Best Video Voice Changer Apps: How to Change Your Voice in a Video

With Movavi Video Editor, you can change the voice and tweak the sound in your video using the built-in tools:

  • Audio effects (Echo, Telephone, Radio, Robot, etc)

  • Sound autocorrect

  • Noise removal

  • Equalizer, and more

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Adding audio effects to a video can make it more fun, interesting, and creative. See how it can be done with a desktop program, online, and with mobile apps.

How to change a voice in a video in Movavi's video voice editor

Movavi Video Editor includes a voice modifier feature that is easy to use and can edit and add filters to the voices in your videos. It can be used as a voice enhancer to clarify a voice or an adjuster to make it sound distorted.

Download this video voice editing software to your PC or Macintosh and follow our tutorial to learn how to make sound faster or slower and make voice modulations.

Step 1. Download and install the Movavi Video Editor

Download the installation file and install the video voice changer on your computer following the on-screen guide.

Step 2. Add your video to the program

After the program starts, click the Add Files button and select the video you want to edit. The file will be added to the Media Bin. Drag and drop it to the Timeline.

Add video to Movavi Video Editor

Step 3. Change your voice in the video

To make alterations, double-click the video on the Timeline.

To speed up or slow down the audio, adjust the Speed slider. Move the slider to the right to make sound faster or to the left to make it slower. Note that when you change the audio speed, the video playback speed also changes.

If you want to fade the audio in or out, move the appropriate sliders to set the timing for fade effects.

Edit the audio

To distort your voice, open the More Tools tab and then choose Audio Editing. Click Audio Effects and select the effect you want to use from the list. You can add echo, make your voice higher or lower, or even create a robotic voice effect.

Add audio effects

Step 4. Save the video

Click the Export button to save the edited video. In the dialog box that opens, you can set the format for your video, for example, MP4 or AVI. Then enter the file name and select the destination folder. After you’ve specified all the settings, click the Start button to save the file on your computer. After saving your video, you can also share it online, for example, upload your video on YouTube. Now you know how to change your voice in a video with Movavi Video Editor!

Save the video

Best voice changers – software, apps & online tools

There are several video voice editors, online voice changers, and mobile apps that you can use to sound like someone else. These voice modulators can enhance your voice-over in multiple ways, adding another layer of interesting sound quality to a recording.



Best for


Windows, macOS

Changing your voice in a video; tweaking audio with effects; sound autocorrect; noise removal; equalizing

Any (web-based)

Changing your voice with 50+ filters (audio only)

Any (web-based)

Quick male/female/child voice change (audio only)

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Edit the audio

OS: Windows, macOS

Looking for a full-featured editor to change your voice in a video? Then Movavi Video Editor should be your choice. This software enables you to record your own voice-over, apply sound effects, tweak your audio (fade in/out, reverse, normalize, equalize), and more.

Movavi Video Editor offers:

  • Library of audio effects
  • Sound equalizer
  • Audio autocorrect
  • Noise removal tool
  • Audio speed adjustment
  • Impressive video-editing tools (Chroma Key, Slow Motion, filters, transitions, titles, and more)

Popular voice-changing effects

  • Echo

  • Muffled

  • Telephone

  • High pitch

  • Low pitch

  • Very high pitch

  • Very low pitch

  • Radio

  • Robot

With Movavi Video Editor, you can add multiple fun effects to disguise the voices on your video.

1. Echo

The Echo effect creates a reverberation so that each sound is repeated several times at increasingly reduced volume even as the next sound is being produced. The sounds overlap, creating a dramatic, distorted effect.

2. Muffled

The Muffled effect dampens the sound of a voice, making it sound as if it is coming from a distance or through a buffer. Muffled voices may be harder to understand but can add the sense that a speaker is far away or speaking through a barrier like a closed door.

3. Telephone

The Telephone effect makes the voice sound as if it is coming through a telephone call. It sounds slightly muffled and tinny, with occasional static interference. This is an excellent effect for creating the illusion of a voice on a phone call.

4. High pitch

The High pitch effect raises the pitch of the voice to sound significantly higher. With this effect, a male’s voice can be made to sound like a female’s, and a woman’s voice can be made to sound like a young girl.

5. Low pitch

The Low pitch effect has a deepening effect on the voices in your video. With this effect, a young girl’s voice can be made to sound like a woman, and a woman’s voice can be made to sound like a man.

6. Very high pitch

The Very high pitch effect creates a weird, squeaky voice. This high-pitched effect is perfect for creating voices for animated cartoon characters.

7. Very low pitch

The Very Low pitch effect creates a deep, ominous-sounding voice. This effect is excellent for creating a voice reminiscent of a monster or demon.

8. Radio

The Radio effect makes a voice sound as if it is coming over the airwaves on an old-fashioned radio. This effect is perfect for creating a radio news anchor or sportscaster character.

9. Robot

The Robot effect is similar to the autotune effect common in music, which makes the voice singing a song sound like an android. This effect is a great choice for making your voice sound like an inhuman machine.

Online voice changers

OS: Any (web-based) is an online voice changer that you can use for free to change your voice. Although it is a basic project, it still provides fifty-one voice effects for changing your voice. There is no need to download any extra software. The online voice changer will let you change voice via two input methods – use the microphone to record a new voice/give voice-over or upload any pre-recorded file. Here are the steps you will need to follow to use this voice changer.

1. Visit the website of

2. Select your input method.

3. Select the kind of voice effect that you want.

4. Save your audio file.

OS: Any (web-based) is an easy-to-use voice modifier with which you can alter any voice into various pitches with a few clicks. There are numerous voice filters, and you can choose the one you like. The best thing about the online voice modifier is that it supports both MP3 and WAV. Here are the steps you will need to follow to use this program.

1. Open the website of and click on Change Voice Now.

2. Upload the file that you want to change.

3. Choose the kind of voice you want.

4. Click on Start to Process.

Best audio & video voice changer apps


With the help of Video Voice Changer-Fun Editor, you can easily change any voice to sound like a man, woman, robot, monster, or ghost. You can change your voice to anything you like, choosing from more than thirty sound effects. It could be a great thing to play tricks on friends. You can capture video voice right from the camera or simply upload videos from your album. It also provides an easy sharing option that will let you share the altered voice to Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.

OS: Android

Voice changer with effects is a fun app for your phone that will let you change your voice. You can record your voice, use effects, and share the modified voice with your family and friends. It comes with more than forty voice effects like giant, robot, helium, alien, etc. All you need to do is upload any audio from your gallery or record your voice. After recording, you can experiment with the various available voice effects.


If you want to change your voice instantly, Voice Changer Plus is a great option. You can choose from a variety of funny sound effects for altering your voice. With this application, you can also play any voice backward. Simply tap on the record button, say anything, and tap again. It comes with more than fifty-five effects. You can share and save your recordings for free.


There are loads of applications and programs that you can use to change your voice in a movie. Some of this voice modifier software is online and requires no downloads, while other programs are installed directly onto your PC or Mac. The applications that you came across in this article will surely help you have a fun time with your friends and family.

Movavi Video Editor

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*The trial version of Movavi Video Editor may have the following restrictions depending on the build: a 7-day trial period, watermark on exported clips, 60-second video or 1/2 audio length limit, and/or some advanced features unavailable when exporting videos.

Frequently asked questions

How can I adjust the audio in a video?

You can tweak the audio in your clip with Movavi Video Editor. Follow the instructions below to learn how to use the program.

First, download and install the program on your computer.

Download Movavi Video Editor for Windows

Download Movavi Video Editor for Mac

Launch the program and add your video file to the Timeline. Double-click on the track to display the media settings. Here, you can adjust the audio volume and speed. To add effects and remove noise, open the More Tools tab and then Audio Editing. To even out the clip volume, check the Normalize box. You can also tweak the sound using the Equalizer. Once you are happy, click the Export button. In the dialog box that appears, specify the video format, enter the file name, and select the destination folder. Finally, click Start.

How do I add my voice to a video?

You can add your voice to a video with a recorder or a video editor, such as Movavi Video Editor. First, download and install the program on your computer.

Download Movavi Video Editor for Windows

Download Movavi Video Editor for Mac

Run the program and add your video to the Timeline. Click the Microphone icon on the toolbar above the Timeline. In the window that appears, select your device and set the quality and the volume for your audio. Check the Enable voice-over mode box and click Start Recording. After a short countdown, the recording process will begin. When you’re finished, click Stop Recording. The recording of your voice-over will appear on a separate Audio Track. To save the video with your voice-over, click the Export button. In the dialog box that opens, select the format in which the video will be saved, enter the file name, and specify the destination folder. Click Start. That’s all there is to it!

How can I change my voice in a video?

To change your voice in a video, try Movavi Video Editor. Download and start the program. Add your video to the program by clicking Add Files. Open the More Tools tab, then Audio Editing and choose Audio Effects. From here, you can add different effects to modify the voices on your video.

How can I change a voice in a video online?

Several programs will allow you to alter the voices in your video from an online portal without downloading a program onto your computer. With these services, you can reverse audio, change its speed, replace an audio track, and more. Here are a few options:

How can I change a voice in a video on a phone?

There are several voice converter programs you can use to manipulate the voices on a video on your iOS or Android device. These apps can make you sound like a narrator, a cute cartoon character, and others.

For an iPhone, try the following:

For Android devices, try the following:

How can I edit my voice in a video?

To make modifications to your voice on a video, try a special app, such as Movavi Video Editor. This program can serve as a distorter, corrector, masker, or scrambler for the voices in your video. You can apply effects like making your tone sound deeper or adding an echo to your words, or you can use the program as a fixer to make improvements in the sound of your voice.

How do I change my voice in real time?

To change your voice in real time, try the following freeware and paid simulators:

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