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How are Movavi trial programs restricted?

All our products have a time-limited trial period. A watermark is added to videos when converting, saving, or burning discs using trial software. Additionally, the length of recorded or saved files may be limited. See the full list of trial limitations for each program here.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa/MasterCard/EuroCard, Discover/Novus, American Express, Diners Club, WebMoney, JCB, UKash and check cards or ATM cards, so long as they are connected with one of the major credit card companies listed above.
You can safely enter your entire credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information.

We also accept PayPal - USD/EUR, Bank/Wire Transfer, Fax - Credit Card, Purchase Order.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

We charge applicable sales tax for orders shipped to California, Minnesota and Washington. Sales tax is automatically computed on both product(s) and shipping costs.

Since July 1, 2003 VAT (Tax) are applied on all Digital products sold into the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and The United Kingdom.

Can I order without a credit card?

In addition to Credit Cards, we accept PayPal, WebMoney, Fax Orders, Purchase Orders and Bank/Wire Transfers.

If you choose to pay by PayPal, Wire Transfer, Fax - Credit Card or Purchase Order select the appropriate payment method on the payment page, and directions will be provided to you after you have fully submitted your order.

What is your upgrade and update policy?

As a registered customer of our product you are entitled to free minor updates. But you may have a major update with a discount!

Please fill in the form to upgrade your Movavi Video Suite or Movavi Video Converter for 30% OFF.

What is Avangate?

Clicking the Buy Now button you can buy Movavi Video Suite through the Avangate online purchasing system. Avangate is one of the biggest registration commerce providers guaranteeing safety of your payment information. Avangate also lets you buy the program with your credit card, via a FAX Order, PayPal, Wire Transfer and other purchase methods

I want to receive your program(s) on CD. What should I do?

To receive a Backup CD with the installation files, put a tick to the Add Movavi Backup CD to my order option on the ordering page.

When will I receive my purchased program and how will I register it?

You should receive your activation key via e-mail in a few minutes after the purchase. To activate the program,first of all you need to download it from our site, install and run it. To activate the program, choose Help > Activate Software... and copy & paste the Key you were sent.

How long will it take to get your support response?

Generally, we answer in 3 business days.

How can I get the free trial version of the software?

To try Movavi software you need to download the trial version of the program from the site. You can work in the trial version for next 7 days after program installing. Please note that the watermark is added to the video when it's converted or edited in the Movavi software.

What is the Subscription? How does it work?

When you buy a Month-to-Month Subscription, you have the right to use Movavi Video Converter as long as your subscription remains current. Your monthly subscription will renew each month, and the subscription fee will be billed to your credit card automatically until you contact our Support Center and ask to stop the service.

I can't install the program because of the corrupted installer.

Please redownload the program here and reinstall it.
Temporary turn off Firewall before you start downloading or make an exception for the Movavi program.

A few errors occurred during the installation. Now the program says it can't create object.

You need to reinstall the program. If you do not have the installation file, please download it here. Close all other running applications before the installation. Audio, video and protecting application should also be closed.

When installing the updated version of Movavi Video Suite, do I need to uninstall the previous one first?

No, you don't need to uninstall the previous version. Your old minor version will be automatically uninstalled, and a new minor version will be installed on your computer.

I want to install Movavi Video Suite on both my desktop and laptop. Can I do that?

Movavi products are licensed on per-computer basis, not per-user, site or company. So, to install Movavi Video Suite both on your desktop and laptop you should buy 2 licenses.

I want to install Movavi on my Mac computer, but it says it can't find the appropriate application to open the installation file.

It seems that you try to install Windows program on your Mac. Only 2 Movavi programs are compatible with Mac: Movavi Video Converter for Mac and Movavi DVD Ripper for Mac.

My anti-virus program says that your file can be dangerous for my computer. What is the problem?

Please note that Movavi software doesn't contain any viruses or Trojans. We have already contacted several antiviral software teams and they are not targeting our software as a threat of any kind, they have corrected the false positive.

I want to change language of the program. How can I do it?

Go to Edit-Preferences and choose your language in the Language field.

How can I get the free trial version of the software?

Just go to the product page and click Download. The trial version will be downloaded to your computer. You can work in the trial version for next 7 days after program installing. Please note that the watermark is added to the video when it's converted or edited in the Movavi software.

I get a new computer. What should I do to move the software I purchased to the new computer?

To move the software from one computer to another you need to copy the installation file, run it on the other computer and registrate the program one more time.

Since any Movavi product is licensed on per-computer basis, not per user, site or company, you should remove the program from the previous computer.

Obtaining a licenses you may reinstall or move the product from one computer to another as many times as you wish. While one Activation Key allows you to change 6 computers we will send you a new Key in case you decide to use another one.

How can I activate Movavi programs?

To activate the program, you need to launch it and choose 'Activation' in the Help menu. There you need to choose the way of Activation (Online or Offline), insert your Activation key in the field. Then follow the instructions from the Activation Wizard to complete the Activation process. You can learn more about Online activation here and about Offline activation here.

Can't activate the program. The program says my Activation Key is incorrect.

First, make sure you input the Activation Key correctly, without trailing spaces. It is better to copy and paste the Key. Second, be sure you are activating the program you've purchased. Third, check the version of the program, make sure it is the version you've purchased.

I successfully activated the program. When I restarted it, it says 'You use trial version'. What's wrong?

Step 1:
Update to the most recent version of your software by choosing Check for Updates from the Help menu.

Step 2:
If you use Vista or Windows 7, turn off your UAC feature and activate again.

How to turn off UAC in Vista
How to turn off UAC in Windows 7

I've just lost my Activation Key. Do I need to pay again to get it back?

You don't need to pay once again. To receive your personal activation information follow this link or contact our Support Team and provide the full and correct personal information you used to place your order: exact e-mail address, Last name, First name, order ID.

I want to activate the program on stand alone computer, which is not connected to the Internet. Can I do that?

You can install Movavi program on this computer. You will have to use Manual (offline) way of activation. Learn more about manual (offline) activation of Movavi Video Converter here.

I entered my activation key and my name and activated the program. How can i check if the program was activated?

To check if you have activated correctly, open the program and choose 'About' in the Help menu and check the 'Registered to' field to see if you are activated or not.

I have the PC and the laptop. Can I install and launch the program on both computers using 1 activation key?

You need to purchase the second license for the second machine. Movavi products are licensed on per computer basis, not per user, site or company. For example, if a person uses 2 computers, to install and use a Movavi program on every computer, the person must purchase 2 licenses.

Does Movavi license have any time limitations?

Movavi license (if it is not a subscription) doesn't have any time limitations. But each activation key is a license for only six activations. These six activations allow you to activate Movavi software up to six times for a single license. They are not a license to install Movavi software on six machines for use by six users but rather give you six chances to re-install it on your new computer or for the same computer should a disk failure or hardware or software upgrades require re-installation of Movavi software. If you activate the program 6 times, your key will be blocked. You will need to contact our Support Team to receive the new key.

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