Movavi Clips

  • Cut and merge videos
  • Crop the right area of the frame
  • Add background music
  • Play with fast-forward and slow motion

Edited by Nataly Bogorad

January 28, 2020

Best iPhone Video Editors: What Works for You?

With a high-resolution, high-quality video camera almost constantly with us now, shooting videos for business and pleasure – so-called "amateur" and professional filmmaking – has become an option available to almost anyone. That has made creative video editing a hot topic. With dozens of cool apps for video editing on the iPhone, what are the top choices for an iPhone video maker?

We recently asked the same question about Android mobile devices, and, because some (not all) of the same apps can be used on other phones and devices, that blog should be consulted, too.

All video-editing apps tend to have the same basic editing features, although many differences exist. All have the foundations of editing in cutting, merging, sizing, and timeline, for example. All tend to have creative features such as adding photos, soundtracks, and titles. And all tend to have a wide choice of filters and themes.

Movie-editing apps for iPhone often are hailed as photography and editing studios in your hand. In practice, iPhone video-editing apps tend to be a convenience, a series of first steps, or a way to create shorter and less formal clips. No iPhone video-editing app can compete with the resources of desktop editing software. The two approaches not to duplicate but complement one another.

Best Video-Editing Apps for iPhone

In this review, all the iPhone video editor apps can be assumed to good, with the basic editing functions and features of a movie editor, both for automatic editing and more intensive manual editing, but ease of use differs, as does price (if any), libraries of resources such as songs, ease of sharing on social media, and much more. So, what is the best video effects app for iPhone?

Movavi Clips

Movavi Clips appears on many lists of the top video editors. It is a free video-editing app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch intended to support the creation of outstanding movies on your mobile devices. An intuitive user interface lets you shoot, add clips to the timeline, trim, overlay your music – and you are ready to show and share your movie.

You can download Movavi Clips, with easy instructions for how to make edits on the iPhone, from the App Store. Clips is an app that invites you to shoot what you see, apply any of a wide range of themes and filters, and produce a miniature masterpiece. When you need more extensive editing with depth and nuance, Clips supports that.


iMovie is the video-editing app created by Apple. It provides unique trailer templates and themes with different music, titles, and transitions. If you also enjoy editing videos on your Mac, you can easily send your projects from your iPhone to your computer to finish editing. iMovie is definitely one of the best choices for Apple users.


This app is also found at the head of many lists of apps to edit iPhone videos. It has long been considered a top mobile video-editing (and effects) app for mobile journalists, filmmakers, and other professional producers. Here is a system with all the functions we have listed for editing both video and audio like a pro. It also is one of the only apps on this list for which you must pay. For professionals in the video business, that can be worth it. It depends a lot on how far you think you will be beyond basic, solid editing and want some professional features – but not "the whole ball of wax."

Many apps are described as "packed" with features, but few compete with LumaFusion. For example, it supports up to six video and audio tracks for photos, audio, and graphics, and six more for narration, music, and sound effects. A couple of standout features are blog-to-social-promo creation and drag-and-drop interface.


Inshot has all you need for social video. And that, of course, is a huge and expanding outlet for videos of all kinds and all purposes. With Inshot, you can easily trim and adjust video while adding music and text/emojis. You will have access to the basic editing tools such as cut, trim, delete, merge, adjust video, and more. You can also add your music or select from its free music options. The editing logic of the app is smooth and comfortable to use. It is also social media-ready, which enables you to share your video on any social media platform almost instantaneously. All this makes Inshot a useful contrast with the "feature-packed," professional qualities of apps like LumaFusion.


This is one of GoPro's mobile video-editing apps. It is advertised as giving users desktop-editing performance on iPhone or iPad. It does have the usual array of editing tools such as trimming, cropping, effects, titles, speed control, animation, and music.

Splice has won a large following, especially with the size of its free music and sound effects offerings, which you can layer over your video – and even sync the video to the soundtrack. This one is only for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. It is also entirely free.


Quik is a top app for Android as well as iPhone and also is created by GoPro. Quik has automatic editing features that can take your photos and video clips and work with them to find special moments, make nice transitions, and put everything to the beat of your music. You can customize with text and music and the app makes sharing easy (as admittedly do many other apps for iPhone or Android). Quik is known for making editing fast and fun.


This is another extremely well-established app that we listed as a best-choice for Android. It one of the more powerful free video-editing apps available for both Android and IOS. This means it fits the needs of a lot of people by providing relatively simple but quite powerful features. It is user-friendly for beginners but claims to be professional enough for YouTubers.


Cameo is another fine video editor app for iPhone and was developed by Vimeo. Its features are the usual basic video editing capabilities, sufficient for many people seeking solid software. The user interface is considered "intuitive" and enables you to start right away if you want to make a couple of basic edits on your video. Cameo can import photos and videos from the camera roll to make them available to trim, add music, themes, and other effects.


This app takes us back to the high-end, feature-loaded apps and, for that horse-power, it is one of the best iPhone video-editing apps. It supports landscape, portrait, and square video formats, which makes it suitable for editing family video as well as YouTube and Instagram videos. It has a paid version and a free version, the latter of which is ad-free.

KineMaster has a multi-track timeline so that you can add more than one video and audio track. You can add background music or do a voice-over in the app and you have available a store of free and paid music, graphics, fonts, stickers, and such. It has special features such as speed control for time-lapse and keyframe animation.

Crop Video

Crop Video is an app for the iPhone with one function: cropping videos. It is on this list because a surprisingly large number of users want only that feature and using it is extremely quick and smooth. The interface is "intuitive," but, then, so is the entire function and use of the app. It is free.


Magisto is frequently praised for being "fast," for creating finished videos of some quality in minutes – perfect for sharing on social media. Magisto is your basic video editor app without more advanced features such as adding text overlays, doing tilt shifts, and so on.

Like Crop Video, the selling point here is simplicity. You can import your photos and videos, choose a theme from those available, optionally add music, edit for length, and be done. The app then automatically starts making your video based on your selections and beeps you when it is ready. For many users, that will be plenty. Magisto is free.

Filmmaker Pro

This is one of the more powerful iPhone video app but is free. As its name tells you, it is intended for the professional editor. Still, the operations are simple, with the editing fundamentals plus conversion, filtering, audio track narration, text overlay.


VideoGrade provides you with high-quality filters to adjust your images and is essentially a color-grading tool for your projects. It provides real-time previews during the editing process to show you how the video will appear. For example, you can change parameters like exposure, contrast, and temperature, while desaturating for moody black and white shots. Then, there is a split-screen feature for looking at the edited video and the original at the same time. It is considered an excellent app for its limited purpose.

Software for this purpose tends to be pricey, offering thousands of advanced "solutions." You get that with VideoGrade at a fraction of the price.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Like several video-editing apps we reviewed for Android, Premiere Rush is cross-platform, multiple-device video-editing software intended for social media content creators. The app makes it possible to process video clips rather quickly and upload them to social networks of choice. It was launched primarily for the huge YouTube-social media market and excels for editing relatively simple sequences. It has a simple workflow, but a more advanced version from Premiere Pro is also available. Premiere Rush is free.

Clips: the Movavi Video Editing App

In creating the Clips software program for video editing on mobile devices from phones to tablets, Movavi reviewed in-depth the best features and functions of video editors for iPhone and related issues such as an easy user-interface and many more. From Clips right across the whole line of Movavi editing tools, you get access to special effects, keyframe animation, ready-made intros, and a host of other options. It all comes together to help take your ideas to the next step – and perfection. Our typical easy user interface means there is little to learn before you get to work on your project.

Movavi Clips

Processing and editing videos and photos

  • Add transitions, music, and stickers
  • Choose the desired frame fragment
  • Cut and merge clips
  • Speed up and slow down videos