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Convert OGM files online for free

This freeware OGM file converter lets you change your video format while keeping the best quality. To convert an OGM file, add it to the online tool, select the output format, and start converting. If you want software that can read video and audio files of most codecs and convert them in batch, download the desktop version of this OGM converter for free on Windows and Mac.

What is OGM?

Full name

Ogg Media

Format type


Developed by

Xiph.Org Foundation


Compressed video file derived in 2002 from the Ogg format. Unlike the original Ogg format, OGM supports video playback. Since the modern version of Ogg supports video stream and subtitles, OGM is now obsolete and no longer developed.

File extension


Technical details

Compressed with OGG Vorbis technology, OGM files contain video, audio, and subtitles that support DirectShow and can be streamed over the internet. OGM video can be lossless or lossy. One of the prominent features of the format is its unlimited size due to the lack of indexing.

Associated programs

MPlayer, VLC

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