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July 9, 2019

The Best New Computer Software

There are diverse programs to install on a new PC; nevertheless, computer users should be wary of installing software without proper knowledge of its functionality and efficiency level.

It can be challenging to choose the best new computer software; the internet contains several suggestions for the best paid and free things to install on a new PC. Most online programs are not secure and can crash or damage the computer permanently so we painstakingly compiled a list of free best must have important software that serves different needs and will keep your laptop resourceful and in good shape.

Best Programs to Install On a New PC

VLC Media Player

The VLC player is one of the leading and most popular free media players of this dispensation. It is highly efficient for playing and editing video, audio, and image files from its easy navigation software, which makes it highly skilled, and a Reliable choice of player, once you have this player, there is little need to download another because it meets most technical and user requirements.

User Benefits

  • Plays All File Formats: the VLC media players accept arguably all known format and convention to an advanced format is possible due to its versatility. Some compatible formats include AVI/FLV/MPEG/MP3/4/WMA/MOV/FLAC/ etc.
  • Amazing Tools And Effects: the player allows users to edit a video from a collection of numerous effects and tools like the video cropping or sound effect to suit purposes such as entertainment, presentation, research EST.
  • Live Streaming and Podcast: Live streaming of popular series to listening to favorite podcasts from internet radio providers becomes better because of its fast and glitch-free connection to the Internet.
  • Enhanced Video and Audio Quality: the player improves visual and audio quality; users can play video files in High and other Definition to give a better viewing experience than the first.

Google Chrome

Penny-wise is the case of the world most famous for Windows, iOS, and others, which has an estimated 58% of user shares worldwide. There is a monthly update of features to improve the efficiency of the browser based on user feedbacks and professional recommendations. The browser hardly crashes and contains impressive features such as checking website credentials, the creation of shortcuts and muting of online video and audio files.

User Benefits

  • Secured Browser: the browser secures the gadget from lousy internet sites and files, so the chances of virus and malware infection are minimal. The hidden browser also helps shield from prying internet sites that gather device data such as browser history and cache.
  • Multitasking: few browsers match the capacity of Google Chrome which can open more than 9600 tabs on an 8GB RAM/i7 Processor while on a 4GB device it’s possible to reach 8000 tabs before experiencing glitch. An offline feature allows users to view visited online pages when offline.
  • Recall A Lost Password: just like magic, you can recover forgotten login details by accessing the advanced settings tab. When you provide the system password, and after that, Chrome will provide a list of all saved login details used at different times.
  • Human And Chrome Communication: in a world of rapid technological advancement, voice search is becoming more popular; you can run a voice search by saying a phrase on a Google site after activating the "Ok Google" in the settings tab.


LibreOffice is essential software for a new PC, which creates, edit and converts documents with an outstanding output presentation. Whether it is a Word (doc/docx), PDF or other functional modern formats known as OpenDocument Format you can always count on the software to meet your needs. Creation of spreadsheets and excel documents has never been better with other like software.

User Benefits

  • Remarkable Database Management: the data management system is fast, powerful and efficient for database engines like Anabas D, MySQL, and MS Access. Users can also quickly connect directly with inline drivers.
  • Easy Creation and Editing of Documents: LibreOffice requires little technical expertise to get your material ready for use, with an autocorrect feature; it helps correct typographical and structural errors, which might evade the user.
  • Amazing Graphics and Pictorial Presentation: the software presents a clear and organized graphical format for better professional use. It is highly efficient for producing technical diagrams and sketches which is useful for posters and illustrations.
  • Multiple Equation and Formulas: LibreOffice has a lot of equations and methods for solving scientific and mathematical equations, which allows users to use fractions, matrices, exponentials, and other numeric problems.


7-Zip is free and open source must-have software that performs excellently well on diverse Operating System types like iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. It operates as an installer with a file sharing license, which allows users to share large compressed bulk files without the fear of losing any of the numerous data. This program is multifunctional and reliable when accessing online files with Wi-Fi or internet data connection.

User Benefits

  • Multiple File Formats: most formats are compatible with the 7-Zip application, which makes it a popular software. Some of the packing and unpacking formats like CAB/ NSIS/ AR/MSI/XAR/RAR/ NTFS/ CPIO/DMG/RPM/QCOW2/FAT/UDF/ etc.
  • Packing and Unpacking of Documents: file compression and unpacking are easy on application with a few clicks without having WinZip installer on your system. Unpacked files saved on your computer and used for later.
  • Useful File Manager: 7-Zip does more than the primary objective of compression of a file; it has a file manager, which helps tweak system files. Users can copy, move, paste, rename, backup apps, view images, and perform other functions of a standard file manager.
  • Diverse Language Option: Users from different countries of the world can benefit from the software because of the availability of various languages by clicking on the language tab and selecting a between English language and many others.


CCleaner does a routine check to detect redundant files, which are harmful or reduces the storage capacity of the computer. The software optimizes the system to the required functional level with a consistent notification for scheduled optimization and updates to meet the latest requirements. Your laptop becomes safer from online attacks and its ability to clear dangerous Spyware’s and Viruses is an additional bonus.

User Benefits

  • Frees Up Storage Space: CCleaner cleans up unnecessary files, which reduces your system space areas that are useful to store other relevant records and make it operate at a better speed. You will be amazed by the size of redundant files after cleaning.
  • Reduced Crashes and System Error: it also guides the hard drive from unexpected crashes while also minimizing system and registry errors, which might cause temporary or permanent breakdown of the system.
  • Safe and Secure: the program consistently clears the history and cookies of all system browsers so that your online activities remain untraceable from website trackers and advertisers who bridge privacy.
  • Improves Security: CCleaner is free from harmful Spyware, Viruses, and Adware. It helps protect the system by interval scanning and quickly clearing detected threats.

Spotify and iTunes

To have the best musical experience, Spotify or iTunes Apps is an excellent choice. The iTunes software which streams and play media files serve other purposes like online streaming of podcast, internet radio, and management software for your system. Spotify is the second largest music streaming platform with millions of daily users. The library contains over 300 million songs for streaming; you can easily access all your favorite songs and use some fantastic tools and features.

User Benefits

  • Best Sound Quality: there is always a sound check on all tracks to meet a premium sound quality, so users get a consistent balance between volume and speed on a playlist.
  • Unlimited Song Access: users can access millions of exciting albums, songs, and soundtracks of choice by just a few clicks. The archive contains tracks of different genres and cultures.
  • Secure Software: both platforms consistently updates the software to meet the latest demands, while surfing the platform users enjoy protection from viruses and Malware, which affect other websites.
  • Encompasses Different Countries: Spotify and iTunes platforms support more than 60 and 110 countries. Therefore, users from various works and location can enjoy the service.


Steam is an online platform where users meet, download games and store them for future use. It is flexible and effortless to use; you can exchange coins, games and interact. The platform has a robust security privacy stand to fish out harmful viruses and unwanted purchases quickly; users save the stress of finding endlessly for an uninstalled game or spending extra money to repurchase, preferred games stores in your cloud achieve.

User Benefits

  • Saves Money: challenges of buying new games after wiping a computer or changing it becomes a trivial issue. Steam offers a cloud archive where saved games can be re-downloaded on a laptop from any location.
  • Gaming community: meet up to 100 million new friends and potential challengers to discuss gaming challenges and latest developments in the Steam community.
  • Privacy: users can set their profile to Private or Only Friends to restrict unwanted messages and users; you can also select Remove from Friend List whenever you wish.
  • Enormous Game Archive: over 30,000 games are available from different publishers and developers, which gives users a variety. The site achieves different categories of games like arcade, sport, adventure, etc.

Movavi Video Suite

The Movavi Video Suite is a versatile media editing program, which covers every aspect of this business. It is comprehensive but straightforward to navigate (even for a novice) and get your work done within a little period. Users can split videos add a soundtrack and recreate a video file for professional and recreational purposes. In short, what else do you need in a video editor, you should try it.

User Benefits

  • Complete Video Editor: Movavi Video Editor practically does everything required of a video editor; it enhances the quality of videos, inserts tiles, sound, and saves with over 180 compatible formats.
  • Burn, Rip and Convert Files: the software converts data to any preferred format at a superfast speed without glitch or breakdown; it functions at a similar level when ripping or Burning CDs.
  • Captures Screen Actions: the app can catch life screen action so users can save their favorite online video programs for offline use. It is also highly effective for the making of tutorials.
  • Creation of Videos: users can create videos from already saved pictures, audio, and video files or use it to make promotional videos for online channels like YouTube and Facebook.
Video Maker by Movavi

Movavi Video Suite

Everything you need to create and edit multimedia files

  • Edit videos and create slideshows
  • Capture screencasts or streaming web videos
  • Save videos for viewing on mobile devices
  • Convert media files and DVDs