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Online Video Converter is one of the best solutions for anyone looking to convert video to MJPEG format quickly and easily. This free online MJPEG converter allows you to encode your video files into Motion JPEG videos with just a few clicks. Simply upload your video files, choose the output format, and initiate the conversion process. It's fast, efficient, and requires no software installation. And if you're looking for additional features and capabilities, you can also explore the trial desktop version of this MJPEG converter, available for both Windows and Mac users.

What is MJPEG?

Full name

Motion JPEG

Format type


Developed by

Joint Photographic Experts Group


MJPEG, short for Motion JPEG, is a video compression format that stands out for its simplicity and versatility. Unlike other video formats that use complex algorithms to compress video data, MJPEG takes a straightforward approach. It compresses each frame of a video as a separate JPEG image, resulting in excellent image quality with minimal compression artifacts.

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Technical details

One of MJPEG's unique characteristics is its suitability for editing and frame-by-frame analysis. Since each frame is individually compressed, you can easily access and edit specific frames without affecting others, making it a valuable tool for video professionals and enthusiasts. While MJPEG may not be the most space-efficient format due to its frame-by-frame compression, its straightforward encoding and decoding process make it a reliable choice for certain applications, including video surveillance and medical imaging. Its simplicity and quality make MJPEG a format worth considering when precision and ease of editing are top priorities.

Associated programs

Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, VLC, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera

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