Add Subtitles to a Video Online

Upload your file here to add captions to the video in your browser.

How to add subtitles to a video for free with Online Video Editor

Upload a video to the online platform

Click the Add Your File button to add the video you want to subtitle. The file should be under 500 MB in size and have one of the following video formats: MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, or WMV. If the video you’re uploading is over an hour long, note that subtitles can be added only to its first hour.

Add subtitles to the video

To embed an SRT file, click Upload SRT. Alternatively, you can caption the video by yourself by setting the timings and typing in the texts into respective fields. You can change the font, size, color, style, and position of the text. If you decide to save the created subtitles separately, click Download SRT, and the file will be saved to your device.

Save your video with subtitles

If you’re happy with what you’ve created, click the Export Result button. Choose the appropriate settings and launch the export.

Why embed subtitles online with this tool?

Adding subtitles simply

It takes just a couple of clicks to embed subtitles with this online video editor.

Your files are safe

The files you upload to the platform cannot be accessed by any third parties. They’re totally secure.

Embedding subtitles online

With the online video editor, you don’t need to install any additional software – you can do all the edits online.

Easy-to-use platform

You don’t need any experience in working with subtitles to operate Online Video Editor. Adding subtitles with it takes just a couple of clicks!

Settings for the subtitles and the video

You can change the size, font, color, style, and position of the subtitles. Also, you can set the resolution of the final video.

Saving the video for free

You can save the final video for free with a watermark or purchase a subscription plan to remove the watermark.