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Want a free activation key for Movavi Video Editor? You’ve come to the right place! Just complete the following simple tasks and you’ll receive the latest version of the program for free!

For each task you complete, you’ll qualify for a certain percentage discount. Once you reach 100%, you'll get a free activation key for Movavi Video Editor!

Bonus – If you get more than 100%, you’ll get a discount off any other Movavi program as well!



  • Like us on Facebook
  • Share a post from our page Important!

2. Post a link to the product page for one of our programs to your Facebook or Twitter account and tell your friends how great it is in a couple of sentences. Important!

3. If you have a YouTube channel:

  • Subscribe to the Movavi YouTube channel
  • Leave us your comments about two or three videos that you liked
  • Share one of our videos on your preferred social networks Important!

4. Write a review of Movavi Video Editor, Movavi Video Converter, or Movavi Video Suite on Trustpilot (you’ll need to log in via your Facebook account or enter your email address to submit a review).

5. If you have more than 50 subscribers to your YouTube channel, create a video tutorial about one of our programs and post it on YouTube. Your tutorial should have good video and sound quality and not contain advertisements for other programs. In your video, highlight the functionality of the latest version of the program (it’s fine to use a trial version of the program). You can download the latest versions of all our programs at Important!

I’ve completed the tasks. What do I do now?

If you want us to review your tasks, you need to complete the application for a free key (below). Include direct links to your completed tasks (not your social media pages or YouTube channel), the shared and created posts and videos on your page, the videos with comments (include your user name as well), and a link to your video tutorial and review on Trustpilot.

Important! We cannot review applications that include incorrect or broken links.

How do I find direct links?

To find the direct link to a post, click on your post and copy the link that opens in the browser window.

Application for a free key

Send Info

Terms and conditions

Make sure you read the following before you submit your application.

  • Make sure your page is open for public view, otherwise we won’t be able to review your tasks.
  • Any application with incorrect or broken links will not be reviewed. If we can’t get to the page with information using a link you provide, your application will be deemed ineligible.
  • Each completed task gives you a one-time discount. For example, if you create two or more video tutorials, you’ll still get only 70% discount, not 140%!
  • If you complete multiple tasks from the list above, your discounts will be aggregated.
  • If your total discount amounts to more than 100%, you will get a free activation key for Movavi Video Editor and an additional discount on any other Movavi program of your choice.
  • Your application will be reviewed within 15 working days of submission. If you complete the tasks correctly, your free key or discount coupon will be sent to the e-mail address on your application. If you do not receive an answer within 15 working days, please check that your application was completed correctly and resubmit if necessary.
  • Only one application per person is allowed.

Please add this page to your Favorites and send details on what you like, your links and other materials via this form.

We will check your links, articles and tutorials and send you a coupon or activation key in 7 business days.

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