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Edited by Nataly Bogorad

January 23, 2020

The 7 Best Paid and Free Video Ad Makers

If you are contemplating creating a compelling video ad to help market your business, you need a good video ad creator. Read on to discover some of the best pain and free video ad makers.

It's all so easy to record video footage or compile videos nowadays, but putting together a video ad that arrests the interest of the audience and drive traffic to your business requires a lot of consideration. It may sound as if this kind of tasks require a certain level of technical knowledge, but a good video ad making software should make the job easier for you. The best video advertisement maker should avail the necessary tools needed to create video ads for your online advertising.

Here are the 7 Best Video Advertisement Makers

One way to push your business to new heights, create a niche, and wad off stiff competition, is to create engaging video ads for your prospective clients. While some expertise is necessary to produce spectacular video ads, a good video ad making software would be a viable solution for the uninitiated. Different software offer different solutions for video makers, and you may want to consider the following video ad makers for your advertising solutions.

Movavi Business Suite

Whether you are a professional or novice, Movavi Business Suite can meet all your video creation needs. You only need a few minutes to record, cut, apply effects, and add audio to your videos to make a powerful video ad. Here is how this software helps different professionals:


Movavi Business Suite helps teachers to:

  • Record and edit tutorials on any topic covering their area of specialization
  • Make comprehensive how-to videos with arrows, captions, callouts, and any other explanatory materials
  • Create video presentations for students


Marketers can:

  • Add audios and voice commentaries to their presentations
  • Add screen recordings to videos from webcam footage
  • Select from over 200 effects and editing tools


This video ad making software helps developers to:

  • Create exciting presentations of their software using callouts, captions, and a variety of explanatory tools
  • Showcase keyboard and mouse actions relating to their software
  • Record demo videos from the desktop

What about bloggers?

Bloggers can use this software to:

  • Upload videos directly to YouTube
  • Add background music, titles and voiceovers to their videos
  • Edit video footage
  • Include chroma key, slow motion, and picture-in-picture tools

Movavi Business Suite

Ramp up your business productivity

  • Create tutorial, marketing, and commercial videos
  • Convert multimedia files to any popular format
  • Capture screens for demo videos and job interviews
  • Share videos using Movavi Cloud


Quite popular among video ad making people, Biteable offers innovative video ad creation and editing capabilities without clogging your system. This video advertisement maker works online, so you don't have to download it to your local storage.

This free video ad maker opens a whole range possibility for making and editing video ads. It avails lots of templates that you can combine with your footage from digital cameras or its library of music and video clips to make amazing video ads.

Although one version exists as a free video ad maker, you would be better off avoiding it since it has many limitations. To get the best out of this online video ad making software, go for the premium subscriptions. It will cost you, but the benefits will be worth much more than the sacrifice you make when you subscribe to the full-feature premium version.


Another web-based video editing software is Animaker. You can use this online animation program to create videos for education, marketing, business or personal purposes. It has a simple interface, so all you need is to drag and drop items to the timeline. You will also like the many templates available, as well as a library of images, audio tracks and effects which you can add to your video ad to achieve the desired effect.

Animaker also offers a great variety of support materials, such as a quick email response team. The fair amount of free materials and characters also make it one of the best online video creators for both professionals and novices.


This video ad making software offers more than 80 templates to add to your video ad to create a powerful impact on potential clients. The easy to use online video editor allows you to add logos and texts to the video to make an enthralling video.

Since you need plenty of time to attend to other equally important matters of your business, a good video ad making software should only take a few minutes of your time. Wideo fits this bill because it has a simple interface, and many templates to help you create video ads quickly.

This video advertisement maker has the following features:

  • A variety of free pictures and soundtracks to add to your video ads
  • Ability to share videos with a single click, or download it as an MP4 file
  • Many images, backgrounds, music tracks, and animated effects to spice your video ad
  • Allows users to search for additional images from Google


Need a video ad maker optimized for social media and blends seamlessly with your creative? Shakr can help you reach millions of people across the globe through its automated capabilities. This software can also help you stay ahead of the pack because it allows you to create hyper-targeted content suitable for modern day client.

Easy to use and being lightning fast, this application ensures that you spend minimal time combining your video footage and effects to produce a captivating ad for the social media platform. Anyone – whether your social media manager, or just a marketing team member – can use this ad maker to create content that appeals to the individual needs of potential clients.


If you want to create high quality and inspiring video ads for your business or start-up, you can turn to Movidmo. This video ad maker provides an online platform for designing and creating promotional video ads.

Do you wish to create stunning ads to promote an event, business or product? These features of Movidmo should help you to accomplish your promotional mission with the least challenges:

  • Videos and be rectangular or square
  • Ability to add customized branding, messages and styling to your videos
  • A broad range of musical genres and moods in the music library
  • Ability to share project URL with others to gauge their feedback on your video ads
  • Preview of video before posting


A vast majority of your potential clients are on Facebook. The easiest and fastest way to engage them would be creating a moving video ad optimized for Facebook to reach out to them. However, you need a good video ad creator to put together spectacular video ads capable of causing a ripple effect on the social media platform.

Animoto has the following features:

  • Multiple memory styles, color customizations and font libraries
  • Pre-built storyboards for marketing
  • Both landscape and square marketing videos
  • HD 1080p video output
  • Over 3,000 licensed music tracks for commercial use
  • Add dazzle to the videos

These features should help you to design great video ads for your business, and rope in more clients to drive your profits right through the stratosphere.

How to Make a Video Ad

New to the field of video ad making? Well, you can follow these simple steps to create your first video ad using any program:

  • Launch the program
  • Choose a template or start from a scratch
  • Add texts, audio and some effects
  • Export directly to social media or download the finished video ad to your local storage

You need a good video ad maker to create engaging video ads that can add value to your business. Try Movavi Business Suite and explore all the features available to make great ads.


Movavi Business Suite

Ramp up your business productivity

  • Create tutorial, marketing, and commercial videos
  • Convert multimedia files to any popular format
  • Capture screens for demo videos and job interviews
  • Share videos using Movavi Cloud