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With this online CAF file converter, you can change your audio formats in just a few clicks. To convert CAF files, add your audio to the format changer and start the conversion. If you want to convert files in batch, download the trial version of our CAF converter for free on Mac and Windows.

What is CAF?

Full name

Core Audio Format

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CAF stands for Core Audio Format, created by Apple in 2005. It’s a container format for storing digital audio. A number of audio-editing applications for iOS and macOS use this file type for their loop and sound effects library. If you want to know how to open and play CAF files, see the associated programs list below.

File extension


Technical details

According to Apple’s specification, CAF format uses 64-bit file offsets, allowing for almost limitless playback time. Older formats such as AIFF and WAV have a 4GB size limit, and this significantly reduces their playback time. CAF can also save recorded audio data without updating the data header’s size field. If the recording is interrupted, this feature may come in handy.

Associated programs

QuickTime Player, GarageBand, Soundtrack Pro, and Logic Studio

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