How to Make a Quiz

  1. Download the program.

  2. Add your video.

  3. Create a quiz.

  4. Save the video.

Create a quiz with Movavi Academic

Edited by Ben Jacklin

An interactive quiz is an entertaining way to learn. Teachers can make a quiz as a part of students’ assessment. It’s easy to track students’ learning progress by creating a quiz and sending it to them. Students can also create a quiz as a fun game for the whole class.

In this article, we’ll explain how to make a quiz in just a few minutes using the Movavi Academic app. You can easily integrate quizzes into educational videos. Questions will appear while viewers are watching a video. The app enables you to add up to 30 questions in one quiz. There are four types of questions to choose from: single choice, multiple choice, open-ended, and true or false. Make your own quiz, save it, and share it online. The quiz creator can opt to receive an email with the results.

Follow the steps below to build an interactive quiz.

Step 1. Download the program

Download Movavi Academic to your computer. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the program.

Step 2. Add your video

Select Edit Video in the welcome window. Click Add Files and choose the video you want to add a quiz to. You can also drag the files to the Timeline from a folder on your computer.

Step 3. Create a quiz

Open the Titles tab and choose Quiz. Drag and drop the Create quiz window on to the Timeline to start making questions.

To change the name of your quiz, click the Edit name button and enter your preferred name. Then choose the Question type and enter a question and its possible answers. To add more answers, enter them into the Add Answer field. Don’t forget to mark the correct answer on the left of the possible answers. Click Add Question to write additional questions.

Click the Preview Quiz button to check what your quiz looks like. When you are done creating your quiz, click Apply. You can add multiple quizzes to your project.

Step 4. Save the video

To save your video with its quiz, click Export. Choose the Save video with a quiz tab.

To save the video on your computer, choose the Computer subtab. Name your file, choose the resolution and the destination folder for the video. If you want to receive the quiz results by email, enter your email address in the box. Click Start.

To upload your video to Movavi Cloud, select the Cloud subtab. Choose the title, resolution, and the folder to save your video to. Click Start to upload the video to the cloud. Wait a couple of minutes. When the uploading is complete, click the Copy button on the right of the link. Click OK. To view previously uploaded videos, click the Recent Links button.

How to make a quiz online

One more way to create a quiz is to use a free online tool – Google Forms. For example, you can make a quiz about yourself and share it.

Go to Google Forms.

Click Plus at the top left to start a new form. Then, open the Settings at the top right. Click the Quizzes tab and choose Make this a quiz. Adjust other quiz settings and click Save. Write the title for your quiz. Type the question and answers. Choose the type of answers. Click the Answer key to mark the correct answers. To add more questions, click Add question. When you are done, click Send. Choose if you want to send the form via email or social media. You can also send out a link to the quiz. You can receive the summaries of all quiz responses.

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