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  1. Click Add Your Media and upload your 3GPP file.

  2. Make sure that the output format is set to MOV.

  3. Click Convert.

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How to convert 3GPP to MOV using Movavi Converter

If you need to convert multiple files or your file is too large for the online converter, try the desktop alternative. The Movavi converter is a versatile audio, video, and image format changer. It deals with over 180 file formats, can convert files in bulk quickly, with high output quality and resolution. Its SuperSpeed mode gives you the fastest conversion speed and no quality loss. It has versions for both Windows PC and Mac and is really lightweight, allowing you to process photos, movies, and music files even on a weak computer.

How to convert 3GPP to MOV fast and easy? Read the guide below to find out!

Step 1. Download and install the Movavi converter

How to use a file converter? First, download the version of the software for Microsoft Windows or Macintosh, launch it, and proceed following the on-screen instructions. When the app is installed to your computer, it will run automatically.

Step 2. Add your 3GPP files

Locate the 3GPP files you want to convert and drag-and-drop them into the program’s window. The application can convert big batches of files – there’s no limit to how many files you can transfer at once.

Step 3. Select MOV as the output format

In the Formats menu, select the file type you want to turn your media into and choose the target format for the files. Also, you can change the conversion settings: choose a different bitrate, resolution (including HD, Ultra HD, and even 4K), codec, etc. Pay attention to the SuperSpeed label: it indicates that the conversion will be performed with a very high speed and without losing quality.

Step 4. Convert 3GPP to MOV

To specify the output folder, click the Save to button. Hit the Convert button to launch the process. When the converting is done, the new media files will be saved to the chosen folder.

Now you know how to change the file format using the Movavi converter. WIth this tool, you can also reduce the file size, cut out clips from videos, crop pictures, and create animations from your favorite movies. Get the free trial version and test it out!

The 3GPP file format, originating from the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, is primarily associated with mobile phones. It is a multimedia container format designed for audio and video files on 3G mobile devices. 3GPP files are compact, making them ideal for mobile use, where storage space and bandwidth are often limited. Despite their efficiency in these contexts, 3GPP files are not as widely supported on various devices and platforms, particularly when it comes to high-quality playback or editing.

MOV, on the other hand, is a file format created by Apple. It is the native format for QuickTime media software and is well-known for its high compatibility with Apple devices and software. MOV files are highly versatile, supporting a range of audio and video codecs. They are preferred for their exceptional quality, making them suitable for professional video editing and playback. This format's broad compatibility with editing software and devices, especially in the Apple ecosystem, makes it a favorable choice for many users.

When comparing 3GPP and MOV, it becomes apparent that each has its unique strengths. 3GPP is optimized for mobile platforms, offering compact file sizes, whereas MOV excels in quality and compatibility, particularly in professional settings. The decision to convert 3GPP to MOV hinges on the need for higher quality and broader compatibility.

For those looking to make this conversion, understanding how to convert 3GPP to MOV online can be beneficial. Using Online Video Converter, users can convert 3GPP to MOV online for free. This tool facilitates the conversion process, allowing users to transform their 3GPP files into the more versatile MOV format without any cost. This is especially useful for those who wish to enhance their mobile-recorded videos, making them compatible with a wider range of devices and editing tools.

Online Video Converter provides a convenient platform to convert 3GPP to MOV for free, offering a solution that is both accessible and efficient. The ability to perform these conversions online saves time and eliminates the need for complex software installations. This makes Online Video Converter an ideal choice for those seeking a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to upgrade their mobile videos to a format better suited for high-quality playback and editing.

What is 3GPP?

Full name


Format type


Developed by

Third Generation Partnership Project


A 3GPP format based on the ISO format uses various codecs to store video and audio. Its main purpose is to share videos over the Internet and between multimedia devices. Made for 3G devices, it can be played on computers as well as 4G devices.

File extension


Technical details

3GPP uses H.263 or H.264 for storing video streams and AMR-WB+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, Enhanced aacPlus, AAC-LC, or HE-AAC v1 for audio streams. It can also contain timed text. The use of 3GP files has decreased after modern video formats have been developed to replace it. A 3GP file stores and transfers the most significant bytes first.

Associated programs

Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, VLC, KMPlayer

What is MOV?

Full name

QuickTime Movie

Format type


Developed by



An MOV file is a video file in QuickTime File Format – a file container format created by Apple. The MOV file type is mainly used for playback on Apple devices. You can also play MOV videos on other devices if they support the codecs used in the file. If you’re wondering how to open an MOV file, see the list of associated programs below.

File extension

.mov, .qt

Technical details

MOV files store video, audio, and text data in separate tracks. The video codecs used in MOV files are MPEG-4, H.264, MJPEG, Sorenson 1/3, AIC, ProRes, CineForm, and others. Audio codecs you can find in MOV files include AAC, AC3, MP3, and ALAC. The QuickTime File Format specification served as the basis for the MPEG-4 format.

Associated programs

QuickTime Player, iTunes, VLC, CyberLink PowerDirector, Windows Media Player (version 12), and Roxio Creator.

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