How to Track a Moving Object in a Video

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There’s hardly a video-editing program that doesn’t allow their users to apply motion tracking in video clips. But not all of these programs make the process simple and obvious to users. With Movavi Video Editor, you can track the motion of objects automatically by using its AI-powered tool. Today we’ll take a closer look at the way you can track an image or other clip to a moving object with no profound experience in video editing with Movavi Video Editor.

How to track a moving object in Movavi Video Editor

Step 1. Download and install Movavi Video Editor

Download the latest version of Movavi Video Editor and install it on your Windows or Mac device. The program will open automatically once the installation process is complete.

Step 2. Import your clips to the program

Add your videos to the program by clicking Add Files, or you just drag your footage into the program window. You’ll find the imported videos in the Project files section – drag them onto the Timeline. You can also import ready-to-use video clips from the Sample videos section.

Step 3. Track a moving object with the highlighting tool

Before you use motion tracking, select one of the highlighting tools. Here in this example, we’re using Bright ellipse to track a mysterious creature in the woods. If you want to use the same effect, go to the More tools tab, then in the Highlight and conceal section select Bright ellipse and adjust its size and position.

If you want to use something different, check out the Elements tab for amazing themed stickers and overlays. The process is the same for any element/effect you choose. We’ll proceed with our ellipse.

Now here’s how to track a moving object in a video. While still in your ellipse’s settings window, go to the Motion tracking tab and select one of the three options available: Quick, Precise, or Artificial intelligence. We used the AI feature while creating this guide. Put the frame on the object you want to follow and click Track. You can see the result in the Preview window.

Step 4. Export your video

Once you’re happy with the result, click Export. In the window that appears, you can choose the output format and video quality. Click Start to finish the process.

Now you know how to do motion tracking in videos with Movavi Video Editor! Motion tracking can be challenging, but not with Movavi’s editor. Thanks to its functionality, you can create stunning videos in a snap:

  • Boost your videos with rad transitions, titles, and intros
  • Power up with AI: denoise sound and swap out backgrounds
  • Have a blast with 180+ filters: Glitch, Blur, VHS, and more
  • Amp up your videos with color correction and highlight effects
  • Save at high speed and get ready to collect those likes

Find more stunning effects, stickers, and overlays to use for motion tracking with Movavi’s Effects Store!

Highlighting a moving object is not the only way you can track it. In our Effects Store, you’ll find themed stickers, effects, overlays, and other elements that will bring your video editing to the next level.

Also read our step-by-step guide to tracking a moving object with a sticker!

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