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How to Make a Slow Motion Video on Android

Edited by Ben Jacklin

Slow motion is an effect that many movie directors love. It is used to emphasize the drama of a moment or focus the viewer's attention on specific details. Slowing video on a smartphone is also used quite often: videos that use special effects tend to be more popular on social networks. You don’t need any special skills or a professional camera to create stunning effects. Try Movavi Clips – an easy-to-use yet powerful app for your phone. With this program, creating a slow motion video on Android will only take a few minutes. Download Movavi Сlips and check out the benefits!

Step 1. Get Movavi Clips from Google Play

Download our slow motion video app for Android, then run it.

Step 2. Add your video

Right after you open the app, you will see an animated arrow pointing to the Plus icon. Tap this icon and choose Video to upload a video.

Then select the clip you want to slow down and tap Start editing. Specify the aspect ratio. Your clip will be added to the program.

Step 3. Slow down the clip

You can slow down the entire video or just a part of it. To slow down a part of a clip, separate it from the rest of the video first. To do this, pull the video clip along the Timeline so that the vertical marker is at the beginning of the part that you want to slow down. Tap the Scissors icon at the bottom of the screen, then do the same at the end of the segment. Scroll the Timeline so that the desired segment is highlighted in blue, then tap the Speed icon.

In the new window that appears, drag the slider to the left. To slow down the entire video, place the marker at the start of the video, then change the speed of the clip as described above. Then, tap Apply to convert a video to slow motion.

Step 4. Save the result

To save the video, tap the Floppy disk icon. In the new window, tap the Save button. Now you can share your video on Instagram or other social networks.

Now you know how to make a slow motion video on Android with just a few taps. Watch your creation in a video player any time you want, share it with friends, and let Movavi Clips help you create new masterpieces!

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