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The days of the long-winded process of writing out captions are probably gone forever. There is a lot of auto captioning software out there that can provide people with a way to automatically create captions. In this guide, we’re exploring the best options for you, as well as their pros and cons.

Comparison table of the best subtitle generators


Main advantages

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Lots of languages, easy to use

A suite of AI tools, social media presets

Easy to generate subtitles. Affordable membership plans

Kapwing is an online suite for editing videos, and it has a number of different tools that people can take advantage of, including auto captions for videos. It is not great for those who want to create captions offline, but has many benefits for those who are happy editing online. It can translate in over 70 languages and the AI driving the captions is pretty reliable, meaning not many edits are required.


  • Translate to many different languages

  • Simple layout


  • Not good for editing offline

  • Free plan is very limited

Zubtitle is auto caption software that has been created for social media. For this reason, it is really simple to use online, and doesn’t require lots of complex tools or knowledge for you to use. There are also some smart templates that people can use when uploading to Instagram or other platforms. Zubtitle has some simple options to add titles, too. Zubtitle also utilizes a lot of AI tools that can help with editing and even generating descriptions.


  • A suite of AI tools

  • Social media presets


  • More expensive than some competitors

Opus Clip is an auto subtitle generator that has a big customer base of podcasters and social media influencers. The main reason for this is the fact that it automatically cuts videos shorter using AI, getting rid of little gaps in talking during a video, for instance, and making it suitable for social media platforms. In the process, Opus Clip also generates subtitles that can be used in a variety of different scenarios. It is a reliable piece of software.


  • Easy to generate subtitles

  • Affordable membership plans


  • No mobile use

Quicc is another simple online tool that has been used by many companies and individual content creators to help with their subtitling and SRT creation. The tool works online, and as well as auto caption generation it has some other features and functions including tagging and summarizing which are powered by AI. This automatic captioning software also gives you a free trial to see if you like their tool and interface.


  • Free trial

  • Automatic tagging


  • No extra editing features

VEED.IO is another tool that is a full suite of editing tools that can be used from within your browser. One of the many tools it has is automatic subtitle generation. People using the software have the choice to edit their video with different fonts and text styles and export the video including the newly-generated captions.

This is a tool that has a few limited features that people can use for free, there’s a chance to see if you are a fan of the tool before you pay for it.


  • Limited free features to use

  • Font styles and text styles


  • Relies on the internet connection

FlexClip is another tool that uses AI for a lot of different video editing purposes and even has things like text-to-speech as part of the suite of tools. This is very useful for content creators, and FlexClip is really simple to use.

There is an option to use it for free, but this is very limited, plus the videos people download when using it for free are not available in HD, so people do need to pay if they want the top features. Fortunately, those that do pay for the software will get some added extras, such as free cloud storage for their videos.


  • Lots of AI tools

  • Video editing templates


  • 4K plan is very expensive

Animaker is known for being a way to generate simple animations, but the makers have gone one step further and helped to turn it into software that can be used for a variety of other uses, including generating subtitles quickly and easily.

The process is simply uploading the video to your account, and there is an automatic system for generating the subtitles. On top of this, the other tools of the software make it really easy to add things like effects and add a little extra to your video, rather than the same boring subtitles everybody else has.


  • Quick and easy generation

  • Options to edit subtitles


  • No free plan

  • No unlimited plan has a range of different tools including audio transcription and subtitles, plus visual tools such as image generators that fall within the monthly membership. There is a free plan that people can use to check out the software and see how well it works and if it does a reliable job. There’s even 1GB of free cloud storage with this. Unlike a lot of other options, also has an option for using it offline, and this means network disruptions are rare.


  • Can be used offline

  • Part of a huge suite of tools


  • Free plan limited to 720p

MixCaptions is focused on captioning and subtitles rather than too many other tools, and this means that users may not get the best value compared to some other options. However, it does a good job of creating reliable captions and has a high level of accuracy. Some users have also reported formatting issues with some of their captions and subtitles and the way they look.


  • Good level of accuracy


  • Some users have had formatting issues

  • Not amazing value

10. CapCut

CapCut is a tool that can be used free of charge, unlike a lot of the others. It does have limited features but these are nowhere near as limited as the competing options. Some people even think that CapCut gives TikTok videos a boost due to the fact they are owned by the same company. CapCut’s synchronizing in particular is very good.


  • Free to use

  • Excellent synchronizing


  • It isn’t the fastest option

Maestra is a great subtitle generator that has a lot of other tools to go with it, including audio and voiceover editing. It has an excellent reputation for the audio side of video editing, and this includes subtitle generation and the caption side of things.

There are loads of different languages available with translation to 125 different options, and there are other tools as well, such as burned-in subtitles. The option to upload videos up to 8 hours long is also a big plus. The pricing structure is pay-as-you-go, which may suit some people but not others, and can work out expensive if you’re doing a lot of editing.


  • Excellent audio editing

  • Over 125 languages


  • Pricing model isn’t ideal for everyone

This is one of many new tools trying to take advantage of AI in interesting ways, especially for video makers. As well as using AI for things like caption generation, you can also use it for some simple edits, descriptions, and even transitions. AI has not taken over video editing just yet, but it is helpful for adding to some modern tools, and this is one that is particularly good for social media platforms. Users can add a few different effects (both audio and video) even if they don’t know about editing, and it is pretty good at automating this.


  • Good for social media

  • Excellent AI tools


  • No free plan

You’ve guessed it, another AI tool, and another one that is absolutely stacked with features including simple online caption and subtitle generation. People can simply upload their videos and relatively quickly get access to the subtitles, synced up with their video. Nova AI also offers other tools, some of which are great for content creators, but like some of the other options it has a more ‘social media’ feel to it, which means that it may not be so good for long-form videos.

A free plan is always welcome but these videos do come watermarked. Like some of the other options, there are also some effects that can be added in a single click, so you don’t have to be a pro to make some cool additions to a video (or add your subtitles).


  • Free plan available

  • Simple to use


  • Free plan is watermarked

Adobe® Premiere® Pro is very popular and high-quality software, which means a variety of different features, including some for subtitles. People who want to use this tool can navigate to Window > Workspace > Captions and then select Transcribe Sequence within Premiere Pro.

The software is expensive to use, of course, and it isn’t aimed at beginners, which means that it can be tough to do things like align the audio. This is really best for people who know what they are doing, and there may also be some manual alterations needed, though it is pretty reliable when it comes to getting the right text. Premiere® Pro is also hefty software that requires a top computer to run at its full potential, something that the average person wanting to add some subtitles may not have at their disposal.


  • Professional and flexible tool

  • Industry standard


  • Expensive

  • Not easy for beginners

You may not be surprised to learn that the biggest video platform in the world has its own way of generating subtitles. The automatic captions feature on YouTube is pretty reliable, and a good option as it is free for those who have an account and upload videos to YouTube.

Even people who upload videos privately can take advantage of this, and download the subtitles for use in other places. One downside is that the accuracy may not be great, of course, this can be increased by introducing better quality audio, but there is the chance that YouTube will get more wrong than many other platforms.


  • Free to use

  • Lots of languages to choose from


  • Not as accurate as some other options

Add subtitles and convert your videos with Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter is a great option for changing the file format of the video in question, and converting it to a file type that you need, and it also has a lot of other tools included. Movavi Video Converter can trim videos as well as adjusting colors and audio. Additionally, it is a way for users to find subtitles online, so if there are existing text files or subtitles for the video, it is easy to add and align them within Movavi Video Converter and export a video with the subtitles ready, improving accessibility.


As AI tools become more prevalent, and many competing auto subtitle generators try to become the best on the market, there are more choices for consumers to make. Whether you’re an editing pro, or you just want something to make your TikTok or Instagram videos a bit more accessible, our list has a subtitle generator that is suitable for your uses.

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