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How to edit your footage using the video-editing app for Android

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The high-quality cameras in modern phones let us make videos without carrying separate cameras around. And if you shoot most of your videos with your phone, it’s helpful to be able to edit the footage directly on the phone. In this article, we explain how to edit videos on Android using Movavi Clips. Just download this video-editing app for Android and read our step-by-step instructions.

Step 1. Download Movavi Clips

Go to Google Play and download Movavi Clips. When the installation process is complete, tap the icon to launch the app.

Step 2. Upload your videos

Tap the Plus button at the bottom of the screen and choose Video. On the new screen, select one or more videos and tap Start editing.

On the Choose aspect ratio screen, tap the desired ratio for the video. To keep the current aspect ratio, select the highlighted option.

Step 3. Trim or cut your video

If you want to delete unwanted segments of the video, you can split your footage into multiple parts. To do this, locate the place where you want to make the first cut by scrolling the Timeline. Then tap the Scissors icon.

To delete the part of the video before or after the cut, swipe down on the appropriate part.

To cut out a part in the middle, make a second cut and swipe down on the piece between the cuts.

Step 4. Add filters

Tap Filter on the toolbar. On the new screen, scroll and choose the desired filter. You can see how the filter works in the preview window.

You can also adjust the brightness and saturation of your video manually. To do this, go to the Adjustments tab and select the appropriate option. Drag the slider to adjust the level of the effect. When you’re satisfied, tap Apply.

Step 5. Add music

To add music, tap Audio on the toolbar. In the new screen, scroll the Timeline to locate the place where you want the music to start and tap the Plus icon.

You can add a track from the music collection on your mobile device or use our free tracks. Tap a title to play a track. When you’ve found the right one, tap Add and wait for the track to be added.

If you want to move the track, tap the Move icon and scroll the Timeline to locate the place where you want it to start playing.

If the track runs longer than your video, you can shorten it. To do this, locate the place where you want the music to end and tap the Scissors icon. Then tap the Trash Can icon to delete the unwanted segment.

When everything is ready, tap Apply.

Step 6. Save the video

Tap the Floppy disk icon in the top-right corner.

On the new screen, tap Save. When the processing is complete, the video will be ready for you to use. To share the result on social media directly from the app, tap Share.

Now you know how to use our video-editing program for Android to create complete videos with music and filters right on your phone. Feel free to experiment and explore all the features of Movavi Clips.

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