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  1. Click Add Your Media and upload your QT file.

  2. Make sure that the output format is set to FLV.

  3. Click Convert.

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How to convert QT to FLV using Movavi Converter

If you need to convert multiple files or your file is too large for the online converter, try the desktop alternative. The Movavi converter is a versatile audio, video, and image format changer. It deals with over 180 file formats, can convert files in bulk quickly, with high output quality and resolution. Its SuperSpeed mode gives you the fastest conversion speed and no quality loss. It has versions for both Windows PC and Mac and is really lightweight, allowing you to process photos, movies, and music files even on a weak computer.

How to convert QT to FLV fast and easy? Read the guide below to find out!

Step 1. Download and install the Movavi converter

How to use a file converter? First, download the version of the software for Microsoft Windows or Macintosh, launch it, and proceed following the on-screen instructions. When the app is installed to your computer, it will run automatically.

Step 2. Add your QT files

Locate the QT files you want to convert and drag-and-drop them into the program’s window. The application can convert big batches of files – there’s no limit to how many files you can transfer at once.

Step 3. Select FLV as the output format

In the Formats menu, select the file type you want to turn your media into and choose the target format for the files. Also, you can change the conversion settings: choose a different bitrate, resolution (including HD, Ultra HD, and even 4K), codec, etc. Pay attention to the SuperSpeed label: it indicates that the conversion will be performed with a very high speed and without losing quality.

Step 4. Convert QT to FLV

To specify the output folder, click the Save to button. Hit the Convert button to launch the process. When the converting is done, the new media files will be saved to the chosen folder.

Now you know how to change the file format using the Movavi converter. WIth this tool, you can also reduce the file size, cut out clips from videos, crop pictures, and create animations from your favorite movies. Get the free trial version and test it out!

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In conclusion, if you're in need of a reliable solution to convert QT to FLV for free, Online Video Converter is your go-to tool. It offers a hassle-free experience, ensuring your QuickTime videos are transformed into FLV effortlessly and quickly, making them compatible with a wide range of platforms and devices. Experience the convenience and efficiency of this online converter today!

What is QT?

Full name

QuickTime File Format

Format type


Developed by

Apple Inc.


QT is an extension of the QuickTime File Format (QTFF). QTFF, created by Apple in 1991, is a container format used by Apple’s mobile and desktop devices to store and play videos. Other devices can also play QT videos, if they support the video and audio codecs used by the format.

File extension


Technical details

QT files just like other containers store video, audio and subtitles in separate tracks. The video codecs used in QT files are MPEG-4, H.264, MJPEG, Sorenson 1/3, AIC, ProRes, CineForm, and others. Audio codecs you can find in QT files include MP3, AC3, AAC, and ALAC.

Associated programs

QuickTime Player, VLC, Media Player Classic

What is FLV?

Full name

Flash Video

Format type


Developed by

Adobe Systems


The FLV file format was originally created by Macromedia and later developed by Adobe Systems. The FLV format is generally used for streaming video and audio on social networks and streaming platforms like YouTube. If you want to know how to open FLV files and which applications are able to play them, check out the list of associated programs below.

File extension


Technical details

The FLV file type is a container that can store video, audio, text, and metadata. FLV files are encoded with the Sorensen Spark, VP6, Screen Video, and AVC video codecs. As for audio encoding, the FLV container uses MP3, Nellymoser, ADPSM, and AAC. Since FLV is used for web streaming, the listed format specifications are intended to provide smooth video and audio playback.

Associated programs

Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player, VLC, Media Player Classic, and others.

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