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This online GSM converter allows you to easily change your file formats into others like MP3 and WAV. To convert GSM files, simply add your audio to the software, and start converting. In turn, if you want a wider array of features, download the desktop version of this GSM conversion tool.

What is GSM?

Full name

GSM Full Rate Audio

Format type


Developed by

European Telecommunications Standards Institute


GSM (Global System for Mobile) is an audio file format created for internet telephony in Europe. The GSM format is used to store recordings of telephone conversations. We’ve provided the specifications below for the GSM file type and a list of programs that can play GSM files.

File extension


Technical details

A GSM file is encoded with a lossy CBR (constant bitrate) codec. Typically, the quality of the audio in a GSM file is 13 Kbps. Still, this bitrate is good enough for voice recordings. We’ve listed some of the programs that support the playback of GSM files below. Refer to this list if you’re not sure how to open this type of audio file.

Associated programs


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