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  1. Click Add Your Media and upload your FLV file.

  2. Make sure that the output format is set to SWF.

  3. Click Convert.

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How to convert FLV to SWF using Movavi Converter

If you need to convert multiple files or your file is too large for the online converter, try the desktop alternative. The Movavi converter is a versatile audio, video, and image format changer. It deals with over 180 file formats, can convert files in bulk quickly, with high output quality and resolution. Its SuperSpeed mode gives you the fastest conversion speed and no quality loss. It has versions for both Windows PC and Mac and is really lightweight, allowing you to process photos, movies, and music files even on a weak computer.

How to convert FLV to SWF fast and easy? Read the guide below to find out!

Step 1. Download and install the Movavi converter

How to use a file converter? First, download the version of the software for Microsoft Windows or Macintosh, launch it, and proceed following the on-screen instructions. When the app is installed to your computer, it will run automatically.

Step 2. Add your FLV files

Locate the FLV files you want to convert and drag-and-drop them into the program’s window. The application can convert big batches of files – there’s no limit to how many files you can transfer at once.

Step 3. Select SWF as the output format

In the Formats menu, select the file type you want to turn your media into and choose the target format for the files. Also, you can change the conversion settings: choose a different bitrate, resolution (including HD, Ultra HD, and even 4K), codec, etc. Pay attention to the SuperSpeed label: it indicates that the conversion will be performed with a very high speed and without losing quality.

Step 4. Convert FLV to SWF

To specify the output folder, click the Save to button. Hit the Convert button to launch the process. When the converting is done, the new media files will be saved to the chosen folder.

Now you know how to change the file format using the Movavi converter. WIth this tool, you can also reduce the file size, cut out clips from videos, crop pictures, and create animations from your favorite movies. Get the free trial version and test it out!

Converting FLV to SWF for free has become increasingly convenient with the advent of online video conversion tools. In the realm of digital transformations, a shining beacon of efficiency emerges: Movavi's Online Video Converter, a silver thread weaving through the labyrinth of multimedia format transitions. With the grace of a magician's wand, it metamorphoses your FLV files, those enigmatic flashes of video, into the vibrant and electrifying SWF format. This alchemical process takes place within the mystic realms of the web, all without exacting a single coin from your purse.

FLV, that sorcerous sorbet known as Flash Video, and SWF, the enigmatic enchantment of Shockwave Flash, stand as twin titans in the world of multimedia. Yet, in the intricate dance of technology, there arise moments when FLV must shed its skin and emerge as SWF, much like a phoenix reborn from its own ashes. SWF files are frequently employed in web applications and animations, rendering them appropriate for web development and interactive content creation. Through the process of converting FLV into SWF, you can guarantee seamless compatibility with web-based platforms and achieve superior playback performance for your multimedia materials.

Using Movavi's Online Video Converter for the FLV to SWF conversion is straightforward. Simply visit their website and upload your FLV file. The converter will then process your file and provide you with the SWF format output. This online tool saves you the trouble of installing software or dealing with complex settings.

Converting FLV to SWF online for free with Movavi's Online Video Converter ensures that you can seamlessly integrate your multimedia content into web applications, websites, and interactive projects. Whether you're a web developer, content creator, or simply looking to make your FLV files more web-friendly, this online tool provides a user-friendly solution for the task.

In conclusion, if you're wondering how to convert FLV to SWF online for free, Movavi's Online Video Converter is a reliable and convenient option that helps you achieve compatibility and versatility with your multimedia content effortlessly.

What is FLV?

Full name

Flash Video

Format type


Developed by

Adobe Systems


The FLV file format was originally created by Macromedia and later developed by Adobe Systems. The FLV format is generally used for streaming video and audio on social networks and streaming platforms like YouTube. If you want to know how to open FLV files and which applications are able to play them, check out the list of associated programs below.

File extension


Technical details

The FLV file type is a container that can store video, audio, text, and metadata. FLV files are encoded with the Sorensen Spark, VP6, Screen Video, and AVC video codecs. As for audio encoding, the FLV container uses MP3, Nellymoser, ADPSM, and AAC. Since FLV is used for web streaming, the listed format specifications are intended to provide smooth video and audio playback.

Associated programs

Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player, VLC, Media Player Classic, and others.

What is SWF?

Full name

Small Web Format

Format type


Developed by

FutureWave Software, later Adobe Systems


SWF stands for Small Web Format and is owned by Adobe. Typically, SWFs are small files containing animated vector graphics data. It can be supplemented with text data and bitmaps. The SWF file type is often used to create banners, animations, and games. You may encounter some difficulties when trying to open SWFs, but browsers that support the Flash extension and the Adobe Flash Player software support playback of these files. Or you can try converting videos from SWF to a more standard format like MP4. To learn how to do this, read the information below.

File extension


Technical details

The SWF file format is a binary multimedia format. Newer versions are capable of rendering text information, including bidirectional, and advanced scripts tagged with DefineFont4. Rich functionality provides support for JPEG images with alpha channel for areas of opacity and anti-aliasing filtering. Programmers can create files with SWF specifications using several Adobe programs, including Flash, Flash Builder, Adobe Animate, and After Effects.

Associated programs

Adobe Flash Player, Adobe After Effects, Mozilla Firefox, and others

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