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Want to know how to convert TIFF into picture or image to TIFF? Use the online TIFF image converter to change the format of a single .tiff photo for free without the need to download a desktop software. However, to transcode multiple high-resolution images, you’ll need a desktop TIFF file converter. We recommend using a TIFF converter by Movavi for batch conversions on Windows and Mac.

What is TIFF?

Full name

Tag Image File Format

Format type


Developed by

Aldus Corporation


TIFF is a format for raster graphics images. It was created as a universal format for scanned images at the time when scan manufacturers used their own image formats. At first TIFF supported only monochrome data, later the format was upgraded and now supports deep-color images.

File extension

.tiff, .tif

Technical details

TIFF files use lossless compression, which results in a detailed high-quality image. TIFF can contain several files, called subfiles – this option allows for storing, for example, different versions of one images that was scanned at different resolutions. TIFF can also be used as a container for JPEG images.

Associated programs

Apple Preview, Microsoft Photos, Google Photos, Paint, Adobe® Photoshop®, ACDSee Photo Studio

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