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What’s new?

July 13 2017

Version 17.3.0

  • Support for videos compressed with H.265 on Windows 8 and earlier
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Mar 16 2017

Version 17.2.1

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Dec 14 2016

Version 17.2.0

  • Now available in Traditional Chinese
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Nov 28 2016

Version 17.1.0

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Oct 25 2016

Version 17.0.3

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Oct 13 2016

Version 17.0.2

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Oct 6 2016

Version 17.0.1

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Oct 3 2016

Version 17.0

  • Device detection. Just connect your device to the computer, and the program will suggest the appropriate preset.
  • Easily remove multiple segments from any part of a video file with frame-by-frame precision.
  • Automatic volume level assessment and adjustment recommendations.
  • Make videos shot in poor lighting conditions clearer by eliminating visual noise; remove unwanted background noises in audio.
  • H.265 codec support for Windows 10.
  • AC3 codec support for Windows 8 and later versions.
  • 20+ new video and audio codecs.
  • Presets for over 25 recently released devices from Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, and others.
  • Entirely new, sleek interface.
  • Enhanced footage stabilization thanks to a better algorithm.
  • More options for subtitles. Sync them with video; position them vertically if needed.
  • Multichannel support for the AAC codec.
  • 2x accelerated NVENC conversion.
  • Accelerated VP8 and VP9 codec conversion – up to 2.7 and 3.5 times faster, respectively.

Feb 24 2016

Version 16.2.0

  • Added Chinese and Korean interface languages
  • Minor bug fixes

Dec 14 2015

Version 16.1.0

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Oct 23 2015

Version 16.0.2

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Oct 7 2015

Version 16.0.1

  • Minor bug fixes

Oct 2 2015

Version 16.0

  • Support for NVIDIA NVENC hardware acceleration.
  • Support for more formats and codecs: APNG, Opus, and more.
  • Ready-made presets for the latest mobile devices: Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and Grand Prime, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Google Nexus 6, Motorola Moto G and Moto X, Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact, HTC One (M9), LG G4 and G Flex 2, Nook Tablet.
  • Watch Folder. Specify a folder and all the new files in that folder will be automatically converted to the format of your choice.
  • Video stabilization lets you eliminate jitter from footage – very helpful when processing amateur video.
  • Two-pass encoding. If you want optimal balance between the quality and size of the output video file, enable this option in the preset settings.
  • Save individual frames from any video with a single mouse click.
  • Improved optimization for multi-core processors delivers an additional performance gain of up to 20%.
  • Minor functional and interface improvements.

July 28 2015

Version 15.3.0

  • Compatibility with Windows 10
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Apr 29 2015

Version 15.2.3

  • Improved processing quality for high-resolution and fast-FPS videos
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Mar 25 2015

Version 15.2.2

  • Minor bug fixes

Feb 19 2015

Version 15.2.1

  • Fixed issue with export to iTunes 12

Dec 22 2014

Version 15.2.0

  • Conversion to MOV with MJPEG codec – this format is often used for uploading video to stock websites
  • Option for parallel CPU and NVIDIA CUDA GPU conversion
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

Oct 22 2014

Version 15.1.0

  • Ability to set automatic computer shut down after conversion
  • New preset for iPhone 6 Plus
  • Conversion to MKV with VP9 codec
  • Major bug fixes
  • Various improvements

Aug 7 2014

Version 15.0

  • New editing features

    The new version of Movavi Video Converter offers even more opportunities to edit and improve your video before conversion. You can flip video horizontally or vertically, manually choose crop areas, improve the quality using automatic filters, and overlay text and image watermarks.

  • Extra options for working with sound

    If the sound level in your movie is too low or too high, you can easily fix it: just set the desired volume level before starting the conversion. If your clip has big differences in volume, e.g. very loud music and quiet speech, the new volume normalization feature will come in handy. Note that you can change the sound volume in SuperSpeed mode without re-encoding the video track, and, as a result, almost instantly and without loss of image quality.

    In earlier versions, when converting video with multiple audio tracks, you could only transfer one track to the converted file; now, you can transfer up to 16 tracks (depending on the format you choose). You can transfer audio tracks in SuperSpeed mode without re-converting the video track as well. This feature will be a boon for those using video to study foreign languages.

  • Working with images

    Movavi Video Converter now supports image file conversion. You can convert images in many popular formats into GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and PNG. See the list of supported image formats.

    In addition, you can now convert images to video! Still pictures are transformed into 5-second video fragments as if by magic. You can also join images together, including with video clips.

  • Converting video to GIF

    Animated GIFs are getting more and more popular on the web. Using Movavi Video Converter 15, you can create your own GIF animations from video clips: you can choose between a number of ready-made presets with different image sizes.

  • Improved support for 4K Ultra HD video

    Now you can not only convert 4K Ultra HD files to a lower resolution, but also convert 4K video from one format to another.

  • Support for more formats and codecs

    We’ve implemented conversion to M4A audio format with AAC and ALAC codecs. For WebM format video, we’ve also added support for new codecs: VP7 and VP9 – for reading, and VP9 – for writing.
    See the full list of supported formats and codecs.

  • HTML5 presets

    If you often post videos on your website or blog, you’ve probably heard about HTML5. The challenge with this standard is that you need to upload video in three different formats to your server because different browsers use different formats. In the new “HTML5 Video” preset group, you will find presets for MP4 (H.264), WebM, and OGV formats.

  • Presets for upscaling video

    If you want to watch your family videos on a big screen, you may be disappointed. Old recordings often have relatively low resolution, while modern TVs and monitors support video resolution up to 4K Ultra HD. The device you play the video on will resize the image appropriately, but the quality of the image will likely suffer. To avoid these problems, you can convert your video to a higher resolution using special presets in the latest version of Movavi Video Converter. Thanks to optimally chosen resizing algorithms, the video quality may even improve.

  • New presets for mobile devices

    We are constantly updating the list of supported devices and adding ready-made presets for the latest models. In v15, you will find presets for iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note Pro, HTC One mini 2, LG G3, Nokia Lumia 1520, Sony Xperia Z2, new consoles – PS4 and Xbox One – and many other devices. We’ve also added presets for Lenovo smartphones and tablets, as well as for popular brands of TVs. See the list of supported devices.

  • Extra optimization and greater usability

    Now you can minimize the video converter to the system tray. This reduces the CPU load so that you can continue working in other programs while the conversion is in progress. Additionally, you can always pause the conversion if you need to complete a resource-heavy task and then resume it once the task is complete.

  • Other improvements

    When converting video and audio, meta data (artists, date of shooting, etc.) is automatically transferred from the original to the converted file.
    We’ve also added the ability to choose the encoding when adding subtitles. This can help to avoid problems when adding subtitles with encoding that is different from the system encoding.

See older versions

Version 14.3.1, released: 20 June 2014

  • Easier opening of video files with uncommon extensions
  • Fixed some errors with conversion to MJPEG, WMW2, FLV1, and H.263 codecs
  • Fixed a problem with conversion from AVI with MJPEG codec to MP4 with MPEG-4 codec
  • Fixed a problem with the conversion of some MKV files

Version 14.3.0, released: 25 April 2014

  • New ready-made preset for Samsung GALAXY Note 3
  • Improved DVD functionality
  • Improved usability
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 14.2.0, released: 6 March 2014

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation of video files before converting.
  • Transfer AC3 soundtracks from DVD and video files to the output video without re-encoding.
  • Auto audio codec. When you choose this option, the converter tries to use the same audio codec as in the original video. If it is impossible, the program uses the default codec for the specified format.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 14.1.1, released: 5 February 2014

  • Minor bug fixing

Version 14.1.0, released: 31 January 2014

  • Join multiple video / audio clips into one file
  • Step-by-step hints and tips
  • Minor improvements

Version 14.0.1, released: 15 January 2014

  • Minor bug fixing

Version 14.0.0, released: 2 December 2013

  • Greater stability, efficiency, and speed with the new conversion engine
    Movavi Video Converter 14 uses leading-edge video processing technologies and delivers increased stability, efficiency, and performance. We’ve completely redesigned the conversion engine, giving you an increase in speed of up to 5.4x over the last version.
    Optimization for multi-core processors lets you convert multiple files at one time thanks to load distribution across processor cores. Now conversion requires less computing power, and you can keep working on your computer while the conversion is ongoing.
  • New SuperSpeed conversion mode
    You may frequently find that you only need to change the format of a video without changing any other parameters to make it suitable for your needs. For those users who don’t want to wait hours for the full conversion to finish, we have added the option to change video formats without re-encoding files. The new SuperSpeed conversion is almost instant – up to 79 times faster than traditional conversion methods and lets you preserve the original video quality.
    More info
  • Support for even more formats and codecs
    Movavi Video Converter is acclaimed for its extensive media format support. And now it can handle even more formats and codecs! The list of input formats has been extended with the addition of SWF, RM, and MXF. Plus, now you can convert 4K Ultra HD files. And there’s no longer any need to install additional codec packs – all required codecs are included with the program.
    See the full list of supported formats
  • More ready-made presets for portables
    Save video for the latest devices with a single click: just choose your device from the list of ready-made presets. Support is now included for iPhone 5S and 5C, Samsung GALAXY S4, HTC One and One mini, Motorola Droid Razr HD, Google Nexus 7 and 10, and Nokia Lumia 920.
    Check the complete list of supported devices
  • New smart presets
    You don’t need to adjust video parameters manually to get the best results. The new automatic presets for the most popular formats use optimal parameters automatically, enabling you to preserve maximum video quality. Manual adjustment is still available, and all preset settings have become even easier and intuitive, so you have total control over the end result.
    With the new smart resize options, you can change video resolution and aspect ratio without worrying that your video will be stretched or distorted.
  • Support for multi-channel sound
    Movavi Video Converter 14 supports the creation of video files with multi-channel sound. You can use up to 5.1 sound channels using PCM and Vorbis codecs, as well as preserve any multi-channel sound from the original video and transfer it to the output file without re-compression.
  • Choose subtitles from any video
    Until now, you could only choose subtitles when converting DVD-Video. This option has now been extended to common video files as well.
  • Output video preview
    See how the finished video will look like even before you start the conversion! Switch the built-in player between Input and Output modes to make sure the final video will meet your expectations.
  • Redesigned user interface
    The Converter interface is now even more intuitive and user-friendly. The file list has been significantly improved: now all the information you need about input and output files is right there. If you work with two monitors, you can now unpin the player and move it to the second monitor.

Version 12.3.0, released: 4 April 2013

  • Minor bug fixing

Version 12.2.1, released: 21 January 2013

  • Minor bug fixing

Version 12.2, released: 05 December 2012

  • Support for iTunes 11 added
  • Minor bug fixing

Version 12.1, released: 21 November 2012

  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 12.0.2, released: 17 October 2012

  • Added ASS subtitles support
  • Fixed the issue with MP3 audio playback and conversion
  • Other bugfixes

Version 12.0.1, released: October 1, 2012

Version 12.0, released: September 24, 2012

  • Windows 8 compatible:
    run Movavi on the newest operating system
  • 2D to 3D video conversion
    Convert 2D movies to 3D video for many types of 3D glasses.
  • Presets for cutting-edge devices
    Save video for even the newest tablets and smartphones: iPhone 5 and 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III & Galaxy Note, HTC One X, Sony Xperia S, PlayStation Vita, and more.
  • New format support
    Convert WTV and ProRes video files to different formats
  • Accelerated conversion with Intel®
    Encode video faster using the latest Intel® Quick Sync Video technologies. Optimization for Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs.
  • Multi-touch controls
    Run Movavi Video Converter on your Windows-based tablet or touch-enabled laptop easily with our new multi-touch optimized interface
  • Add subtitles to your video
    Add subtitles in popular caption formats when converting video files or ripping DVDs.
  • Online video: publishing and sharing
    Upload video clips to your Facebook, YouTube and other social network accounts with a single click. Automatically create HTML code to publish video on your blog or website.

Version 11.5.2, released: July 31, 2012

  • Minor bugs are fixed

Version 11.5.1, released: June 14, 2012

  • Minor fixes in Turkish language interface

Version 11.5, released: May 29, 2012

  • Turkish language support added
  • iPad 3 preset added

Version 11.4, released: April 26, 2012

  • Conversion to MKV is improved
  • Minor bugs are fixed

Version 11 Multilanguage, released: September 19, 2011

  • Multilanguage interface: German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, and Polish

Version 11, released August 10, 2011

  • New speed records
  • New input and output formats
  • Audio track selection for MKV, AVI, MP4, MPEG, and WMV
  • Uploading to YouTube and Facebook
  • Creation of HTML pages with your video
  • Automatic conversion of media files
  • DVD chapter conversion
  • Conversion test drive - or what you see is what you get
  • Interface upbeats

Version 10.3.1, released December 29, 2010

  • CLI (command line interface) added
  • Now you can become our fan on Facebook!
  • Minor improvements

Version 10.3, released December 7, 2010

  • New interface language: Polish
  • Minor improvements

Version 10.2, released September 13, 2010

  • Plugin support: Movavi Turbo Plugin, Movavi AutoConverter Plugin
  • Minor GUI improvements

Version 10.1, released August 3, 2010

  • Intel Media Technologies implementation
  • Support for Apple iPhone 4

Version 10, released May 25, 2010

  • Multi-GPU NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology implementation
  • Integration with Windows Explorer
  • Automatic bitrate selection feature
  • Support for cutting-edge portable devices: Google Nexus One, HTC Droid Eris, and more
  • Support for input video with AAC sound
  • Pause/Resume conversion controls
  • Intuitive graphic logos for presets
  • Request feature option

Version 9, released November 24, 2009

  • Standalone Media Player installed together with Movavi Video Converter
  • Up to 5x faster performance thanks to support for NVIDIA® CUDA™
  • New presets ensure support for the latest devices
  • New format presets, including for HD and HQ YouTube Video
  • Automatic Splitting function with By Size/By Duration modes
  • Support for FLV with H.264 codec output format for uploading to video-sharing websites
  • Support for new MKV and AVI with AAC sound, MPEG with MP3 audio input formats
  • Extended post-conversion options now include Shutdown/Hibernate
  • 'Recent' tab with user's most commonly used presets
  • Original/Output Size fields

Version 8.2, released September 1, 2009

  • 130+ supported media formats - including M2T, FLV(H.264) - thanks to our new conversion algorithm
  • Improved DVD conversion with multi-core processor support
  • Improved conversion of AVI with MP3/MP2 sound - no additional codecs required
  • 'Add Folder' option which adds an entire folder to the Source File list
  • Improved MP3 batch conversion with multi-core processor support
  • Improved online video download capabilities
  • Improved file browsing - only media files displayed

Version 8.1, released July 8, 2009

  • Online video download improved
  • MP3 processing improved

Version 8.0, released May 25, 2009

  • New look & feel of user interface
  • Audio format conversion
  • Online video conversion
  • Embedded CD and DVD burner
  • Direct transference of multichannel audio stream
  • Conversion to several formats at a time
  • New output video format: M2T
  • Accelerated conversion speed for H.264 videos

Version 7.1, released February 13, 2009

  • Support for New Audio Formats: FLAC and Monkey's Audio
  • Import Files to iTunes Option (when converting video to the formats supported by Apple devices)

Version 7.0, released November 18, 2008

  • Support for High Definition Video
  • Flash Video Conversion
  • Support for the Latest Formats
  • Customizable Target Quality and File Size
  • Professional Deblocking and Deinterlacing Filters
  • Automatic Shutdown

Version 6.3, released April 10, 2008

  • Processing of AVI, WMA and DVD is improved
  • Minor bugs are fixed

Version 6.2, released March 18, 2008

  • New presets for Archos, Creative ZEN and Blackberry mobile devices are added
  • Minor bugs are fixed

Version 6.1, released February 1, 2008

  • Conversion technology is improved
  • Minor bugs are fixed

Version 6.0, released November 26, 2007

  • Subtitle selection for DVD ripping
  • Editing Tools panel for quick access to all editing features
  • Crop Video
  • Rotate Video
  • Adjust Video with professional filters and effects
  • Add Watermark to add text or logo overlays
  • Up to 3x faster 3GP conversion
  • Improved WMV conversion

Version 5.5, released July 06, 2007

  • A new preset for Apple iPhone (advanced h.264) is added
  • MOD format is added to the list of input formats
  • Minor bugs are fixed

Version 5.4, released May 16, 2007

  • New AVI conversion
  • Spanish, Japanese and French interfaces are added
  • Minor bugs are fixed

Version 5.3, released April, 16, 2007

  • Italian interface is added
  • A ready-made preset for Epson Multimedia Storage is added
  • Conversion of DVD videos is improved

Version 5.2, released April, 9, 2007

  • Russian interface is added
  • Minor bugs are fixed

Version 5.1, released March, 12, 2007

  • Conversion to the FLASH (.flv) format is added
  • Devices and Favorites modes for the output format setting are added
  • Ready-made presets are improved
  • Minor and major bugs fixed
  • Conversion speed accelerated

Version 5.0, released January, 29, 2007

  • Full Vista compatibility
  • The Gallery feature is added
  • Easy and Advanced modes for the output format setting are added
  • Partial convertion feature is added
  • Ready-made presets for mobile devices are improved
  • The ready-made preset for Zune is added
  • Minor and major bugs fixed
  • Conversion speed accelerated
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