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What’s new?

Jul 17 2017

Version 12.5.1

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Jun 9 2017

Version 12.5

  • Improved title editing:
    - Double-click a title in the player to start editing
    - Create and save your own title presets
    - Rotate and resize multiple elements in a title at the same time
  • New handy masks and frames for Titles, Pan & Zoom, Highlight & Conceal, Crop & Rotate
  • Tutorial pop-ups available in all language versions

Apr 12 2017

Version 12.4

  • New settings for the Highlight and Conceal tool: adjust pixelation and feathering, create multiple masks and add outlines
  • New Undo/Redo buttons on the toolbar
  • New context menus for filters, transitions, titles, and callouts: apply a filter to multiple clips at one time, add titles and callouts to the current point in the video
  • Projects can now be opened by dragging and dropping a file onto the program window
  • Titles and callouts can be added by dragging and dropping icons onto the preview window
  • Fade effects for callouts are disabled

Mar 16 2017

Version 12.3.1

  • Fixed Windows 10 compatibility issues after the recent update

Mar 14 2017

Version 12.3

  • New sharing option: share your videos on YouTube via the export window
  • Enhanced Timeline workflow: improved horizontal and vertical scrolling
  • Any text you add is now saved automatically, even if you don’t click Apply
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Feb 6 2017

Version 12.2

  • Added Traditional Chinese localization
  • Improved noise removal algorithm
  • New export presets for viewing videos on a TV (including 4K TV)
  • And many other useful changes

Jan 13 2017

Version 12.1.1

  • Improved title and callout performance
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Nov 25 2016

Version 12.1

  • Easier and more customizable Pan and Zoom
  • Improved music beat detection
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Oct 17 2016

Version 12.0.2

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Oct 06 2016

Version 12.0.1

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Sep26 2016

Version 12.0

  • Meet the shiny new Video Editor 12! We’ve made lots of improvements and added a load of exciting new features. Check them all out right here:
  • New Slideshow Wizard– create slideshows in three easy steps, then automatically sync slide duration with the music
  • Reverse video and audio – make the action in your video go backwards
  • 53 types of callouts – arrows, speech bubbles and other symbols are great for educational videos and presentations
  • 14 new transition presets: Diffuse, Flash, Puzzle, and more
  • 82 new filter presets: Bokeh Blur, Light Leaks, Lens Flare, and more
  • 15 new title presets: Trendy Circle, Studio, Quote, and more
  • 9 new background images
  • 24 new audio samples: Applause, Laughter, Gunshot, and more
  • 18 new audio tracks for different moods
  • New audio editing tools: Equalizer, Normalizer, Noise Removal
  • Audio filters: Robot, Radio, Echo, etc
  • Automatic audio beat detection
  • Mute entire audio tracks or individual clips
  • Fix vertical videos shot with your smartphone – remove black bars in one click
  • Improved Chroma Key and Stabilization tools
  • Rotate video and images to any angle and crop them at the same time
  • Export video in 4K – support for 3840x2160 and 4096x2160 resolutions
  • Modified multimedia engine
  • Bug fixes

Apr 05 2016

Version 11.4.1

  • Minor bugfixing

Mar 16 2016

Version 11.4

  • Chinese and Korean languages added
  • Minor bugfixing

Feb 25 2016

Version 11.3

  • Video stabilization tool added
  • New collection of graphic backgrounds
  • Two new types of titles: Diamond and Ribbon 2
  • New collection of demo video clips from VideoBlocks
  • Improved collection of preinstalled audio clips
  • Chroma Key function was moved to the Tools panel so it can be used together with Picture in Picture function
  • Minor bugfixing

Jan 18 2016

Version 11.2

  • Added ability to fade in and fade out audio and video clips
  • Minor bugfixing

Dec 4 2015

Version 11.1

  • Clip settings button was added to the toolbar
  • Added possibility to choose quality for exported video file
  • Improved usability for overlay track — easier access to 'Picture in picture', 'Side by side' and 'Chroma key' effects
  • Fixed issue with no sound in exported AVI file
  • Other minor improvements and bugfixes

Nov 13 2015

Version 11.0

  • We’ve worked hard and now are ready to present the latest and greatest Video Editor! The design is slick, the interface is optimized, and there’s a new, powerful engine. Take a look at all the new features and improvements:
  • New cool and stylish title packs
  • Stock audio files — ready-made free music for your videos
  • Separate picture-in-picture track — it’s now easier than ever to work with Chroma Key and Split Screen!
  • Link video, audio tracks, and titles together and move them simultaneously on the timeline
  • New video capture module
  • Redesigned interface — more modern and user-friendly
  • Modified engine — more stable performance
  • Quicker file export — 1,5 times faster than before!
  • Edited video files take 1,5 times less space on your hard drive than before. And no loss of quality!

Jul 28 2015

Version 10.3

  • Compatibility with Windows 10
  • Fixed issues with Facebook authentication via Share Online
  • Minor bug fixes

May 25 2015

Version 10.2

  • Integration with Movavi Photo Editor for enhancing photos on the fly
  • Improved automatic slideshow creation
  • Manual clip speed input
  • Clip names on the Timeline are repeated for longer clips
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements

Mar 31 2015

Version 10.1.2

  • Routine bug fixes

Mar 25 2015

Version 10.1.1

  • Integration with Movavi Screen Capture: if it’s installed, you can launch it from right inside the Video Editor
  • Adding watermarks to video is now easier and more intuitive
  • Now you can save audio projects to video formats (output files have a blacked-out screen)
  • Activation dialog has been completely reworked to make the activation process even easier
  • The entire program is now even easier to use and more user-friendly
  • Routine bug fixes

Feb 12 2015

Version 10.1.0

  • Video stabilization. Make shaky video more stable with these simple steps – just upload the clip to the program, and click the Video Stabilization button above the timeline.
  • Surprise your beloved with a beautiful Video Valentine: we’ve added a new collection of Flying Objects with a romantic theme
  • Now you can choose Ultra HD resolution output for your video projects.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Nov 25 2014

Version 10.0.1

  • Meet the improved performance and some minor bugfixes
  • Add the spirit of Christmas to your videos with the special Christmas Flying Objects set:

Oct 23 2014

Movavi Video Editor 10.0 is here:
So Many New Cool Features!

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Enjoy Improved Titling

See how awesome the font arts are in the picture! Good news: with the new Movavi Video Editor 10, you can create all of them yourself! Brush your captions with different colors, rotate captions, create stylish backgrounds and balloons, and much more!

To have a brief instruction on how to use the option you’re interested in, move the slider below.

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How to Work with New Text Features

  • On the Settings panel, go to the Background tab and set the shape, color, and other parameters of the balloon.

  • 1. In the preview window, use the mouse to select the part of the caption you’d like to change

    2. Set the desired font family, size, color, or any other parameters

    Apply as many styles as you want on a single caption piece!

  • In the preview window, left-click and hold the circle above the caption frame. Now move your mouse until you have the appropriate angle. To fix the angle, simply release the mouse button.

Experiment with New Artistic Effects

Visit the Effects collection and check out the items marked with the New tag. You’ll find 9 stunning artistic effects, that are ready to give you a tons fresh ideas for your creativity. The Flying Objects one is must-try: jazz up the image with flying hearts, butterflies, stars, leaves, or other 30+ interesting figures! Check out the preview below to choose the effect you’d like to try first!

Pop Art

Oil Painting

Flying Objects





Glass Mosaic

Lens Flare

Flying Objects

Download Free Trial

Try Hollywood-style Effects

Slow Motion


Explore how it feels like to be a Time Lord with the new Slow Motion effect! Create breathtaking videos and show people things that are hidden from view. For an instruction on how to apply this effect, follow the link.

Turn your photos and videos into the beautiful miniature scenes via the Tilt Shift transformation! More details about this effect you’ll find here.

Auto-deinterlacing for MPEG files

Enjoy smooth high-quality video!

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Organize your Source Files Collection

Working with a large number of media files? The new Details mode on the Media tab is ready to help you manage your files in no time!

Choose this mode to organize all your uploaded files in a smart table where you can always see file details (such as size, duration, modification date, and more) and sort your clips by those details.

Try New Transition - Waterbrush

Check out the demo video to see this animated fade in action!

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See older versions

Version 9.6.2, release date: 11 August 2014

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 9.6.1, release date: 24 July 2014

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 9.6.0, release date: 22 May 2014

  • The program now supports MOV video clips with alpha channel, so you can overlay animated frames and moving objects on your video.
  • Special offer from our partner get unlimited downloads of any content on their site for just $99/year. Download extra content for your video projects: footage, motion backdrops and backgrounds, video templates, and more. More info
  • You can also download extra fonts for Video Editor from our site at absolutely no cost!
  • Now each title type in the collection has its own preview icon.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 9.5.1, release date: 9 April 2014

  • Fixed application launch error for PCs with old OpenGL drivers

Version 9.5.0, release date: 1 April 2014

  • New special effect – Mask
  • New transition – Origami. Check out the video demo of the latest stylish transitions in Movavi Video Editor:
  • Choose between Large, Medium, and Small Icons to display your video files
  • Purchase special effects and fades expansion packs right from inside the Movavi Video Editor program
  • Greater usability
  • Version 9.4.3, release date: 20 February 2014

    • Minor bugfixing

    Version 9.4.2, release date: 12 February 2014

    • Minor bugfixing

    Version 9.4.1, release date: 5 February 2014

    • Minor bugfixing

    Version 9.4, release date: 3 February 2014

    • Three new special effects: Retro, 70s, Color Brush
    • "New" label highlights all recently added effects and transitions
    • Demo preview of animated effects
    • Video length displayed in Storyboard mode

    Version 9.3, release date: 17 January 2014

    • Two new special effects
    • New export option – 'Save as audio file'
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements

    Version 9.2, release date: 11 December 2013

    • 11 new transitions
    • Improved special effect management: now it’s even easier to add, edit, and copy and paste effects from one clip to another
    • Support for PNG images with transparent background
    • CUDA acceleration with Kepler NVIDIA graphic cards
    • Improved stability and usability
    • Minor bugs fixed

    Version 9.1, release date: 1 October 2013

    • It’s now easier to work with effects, titles, and transitions
      Each element of the Effects, Titles and Transitions collection has its own context menu: tune and apply the ones you like in just a few clicks!
    • Tips for effects
      Now the settings panel of each effect displays a short description of how the effect works. Descriptions of the most exciting effects (like Chroma Key, Split Screen and a few others) also include links to detailed instructions on how to apply that effect to your video.
    • Improved titles collection
      Each animated title style now has its own short demo video. Just click the one you’d like to review and enjoy the show on the preview screen – choosing the right text style for your video is easier than ever before!
    • Improved stability
      Some inconsistencies in timeline handling have been resolved.

    Version 9.0.3, release date: 12 September 2013

    • New interface languages added
    • Minor bugfixing

    Version 9.0.2, release date: 17 July 2013

    • Fixed problem with opening saved projects
    • Improved interface localization for English and Russian
    • Minor bugfixes

    Version 9.0.1, release date: 18 June 2013

    • Minor bugfixing

    Version 9.0, release date: 11 June 2013

    • New video splitting tool
      Trim, split, and join videos in a new handy built-in application. Preview and manage scenes on a special board.
      Mark good or bad fragments with Like and Dislike buttons.
    • New artistic visual effects
      Experiment with your video using 10 new special effects: Camera Shake, Inferno, Matrix, Twirl, Particles, Stripes, and more.
    • Split Screen and Zoom effects
      Imitate the camera zoom with a special effect. Show your story from multiple angles: combine up to four videos on one screen.
    • New fades
      Join movie scenes with 10 new stylish animated transitions.
    • Improved titles
      Use text shadows and manage titles in a new way thanks to the improved title menu. Add multimple title tracks to your video projects to combine pieces of text on one screen.
    • Stable performance
      Increased stability of Movavi Video Editor 9 enables you to create more complicated projects.

    Version 8.2.1, release date: 21 January 2013

    • Minor bugfixing

    Version 8.2, release date: 06 December 2012

    • Minor bugfixing

    Version 8.1, release date: 22 November 2012

    • Minor bug fixes and improvements

    Version 8.0.1, release date: 19 October, 2012

    • Windows 8 compatible
    • Problem with vertical images fixed
    • Bug with Chromakey effect fixed
    • Work with HD images improved
    • Other minor bugfixes

    Version 8.0, release date: 3 October, 2012

    • New video editor interface
      The completely redesigned video editor lets you do more than ever. Edit your video on a multi-track timeline. Create stunning slideshows with the Storyboard panel.
    • Voice track overlay
      Record an original voiceover track while playing your video to create professional video tutorials. Add simple or animated captions.

    Version 7.4, release date: 9 July, 2012

    • Improvements and bug fixes

    Version 7.3, release date: 24 April, 2012

    • HD processing enhanced
    • Improvements and bug fixes

    Version 7.0, release date: 6 October, 2011

    • New video processing speed records!
    • 3D magic on your PC - edit 3D video
    • Uploading to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo
    • New input and output formats: MKV, HTML5-ready WebM and OGV, SWF, and AVCHD
    • New presets for mobile devices: cutting-edge Tablets and Android Phones, Windows Phone 7, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, and more...!

    Version 6.4, release date: 28 March, 2011

    • Russian language added
    • Chroma Key improvements
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes

    Version 6.0, release date: 28 July, 2010

    Video Editing Features
    • HD Fast Track, the Enhanced HD Video Processing
    • Improved Timeline
    • Chroma Key Video Effect
    • Horizontal and Vertical Mirror Video Effects
    • Horizontal and Vertical Flip Video Effects
    Video Capture
    • AVCHD Capture
    • TV-tuner Support
    • VHS Capture

    Version 5.0, release date: 4 August, 2009

    • Multiple customizable timeline tracks
    • "Solo" and "Mute" track modes
    • Transparency effect
    • "Primary Track" work mode
    • Time bar
    • Background Rendering

    Version 4.0, release date: 2 February, 2009

    The name Movavi EnhanceMovie has been changed to Movavi Video Editor
    • Entirely refreshed user interface
    • Brand new Timeline: edit video, audio and text titles on separate tracks
    • Adjustable playback speed of video and audio
    • Fully customizable text titles
    • Video screencapture and audio capture
    • Automatic slideshow creation
    • more... video formats supported: M2T, MTS, MKV, VRO, Flash (FLV)
    • Input image formats supported: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF

    Version 3.0, release date: 1 May, 2008

    • Full Vista compatibility
    • Editing tools added: split, trim, cut out, and join video
    • New video filters and visual effects added
    • Animated video transitions introduced
    • Video capture function added
    • more... video formats supported: MOV, ASF, IFO, 3GPP, 3GPP2, DAT, h.264
    • New simple drag-and-drop editing interface with the Storyboard feature introduced

    Version 2.1, release date: 11 March, 2006

    • VOB format added
    • MPEG module improved
    • GUI improvements
    • Minor bugs fixed
    • New look'n'feel

    Version 2.0, release date: 18 September, 2005

    • New automatic filters EasyFix: Magic Enhance, Auto Saturation, Auto White Balance
    • New filters: Gamma, Color Balance, Chroma Balance, Denoiser, Deblocking
    • Artistic effects added: Mosaic, Add Noise, Posterize, Diffuse, Grayscale, Invert
    • Now filters and effects can be applied to specified fragments of video
    • Saving in WMV
    • Easy access to filter and effect settings
    • GUI improvements
    • Minor bugs fixed
    • New look'n'feel

    Version 1.3, release date: 12 April, 2005

    • Improved Blur and Sharpen filters;
    • Interface and program usability enhancements;
    • Fixed bug with saving to MPEG;
    • Small GUI enhancements;
    • Fixed Minor bugs.

    Version 1.2, release date: 15 March, 2005

    • Added two new video filters - Hue/Saturation and Color Temperature;
    • Increased the Bitrate range for MPEG format;
    • Improved the design of the program Help feature;
    • A number of bug fixes and optimizations.

    Version 1.1, release date: 24 February, 2005

    • Support for VOB video format;
    • Improved MPEG saving module;
    • Added option to enlarge video screen;
    • A number of bug fixes and optimizations

    Version 1.0, release date: 20 January, 2005

    • First Public Release
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