or a newcomer to graphics processing – you can install the software and start converting images right away, no problem.


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PNG vs. JPG Comparison

JPG vs. PNG: which one to choose? If the quality of the picture is important, it is better to store it in PNG since it uses lossless compression and preserves more information than JPG. But sometimes the quality does not matter so much, and you just want to share pictures quickly. In this case, choose JPG – this format is widely supported, and JPG files are easier to upload thanks to the smaller size.

Comparison parameterPNGJPG
File extension.png.jpg, .jpeg, .jif, .jpe, and others
File sizeLargeSmall
Transparency support (Alpha channel)YesNo