What’s New in Movavi Video Editor Plus

Do you have the latest version of Movavi Video Editor Plus? Go to Help > About to check which version of the program you are using. Update regularly to access the newest features and improvements!

Version 2020


    Brand New Design

  • We’ve improved the entire program's interface and given it a sleek new look and color palette. Now it’s a real pleasure to click those buttons, switch between tabs and menus. Just try it.
  • Media Bin

  • Managing your files becomes easier than ever. Now when you add videos or images, they will be stored in your media bin right within the program. The quick access lets you preview, filter and add your files to the timeline at any time.
  • New Built-in Effects

  • You can never have too many special effects. Enjoy the new glitchy and retro filters. Join scenes in a classy way with parallax transitions.
  • Filmstrip

  • Navigating through your videos is also easier. When you add a video to the program, you’ll see it frame by frame on the timeline. This is useful when you need to cut or trim your videos or apply effects at a specific point.

Version 15.4

  • Don't miss out on fresh packs in Movavi Effects Store, helpful tutorials and other news. Click Notifications at the bottom of the Timeline to see what you can find!
  • Now, when you click on the star icon to look through the effects applied to a clip, it will open a tab where you can remove the effects
  • To remove black bars from several clips at once, select the clips you need and crop only one of them
  • Apply noise reduction, audio effects or equalizer presets to several clips at once

Version 15.3.1

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 15.3.0

  • Enhanced automatic color correction: the results are now more visible on images
  • Ability to save a group of color parameters as a preset for later use in multiple projects
  • Ability to apply color adjustments to multiple videos
  • White balance adjustment using the pipette tool
  • Ability to apply filters to multiple clips at once via drag-and-drop
  • Improved callouts: you can now set the style of arrows, adjust their length and direction
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 15.2.0

  • Ability to combine several projects into one
  • Sharing files to Vimeo right from the program
  • Ability to open projects using the Add Media Files button
  • Ability to find missing or replaced project files faster
  • Minor interface improvements
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes

Version 15.1.0

  • Timeline markers: mark interesting moments in your videos, add text comments to markers
  • Handy animation presets in the Animation tab
  • Improved video making algorithm in the Montage Wizard
  • Ability to enable AMD hardware acceleration for faster performance
  • Ability to open Video Editor Plus projects in the standard Video Editor
  • Keyboard shortcuts for some tools now displayed in the toolbar tooltips
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Version 15.0.1

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 14.5.0

  • New export options: ability to select a video codec and ability to choose a video bitrate type and adjust the quality level
  • Ability to choose the aspect ratio for the project with a single button under the player
  • Removal of the Project Settings button from the lower part of the program window
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Version 14.4.1

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 14.4.0

  • Video Editor now supports effects sets from the Movavi Effects Store
  • Ability to upload videos to Google Drive
  • Ability to import RAW-files from digital cameras
  • Ability to record audio from microphone even when the timeline is empty
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Version 14.3.0

  • Video Editor is now optimized for use on 64-bit systems
  • GIF added to export formats
  • Ability to create custom Equalizer presets
  • Ability to separate audio from a video file via the context menu
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Version 14.2.0

  • Free media files from the program collections can now be downloaded on demand. Download individual videos, audio, or images that you like, or even whole collections
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Version 14.1.1

  • Minor functional and interface improvements

Version 14.1.0

  • Redesigned and simplified export window
  • Adding transitions no longer alters the length of the videos
  • Choice of three settings for transitions inserted between video segments: trimmed content, freeze-frame, and slow motion
  • Bug fixes and other improvements
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User interface
Brand new design
Notification center
Multi-track timeline
Maximum number of tracks on the timeline69999
Built-in effects
Intros and outros
Parallax transitions, glitch and retro effects
Other features
Media bin
Effect intensity
Applying audio effects to several clips at once