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  • Cut and merge videos
  • Crop the right area of the frame
  • Add background music
  • Play with fast-forward and slow motion

Edited by Nataly Bogorad

January 23, 2020

The Best Android Video Editors: It's No Easy Choice!

It is not a surprise that video editors for Android—with apps for movie-making on mobile, phone, and tablet—are rapidly proliferating. Mobile phones like Android are now among the world's most used cameras for photos and video. With electronic image stabilization and 4K video shooting, smartphones are amazing small video cameras.

Of course, shooting the clips is creative and fun, but the other half is just as creative and fun: molding them into a polished whole. For that, you need a video editing app. Not so long ago, the choices of a video editor for Android were viewed as less than thrilling. Today, there is the opposite problem of selecting the best from a wealth of choices for video editing on Android. It is a nice problem to have.

Here, we review a dozen or so of the dozens of candidates for movie-making apps for Android. All on the list are good, but features do differ as does the ease of learning to use the editor.

Just as mobile phone cameras are not the most complex, multi-functioning photographic equipment, the be-all and end-all, video editing equipment for your Android mobile device or for a tablet is not supposed to take the place of a full desktop video-editing array. Few people would want to make a full-length movie on their mobile device, but for many users, it is great for making shorter clips.

Keep in mind that all of these top candidates of video editors for Android—including tablet, mobile, and phone—share basic video editing features and functions. They are too numerous to list for each app but may be assumed. We focus on some best-known features of each app, some special functions, the price (if not entirely free), and features viewed as strongest.

These are some of the features and capabilities to look for in the top Android video editors:

  • Automatic editing to assemble a project from clips and soundtracks
  • Manual editing to trim clips
  • Capacity to add multiple clips together
  • Capacity to add a custom soundtrack
  • Feature for inserting title slides
  • Automatic adjustments of audio tracks for volume
  • Adjusting exposure, highlights, and shadows
  • Filters for different looks
  • Zoom effects

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

The following best video editing apps for Android are not in rank order. Rather, the focus is on features and capacities, including areas of special strength or problems. APK is the Android package file format used by the Android operating system for the distribution and installation of mobile apps such as those described, here.

Movavi Clips

Movavi frequently appears of lists of the top video editors for Android and is a free video editing app intended to support the creation of outstanding movies on your mobile devices. An easy user interface means you shoot footage, add it to the timeline, cut what you don't want, overlay your music—and are ready to show, share, your movie. You can download Movavi Clips from Google Play and try it. Immediacy is the core of Clips, an app that invites you to shoot what you see, apply any of a wide range of themes and filters, and produce a miniature masterpiece. For times you go for more depths and nuance, Clips supports you in bringing into your project movies captured almost anywhere, with live subtitling, and other unconventional features.

Movavi Clips

Processing and editing videos and photos

  • Add transitions, music, and stickers
  • Choose the desired frame fragment
  • Cut and merge clips
  • Speed up and slow down videos


KineMaster tops many lists of the best video editors for Android, partly because it is one of the most advanced (and complex) apps—often called a "step-up" from other apps. It supports multiple video layers, splicing frames, transition effects, and much more. You can get a 30-day free trial, but after that, there is a monthly charge—or an annual fee. (There is a free version but it has a watermark.) A frequent comment is that it is "more" video editing app than many users want to master. Its drag-and-drop feature does make it easier to import.


YouCut is a free video editor and movie-maker with the usual inbuilt tools for cutting and splitting, trimming, creating slideshows, and fine-tuning playback speed. It is highly popular in part because it is considered simple to use. Features include color adjustments, HD video compression, free online music, no watermark, and popular color files.


This app will be found high on most lists, as well, and it is free; you don't have to pay for anything. It has features such as automatic video creation from your clips and photos, which can be saved in several formats. It has a quick-share feature to make it easy to put your clips on social media.


This is another popular app for Android video editing and is free for Android users. The idea is to enable you to produce professional-quality videos right on your phone—but all apps make that claim. It certainly applies to brief clips and limited projects. The VivaVideo library offers users a wide array of effects and themes for the videos. Among other features are a slow-motion video editor and a clip-merging feature for ease of cutting and pasting. A special is its video collage maker based on the clip merging capacity.


VideoShow is known for having a user-friendly interface for ease of editing. But even a high-end, fairly complex app like KineMaster makes the same claim. Like VivaVideo, it has many dozens of themes you can use in editing. As with all apps described, here, of course, it has the basic trimming and cutting features that are the foundation of all editing. Noted special features are a blurred background option. Audio adjustment, as usual, is included, but using multiple background music in the same video distinguishes it from some apps.

Glitch Video Effects

This app for Android boasts a wealth of video effects available to stylize your projects. It gives the effects labels such as Retro, VHS, Pixel, Cyber, and Aesthetics, plus some 100 more. You can shoot "Retro" clips in real-time. The app includes the customary features for customizing your aspect ratio, trimming and cutting, adding background music, and exporting projects in HD to most other platforms.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is advertised for people who create videos for social networks like YouTube, although, of course, any app can do that "plus." As a cross-platform editing software, it does not have as many features as some apps but is known for an easy interface (a customary trade-off). Cropping, rotating, resizing, color correction, volume control, speech enhancement, and noise reduction are all standard features and Adobe Premiere Rush has them.

Action Director

This app is viewed as an "advanced" video editing application for high-tech videos by professionals. It has all the usual features and functions for creating videos, editing them, applying filters and various effects. Its video-making tutorial is integrated into the app, supposedly making editing easy and simple. It has the usual big library of effects and filters for a finished look and availability of slow motion and speed edits.


Funimate is found on many lists of best video editing apps, with the emphasis in its name on "fun." It is highly popular for permitting the "instant" transformation of your videos into exciting posts for social media. Its video effects library, of course, offers themes and filers for short videos and a feature for making looping videos. Funimate is free, so you get some advertisements as part of the package. There is no premium version to shut them out—but that has not dimmed the app's popularity.

Film Maker Pro

In addition to the usual editing features, themes, and such, Film Maker Pro emphasizes the management of multiple projects and files, sharing, and exporting via its File Manager view. Video clips, audio tracks, voiceovers, and test overlays all can be included in a project. A color-coded timeline view further simplifies management. It has fade-in/fade-out options and auto-save to back you up.


This is a favorite of Android users, too. It has all the usual video editing functions required from trimming and cutting to adding music. It does emphasize the availability of different video formats, especially for different social media. Thus, there is a 1:1 format for Instagram and 16:9 videos for YouTube. It's a free app but will tempt you with in-app purchases. The features you want for basic good work are free, but purchasing the program does give you the option to remove the watermark at the end of the video. Some features are real-time previewing of clips, a sizeable library of themes, and, as usual, add text, music, effects, transitions, and sharing on social platforms.

Movavi Quality in All Video Editing

In creating the Clips software program for video editing on mobile devices, from phones to tablets, Movavi reviewed in-depth the best features and functions and related issues an easy user-interface and many more. Check back here regularly for information, insights, and updates on the range of resources—including our entire spectrum of software programs—to lend your multimedia projects professionalism, power, and the perfection that is possible with outstanding tools.

Movavi Clips

Processing and editing videos and photos

  • Add transitions, music, and stickers
  • Choose the desired frame fragment
  • Cut and merge clips
  • Speed up and slow down videos