Movie Trailer Maker Online

Use this tool to make movie trailers online.

How to make a movie trailer

Want to make your own movie trailer? Now you can, even if you’ve never done that before. One of the easiest ways to make trailers is to use an online tool offering ready-made templates. Try our movie trailer maker – it’s free and straightforward and works in any browser. There is no need to download sophisticated video-editing software to make video trailers; simply drag and drop your file in the window, and the steps will lead you through the process.

  1. Upload your video fragments and images to the movie trailer maker.
  2. Add and customize titles.
  3. Select a soundtrack from our library.
  4. Export the result: download the video to your computer or upload it directly to YouTube (sign in required).

Useful tips for creating an awesome video trailer

1. Create storyboards

Before you start to actually make your trailer, it is wise to think of which scenes, characters, and audiovisual materials will be included and how the story itself will be presented. Creating storyboards for each scene will help you see the whole picture so that you can make alterations beforehand.

2. Get your audience intrigued

A good movie trailer gives more questions than answers, so you’d want to keep it short and intense. Give some hints and leave your audience wondering what will happen next. You don’t have to reveal your best plot twists right away. Also, it’s best to focus on the main storyline.

3. Dazzle with captivating scenes

Show off the best scenes from the movie. These are likely to vary depending on the genre: a car race for a blockbuster, a love scene for a chick flick, epic landscapes for a fantasy movie. The visual part of your footage has to be on the highest level possible to make your audience want to watch the entire movie.

4. Add subtitles and voice-over

Voice-over is a great means of conveying the main idea of the movie and explaining what’s going on on the screen. Adding subtitles will also help you send an additional message to your audience and will make it more accessible. Don’t overuse text, though – keep your subtitles short and easy to read and understand.

5. Add music and sound effects

It’s hard to overestimate the meaning of music in movies and movie trailers. A well-chosen soundtrack will add to the atmosphere of your video, so choose wisely. The best option is not always obvious – remember how good fighting scenes look with classic music in the background. Of course, instead of composing new pieces for the trailer, you can simply pick a stock soundtrack.