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You want to create a slideshow? We know how! Use Movavi Video Editor

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How to Create a Slideshow

Movavi Video Editor is a simple program that lets you turn your photo albums into stunning movies. But it’s a lot more than just a cool video slideshow maker – it’s also a powerful tool for creating and editing your own films. With Movavi’s slideshow creator, you can create your own photo show today. To learn how to make a slideshow, just download Movavi Video Editor and follow the simple steps below.

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Step 1: Install the Software and Add Photos

Step 1: add media files you want to see in your slideshow

Install Movavi Video Editor, following the on-screen instructions. Launch the program, click Add Media Files and select the pictures you want to use in your slideshow. All the files you add will be automatically transferred to the Timeline. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop your files into the working area.

Step 2: Arrange Photos and Set Timing

Step 2: Put files in the right order and select duration

After adding the files to the Video Editor timeline, put the photos in the order you want them to appear in your slideshow – just drag the images around on the timeline. Now you can adjust the timing. To change the length of time a slide is displayed, double-click on it and enter the desired duration value in the Duration field as shown in the screen image.

Step 2: Put files in the right order and select duration

You can also set the display duration for all pictures at one time. Just click the Slide button as shown in the screen image and set the desired value in the Image slide duration field.

If you wish, you can improve the quality of your images and even apply special effects to them. For more information about special effects, check our applying effects guide.

Step 3: Add Transitions

Step 3: apply special effects using Fades panel

Continue creating your slideshow by adding stylish transitions between the frames to create a flow for your movie – there are dozens to choose from. Go to the tab shown in the screen image, find the styles you like, and drag-and-drop them onto the working area between the slides. To learn more about adding and editing transitions, read our guide on how to add animated transitions to your video.

Step 4: Add Music and Titles

Step 4: add music and titles to your slideshow in the Media and Titles tab

Once you’ve added and adjusted your transitions, it’s time to add some atmosphere with music. Return to the upper tab on the left, click Add Media Files, and choose the desired music file. It will be added to the timeline automatically.

Finally, add captions and credits to your movie. Click the T-tab on the left to open the list of titles, then drag and drop the one you want onto the timeline. To edit a title, just double-click it on the timeline, then double-click the text box in the Preview Area and enter the text you want to include in your photo slideshow. To change title settings like font, text size, and text color, click the Gearwheels, T, and Pipette buttons above the preview window and specify the parameters. To apply the changes, click Apply.

Step 5: Save Your Slideshow as a Video

Step 5: save your slideshow as a video. Also you can save it for any device you need

To save your slideshow as a video, click Export and select the appropriate option from the tabs at the top of the export window. Choose Save as video or, for example, Save for Android Devices, depending on your planned use for the video. If you want to upload your video to social networks such as YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo, click the For Uploading Online tab and choose the appropriate preset. You can also prepare your slideshow for website publishing by saving it as WebM, MP4 or OGV, since these formats are compatible with HTML5. Once you’ve specified the parameters for saving, click Start.

To burn your slideshow to DVD, use Movavi Video Suite for Windows. This software package includes an application for burning DVD and Blu-ray discs, a powerful video and audio converter, a screen capture app, and more.

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