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Save your pc game with Movavi Game Capture

Turning a PC game into a movie with game recording software

If you’re an ace gamer, you should be recording your victories for future generations! Movavi Game Capture will save your PC game missions as breathtaking videos. This simple yet powerful game recorder won't let system slowdowns or blurry graphics spoil the record of your epic battle in “World of Warcraft” or your stunning race to victory in “Gran Turismo”.

Just push the button to start using game recorder

Record your games with the push of a button

Capturing PC games has never been so easy: play the game, press F10, and Movavi game screen recorder will start to capture your gameplay fullscreen at 60 frames per second speed. Then just save it in the video format you like or convert it for your mobile device. Yes, it’s that simple!

Use game recording software and save the result in any video format

Save video in multiple formats. Transfer to mobile devices

Movavi’s game video recorder enables you to not only capture game video and grab game snapshots, screencasts, and full-on videos of your favorite games, but also to save them in any video format you want – including AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, or or mobile device formats. So you will be able to watch your game mastery and show it off to your friends on their iPhone, iPad, Sony PSP, Android smartphones, Microsoft Zune, BlackBerry, or other devices.

Use gameplay recorder and save the result in any audio format

Record video game music and sounds

Movavi Game Capture records all the audio atmosphere of your gaming triumph as well as the video. Use it as a game audio recorder and capture your favorite game themes and sounds to use as your new ring tone or overlay them onto your feature videos! Simply save the recorded fragment as an audio file in MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, or other formats and re-use it however you want. (Just make sure it’s not copyrighted material first).

Record your games and share your triumphs with friends

Share your triumphs – and your skills

Once you’ve captured a mission, quest, level, or race, use Movavi’s game recording software to upload game video footage to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo and show it off to your gaming mates. You can even use the videos to teach less-experienced gamers cool tricks you’ve discovered, or ask others for advice on how to improve your skills.

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*Disclaimer Please be aware that Movavi Game Capture does not allow to capture copy protected videos and audios

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