The Best Tricks for Affiliate Marketers

1. Analyze Your Audience

Your readers’ needs should always be at the forefront. Do some research: why are customers coming to your website, what content do they need and like most, what actions do they take, and what makes them leave your website? If they’ve signed up for a newsletter or followed you on social networks, explore the customer journey to understand what drove them to take these actions. Once you know your customers’ needs, you are in a better position to promote the specific products and services your audience is looking for.

As you push readers to take a specific action, you need to focus on the value your ads deliver. If you're writing about IT, there’s no need to write about the latest fashion trends just because they’re in the news today. Focus on what matters for your customers. The more relevant your ads are, the higher the possibility users will respond to them and want to know more. The idea is not just to promote but to make your website relevant and useful.

Another reason to know your customers is to target your audience more efficiently as you publish ads on different websites.

2. Stay True

On the internet, you can lose credibility in the blink of an eye. If you fail your customers once, you may never gain their full trust again, as they will question your every move. Some will leave and never come back. You need to be very careful to avoid this slippery slope.

Always build your relationships with customers on trust and maintain that trust to hold on to them. You need your visitors to come back to give you linkbacks and recommend your website for valuable content – in other words, they can bring you new customers. But if they have any doubts about your trustworthiness, they will question everything you do, lose trust in your content, and stop spreading the word.

Another hidden pitfall is that you can easily lose your affiliate partners’ trust, too. One mistake can lead to the loss of contracts and business relationships you’ve spent so much time building. Affiliates need to know you’re promoting their products because you value the relationship, not just to make money.

Focus on promoting only those products that add value. Before placing new ads on your website, check all the information to make sure you can fully trust those vendors. A great tip is to start from well-known companies. A good example is Movavi – a software IT-company that develops multimedia products and services for work and entertainment.

Thanks to its popularity and strong position in the market, there’s no need to question the reliability of such a partner. The Movavi affiliate program enables customers to sell Movavi products to their followers and earn commissions from every sale. The high level of transparency can help you build strong relationships with your customers and partners and increase your profits over the long term.

3. Help your customers

To be valuable, content must not just be trustworthy, but also helpful. Use your affiliate ads to resolve complex situations. Before you recommend a product, provide full information about it, so your customers can see exactly it will solve their problems.

If you have case studies about the products you’re promoting, – share them. Personal experience will bring your audience closer and build strong connections between them and your product. The era of SEO texts for search inquiries is long gone – it’s time to focus on your customers’ needs.

4. Be Transparent about Affiliate Relationships

Never underestimate your customers: they recognize affiliate links when they see them. Always be transparent about affiliate ads. Remember: if you’re honest and helpful, your customers will appreciate your efforts and work with you. The reverse is also true: if readers catch you being dishonest, they will leave you and never come back. Which means they won’t recommend your website or bring you new customers.

5. Choose wisely

When it comes to affiliate partners, proceed with caution. Review different affiliate programs and choose the one that most closely fits your needs and expectations, and that can be applied to your products.

Experiment with different types of communications, too: try email newsletters, social media campaigns, subscriptions, banners, and more. A good tactic to engage your readers and stimulate them to make an action is to offer a bonus – for example, a special coupon, promo, or a free trial. Special offers and sales will increase conversion rates and stimulate purchases directly from you while your competitors are promoting full price products. You can find all special promo landings along with basic discount coupon code for 15% off at your account within our platform .

6. Experiment with Affiliate Programs

Another useful tip is to experiment with affiliate programs in the same way that you experiment with different types of ads. Choose the terms of doing business with your affiliate partners wisely. Explore different affiliate programs: if the terms and conditions don’t seem to fit your needs, try one that offers different products and payment methods. Testing various affiliate campaigns is the only way to find the one your readers respond best to – by increasing your sales and conversions.

A great way to find the perfect program is to check if your favorite vendors run their own affiliate program, like Movavi. You can register for our affiliate program here. This enables you to work with the products you love and bring your interests to the marketing affiliate campaign. You can also look for new products and services you can add to your affiliate program case and test if they fit your customers’ needs.

7. Take your time

It’s better to consider affiliate marketing as a long-term effort, meaning you won’t get an instant reward. There are affiliate programs with lifetime payments, meaning you will still get money from your customers, even if they don’t revisit your website. Don’t forget about old posts, either. If you have referral links that are still active, you’ll continue to make a profit from them especially if the product you are promoting has a major updates annually.

As we mentioned before, sometimes you need to try different tactics and different types of affiliate ads. You won’t get the exact return on investment you’re looking for at the very beginning of your marketing campaign. Search for products and services that best meet your customers’ needs.

8. Write Timeless Content

Useful content takes time and effort. It’s better not to waste your time on one-day content that will soon be forgotten and loses its value as soon as the topic disappears from the news. You can indeed attract new customers using popular topics but the question is: will they take a specific action on your website? Will they stay with you after your content disappears from the front page?

Try to create timeless content – content that matters and has value in any circumstance. When it comes to solving your users’ problems, try how-to articles and videos. With this type of content, you can explain to customers how to solve the problem step-by-step using your partners’ products. Constantly update your content to stay current: edit your texts, change videos and images, and search for relevant statistics. A good tip is also to create ‘most recent’ or ‘most popular’ filters, so your customers can see old content on the front page.

Another benefit of timeless content is that it drives traffic for years to come. Meaning it will still bring you new customers, even if you no longer post anything on your website. But the best tactic is to combine old and new content. Remember that even new pieces of content should still be relevant and useful.

You can find timeless content examples at our learning portal.

9. Stay Up To Date

As you try different affiliate programs, remember that you still need to stay up-to-date on the latest affiliate products and campaigns. Keep updated with new services, terms, and partnership conditions. Do some market research from time to time to find new affiliate partners and discover the latest offerings in your professional field.

Even small changes can lead to significant improvements. A good marketer should be always exploring new opportunities and trends while keeping an eye on old content, such as banner placements, styles of content, promo materials, and more. If your website's content is no longer relevant or useful for your customers, you need to either update it or remove it.

10. Remember the Strategy

Always hold on to your affiliate marketing strategy and remember: content comes first. It’s a slippery slope to focus on monetization and forget about the content itself. Customers are savvy. They will leave if you start compromising on the value of your content and providing your audience with irrelevant information.

Remember: your overarching goal is to provide your readers with reliable and useful content that meets their needs. Without it, new readers won’t come, and old customers won’t recommend your website and will leave you. The moment that happens, you risk losing not only your customers' trust but also your reputation. So it's always best to make content strategy your highest priority.