How to Make a Marketing Video Using Stock Photos

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  1. DownloadDownload Movavi Business Suite
  2. Add media files
  3. Edit your video
  4. Add music
  5. Save your video

How to Make a Video Using Stock Pictures

Video is a great tool for creating marketing campaigns. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a video that helps you promote your company’s products or services and engage with your customers using stock photos. Stock photos are already created, post-edited, and ready-to-use photos taken by professional photographers from around the world. If you need a marketing video, stock photos can really come in handy. All the images have a copyright license and can be used for free. The photos have no watermark, so you can easily add your company’s logo to them.

Movavi Business Suite has an extensive built-in library of stock photos for commercial use. You can make a slideshow or a video using only stock images, then make it unique by adding text, filters, and music. The program gives you unlimited space to let your imagination run wild.

Step 1.Download the Program

First, downloaddownload Movavi Business Suite to your computer and run the installation file. The setup process will take a few minutes, just follow the onscreen instructions. The program opens automatically after the installation process is complete.

Step 2.Add Media Files

In the welcome window, select Edit Video option. Now you can choose photos and videos for your project. To import photos, click Photo library and search for the stock pictures you need for your video. Use keywords in your search to choose appropriate photos from the built-in stock library. Click on the image to download it and drag it to the Timeline.

To add video, click Add Files and upload the video files you want to edit. All the files you choose will be added to the Timeline: you will find the videos and photos on the Video Track. You can make a video using HD stock photos alone or mix them with your own pictures and videos and arrange them as you wish.

Step 3.Edit Your Video

To edit your photos and videos, you can insert transitions, add filters, titles, and logos. To add transitions, click the Transitions tab to see the list of available options. Choose the styles you like and drag them to the Timeline.

To insert titles, click the Titles tab and choose the ones you like from the list. Place them on the Timeline. Titles will appear on the Titles Track. Edit the text by double-clicking on the titles clip.

To add filters, open the Filters tab and select the one you like best. The preview window on the right will help you choose. Apply the filter by dragging it to the photo or video you want to apply it to.

Click the Add Logo tab to add the logo of your company. Choose a PNG image with a watermark from the files on your computer. It will appear on the Overlay Track. Place it on the Timeline so that it will appear either on every photo or video or just on selected ones.

Step 4.Add Music

Click Add Files and select the audio track you want to use, or just drag a music file from your hard drive to the Timeline. The audio will appear on the Audio Track. To trim the audio file, place the red marker at the point where you want to make a cut and click Split. Select the unwanted part of the audio and press the Delete button on your keyboard to remove it.

Step 5.Save Your Video

When you’re done editing, click the Export button. Choose the format and quality for your video, then the filename and the destination folder. Click Start. Wait a couple of minutes and your video will be saved and ready for sharing.


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